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The Dark Knight Shootings : Opinion Brief
Movie theaters around the country ramped up security over the weekend at screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, which unrolled according to plan despite the Colorado shooting Friday.

Colorado shooting: Should Warner Bros. have cancelled The Dark Knight Rises screenings?

Despite Friday's massacre inside an Aurora, Colo., theater, moviegoers flock to see the final installment of the Batman trilogy

The Dark Knight Shootings : Analysis
A SWAT team officer stands outside the Aurora, Colo., apartment building where James Holmes, the alleged gunman, was living.

Will The Dark Knight Rises shooting change the gun-control debate?

The tragedy, like others before it, has reignited an old argument. Could the massacre reshape attitudes toward America's gun laws?

The Dark Knight Shootings : Instant Guide
Alleged Colorado gunman James Holmes reportedly told authorities that he was "The Joker," a seeming reference to the well-known Batman villain.

How the Colorado massacre will affect The Dark Knight Rises' future

The nation is still trying to wrap its head around the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead — and Hollywood stunned

The Dark Knight Shootings : The List
During public appearances July 20, Mitt Romney and President Obama called for a moment of silence for the victims of the Colorado shooting and both campaigns have agreed to suspend negative ads in the state.

4 attempts to instantly politicize The Dark Knight Rises massacre

Within hours of the tragedy, partisans had already come up with several ways to tie the shootings to the other side

The Dark Knight Shootings : Fact Sheet
An undated photo of the alleged Colorado theater shooter James Holmes whose apartment, police found, was rigged with explosives and a "very sophisticated" booby trap.

The Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado: 4 takeaways

A masked gunman opens fire at a midnight showing of the highly anticipated movie, killing 12 people in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent memory

The Dark Knight Shootings : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets about the Colorado Dark Knight Rises shooting

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from around the world

Gay in America : Controversy
Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy openly admitted that the chain, which has maintained a conservative profile for 66 years, does not support gay marriage.

Chick-fil-A's anti-gay-marriage confession: Bad for business?

The fast-food chain's leader takes a stand for the "biblical definition" of marriage, and is rewarded with boycott threats

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Best Video
George Zimmerman, accompanied by his attorney, Mark O'Mara, sits down for his first television interview since the controversial shooting in February.

George Zimmerman's first TV interview: 6 takeaways

Fox News' Sean Hannity scores a sitdown with Trayvon Martin's killer, who says the fatal shooting "was all God's plan"

Gay in America : The List
Members of the Boy Scouts of America in Washington state: The organization has reaffirmed its policy of excluding gay members.

4 reasons the Boy Scouts may regret banning gays

One of the nation's best-known youth organizations reaffirms its don't-ask-don't-tell policy, inciting a chorus of boos from gay-rights activists

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Timeline
The shooting death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin has led the nation to grapple with tangled social issues like race relations and gun control.

The Trayvon Martin case: A timeline

A Florida shooting has mushroomed into a national conflagration of race, guns, and justice. A chronological look at how the case exploded

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Frank Ocean performs at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California: The up-and-coming R&B star's quiet coming out could be more significant because he's part of the often homophobic hip hop and R&B communities.

Singer Frank Ocean comes out: A bigger deal than Anderson Cooper?

Rising R&B star Frank Ocean isn't nearly as well known as CNN's Silver Fox, but his self-outing could touch more lives

Crime and Punishment : Fact Sheet
A Colorado judge was sick of handing out simple fines to noise violators, so he decided to make offenders listen to Barry Manilow and the Barney and Friends theme song.

7 ridiculously bizarre court sentences

For a few creative judges, punishments can vary wildly from the usual menu of fines, prison sentences, and community service

Crime and Punishment : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: President Obama's poor pardoning record

With only 23 pardons to his name, President Obama is on track to free fewer prisoners than almost every other president in American history

Gay in America : Analysis
"In a perfect world, I don't think it's anyone else's business," CNN anchor Anderson Cooper says of the fact that he is gay. But there is "value in standing up and being counted."

Why Anderson Cooper came out as gay: 3 theories

After refusing to comment publicly on the matter for nearly two decades, the CNN newsman officially comes out to The Daily Beast. Why now?

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
Anti-abortion activists protest outside Mississippi's only abortion clinic, which was narrowly saved by a federal judge until July 11 when the court will convene to decide the clinic's fate.

Will Mississippi be the first state without an abortion clinic?

A federal judge temporarily blocks a law that would shut down Mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic. Here, a look at what could happen next

Gay in America : Burning Question
Oreo released an image of this rainbow-cream-filled cookie on its Facebook page in support of Gay Pride month, but has no plans to offer these politically tinged treats in stores.

The Oreo gay-pride cookie: Good for business?

The iconic cookie gets a stunt makeover for Gay Pride month. Liberal customers are thrilled. Conservative consumers, not so much

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