Summer Movies : The List
A newly released "Sparkle" trailer has critics talking about Whitney Houston's final performance, and the movie's glossy makeover from the 1976 original.

The Whitney Houston Sparkle trailer: 4 talking points

The late R&B supernova's final film performance serves as a tragic reminder of her enormous talent and painful struggles

The Hunger Games : Controversy
"EWW rue is black?? I'm not watching," reads one controversial tweet sent by a "Hunger Games" fan who apparently didn't pay close attention to the book, in which Rue is described as dark-skinned.

The Hunger Games' 'stomach-turning' racist tweet scandal

"Why does Rue have to be black?" wonders one fan, arguing that the ethnicity of the child actress playing the pivotal role "ruined the movie"

The Twilight Phenomenon : The List
Thanks to a new 48-second teaser, Twi-hards can finally satisfy their urge to see Bella Swan transform into a blood-thirsty vampire.

The 'cheesy' Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 teaser: 5 talking points

In a groan-inducing clip, Bella is transformed into a red-eyed vampire eager to chow down on an innocent deer

The Hunger Games : By the numbers
"The Hunger Games" fans show off memorabilia: The film made $155 million in America during its opening weekend, good for the third-best movie debut ever.

The Hunger Games' historic box-office take: By the numbers

Katniss Everdeen blows past industry expectations, raking in $155 million over the weekend — the highest debut ever for a non-sequel film

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
Jennifer Lawrence: Winningly cast, after all?

The Hunger Games: Is Jennifer Lawrence the 'perfect' Katniss?

When the 21-year-old Oscar nominee was cast as the teenage heroine, passionate fans of Suzanne Collins' book thought she was all wrong. Now critics think she's all right

The Hunger Games : The List
The wait is over: "The Hunger Games" opens Thursday at midnight, and is poised to shatter box office records.

The Hunger Games finally hits theaters: 5 burning questions

At long last, audiences will feast their eyes on the big-screen adaptation of the blockbuster novel. Here's what critics are buzzing about

The Hunger Games : Analysis
"The Hunger Games" movie opens at midnight on Thursday, and the 2008 book on which it's based tops Amazon's list of best-sellers.

The Hunger Games: 'Everything you hoped for and more'?

Earning raves for its intense action sequences and Jennifer Lawrence's performance, the much-anticipated film may be living up to mountains of hype

The Hunger Games : Slideshow
The Hunger Games Snuggie and 8 other dubious tie-in products

The Hunger Games Snuggie and 8 other dubious tie-in products

Frenzied fans clamoring for this weekend's big movie can temporarily satisfy their Hunger Games fix with a slew of Katniss-inspired merchandise

Summer Movies : Best Video
Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, is gearing up to be one of the summer's most tantalizing and terrifying blockbusters.

The 'terrifying' Prometheus trailer: 5 talking points

Is it an Alien prequel? Critics debate that — and more — as two new teasers of Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi thriller hit the web

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
The brutal battle scenes from "The Hunger Games" are shot documentary-style, with a shaky camera, which helps tone down the graphic violence, critics say.

Is The Hunger Games too violent for kids?

Though young teens and tweens have devoured the book, seeing its grisly story unfold on the screen is a different experience

Summer Movies : The List
Johnny Depp's Victorian vampire, Barnabas Collins, wakes up in the modern, if frighteningly tacky, world of 1972 in Tim Burton's big-screen take on "Dark Shadows."

Johnny Depp's 'very campy' Dark Shadows trailer: 5 talking points

Depp re-teams with Tim Burton for a film version of the cult '60s soap opera that eschews gothic drama in favor of deadpan humor and Karen Carpenter references

The Hunger Games : Instant Guide
Girls cheer at the premiere of "The Hunger Games": While the books drew plenty of male fans, only 48 percent of young men are reportedly interested in seeing the movie.

Will guys go see The Hunger Games?

Next week's big release is poised to eclipse Twilight's impressive box office haul. But The Hunger Games' Twilight-like female fans may be scaring boys away

Summer Movies : The List
The new poster for "The Avengers," which hits theaters May 6.

The 'bigger and better' Avengers trailer: 6 talking points

As the May 6th release of the epic superhero flick nears, Marvel releases a brand new full-length trailer. Here's what has fans buzzing

Harry Potter : Opinion Brief
J.K. Rowling: At least one critic found her attempts to tackle more mature themes within the Harry Potter series "annoying and insufferable."

J.K. Rowling's adult novel: A recipe for failure?

Rowling's Harry Potter franchise is an unqualified success, but will her millions of fans follow her into the world of adult fiction?

Summer Movies : The List
Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man has a more mischievous streak than Tobey Maguire's eminently likable character did in last decade's Spider-Man trilogy.

The Amazing Spider-Man's new trailer: 4 talking points

An eagerly anticipated reboot features a brooding Spidey played by British star Andrew Garfield. How does he compare to Tobey Maguire?

The Millennium Trilogy : Forecast
Although David Fincher's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" seemed to be a guaranteed hit, its lackluster box office performance has some speculating that the movie's planned sequels will be scrapped.

Will the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequels be scrapped?

A disappointing opening weekend at the box office jeopardizes the future of David Fincher's Hollywood adaptation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy

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