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The Gun Debate : U.S.
"My wife would not have been sitting here if we had better background checks."

The Senate's contentious hearing on gun violence: 4 key moments

Gabby Giffords calls for stricter gun laws, while her husband breaks the news of yet another mass shooting mid-testimony

The Gun Debate : U.S.
Cover your ears! One Illinois school wants to mimic the sound of gunfire as part of a safety drill.

Is firing blanks during a school-shooting drill really a good idea?

A Chicago-area high school believes exposing its students to the sound of gunfire will make them more prepared for a potential shooting

The Gun Debate : U.S.
Chicago high school sophomore Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed this week.

The teenage girl shot and killed days after performing at Obama's inauguration

Hadiya Pendleton, all of 15 years old, was gunned down at a park in Chicago

The Gun Debate : Best Video
Gabrielle Giffords prepares to give an opening statement during a hearing about gun control on Jan. 30.

WATCH: Gabrielle Giffords calls for gun control

"Speaking is difficult, but I need to say something important. Violence is a big problem. Too many children are dying. Too many children."

Immigration Reform : Analysis
Sen. Marco Rubio got Rush Limbaugh to gush over immigration reform? Win.

Did Marco Rubio convince Rush Limbaugh to support immigration reform?

The conservative radio demigod seemed oddly awed by the GOP star's pitch to legalize undocumented immigrants

The Gun Debate : U.S.
Neil Heslin's 6-year-old was killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The bogus news story about the Sandy Hook 'hecklers'

Outrage erupts on liberal sites, but the video tells a different story

Immigration Reform : Politics
President Obama waves ahead of his immigration speech at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas on Jan. 29.

President Obama's big immigration reform speech: Did it help or hurt?

Some Democrats have called on Obama to stay on the sidelines of the debate

Immigration Reform : Analysis
Even some members of his own party want the president to sit this one out.

Should Obama stay out of the immigration fight?

The president is stepping into the tenuous battle for an immigration overhaul today. Some advocates for reform wish he wouldn't

Gay in America : The List
A massive gathering of Boy Scouts in a New Jersey field in May 2011.

5 reasons the Boy Scouts might end its ban on gays

The iconic youth organization is seriously contemplating a huge about-face in its policy on gay scouts and troop leaders. Why now?

Immigration Reform : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The intertwined fates of Marco Rubio and immigration reform

The bipartisan package won't pass if Rubio backs out. And if Rubio fails on immigration, it could imperil his future political prospects

The Gun Debate : Analysis
A pro-gun demonstrator carries a handgun at a rally in Olympia, Wash., Jan. 19.

Why gun owners should want to amend the Second Amendment

Only a clear articulation of the law will let gun-rights advocates stop worrying about intrusive regulations

Immigration Reform : Analysis
"We can't go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows in an illegal status," says Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Is the new bipartisan push for immigration reform doomed?

A comprehensive revamp of America's immigration system is a top priority of President Obama and GOP senators, but...

The Gun Debate : Essay
A customer shops for a new gun at a sporting goods store in Illinois on Jan. 19.

Why I own guns

Many gun-control advocates don't understand why rational people choose to arm themselves

The Gun Debate : Analysis
Sen. Dianne Feinstein speaks in front of a display of assault weapons during a news conference on Jan. 24.

The Democrats' plan to ban assault weapons: Does it stand a chance?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, her Democratic colleagues, and a group of mayors and police officers want to beat the odds, and the NRA

The Gun Debate : U.S.
Welcome to the gun-control show.

America's gun-control debate: The dueling protest signs

Across the country, gun-control advocates and opponents are making no secret of their often-passionate opinions

Gay Marriage Battle : Politics
President Obama made history on Jan. 21, becoming the first president to say the word "gay" in an inaugural address.

Obama's second inaugural: The most important gay-rights speech ever?

The nation's 44th president is the first to say the word "gay" in an inaugural address — and equated the gay-rights battle to the historic struggles of blacks and women

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