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Gay in America : Timeline
The Salvation Army may do wonders for the needy, but the Christian charity also has a troubled history of discriminating against gays.

Gays 'should die': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups

An Australian Salvation Army major outrages gay-rights supporters — again — by agreeing that the bell-ringing-Santa charity thinks gays deserve to die

Gay in America : Photos
LGBT pride month: The global celebrations in pictures

LGBT pride month: The global celebrations in pictures

People around the world participated in LGBT pride parades in June. Here are some of the most remarkable visual highlights

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Fact Sheet
George Zimmerman gives a step-by-step account to police of what went down that February night in Florida and reveals Trayvon Martin's last words.

The George Zimmerman police tapes: 6 revelations

Defense lawyers release early audiotapes, videos, and statements in which Zimmerman tells detectives that he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense — and much more

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown (D), along with other legislators and Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler, will perform the play in protest Monday night.

Michigan's 'vagina' war

An anatomical reference during a heated political debate leads to a GOP crackdown... and a performance of The Vagina Monologues on the statehouse steps

Immigration Reform : The List
Mitt Romney, with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in Troy, Ohio: Republicans have stayed largely mum about President Obama's  executive action on immigration.

4 reasons the GOP is wary of attacking Obama's immigration overhaul

After the president does an end run around Congress, many of his opponents offer only muted critiques of his election-year power play. Why?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Immigrant students rally against deportation Friday: President Obama will at least partially comply with their wishes, halting the deportation of law-abiding undocumented immigrants younger than 30.

Obama's immigration overhaul: Did he go too far?

The president will no longer deport young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. when they were kids. Critics decry the move as election-year overreach

Crime and Punishment : By the numbers
Screen shot from the 2006 crime drama Inside Man: Despite what the movies teach us, you cannot actually live off of bank heists. In fact, the average haul in the U.S. is just $7,500.

The poor rewards of robbing banks: By the numbers

Turns out your mom was right: Crime doesn't pay — or, according to a new study, at least not very much. Here's why bank robbery is an especially bad career choice

Crime and Punishment : Slideshow
The mysterious Alcatraz escape: A visual history

The mysterious Alcatraz escape: A visual history

Fifty years after three inmates staged a Houdini-like break from the escape-proof prison, the hunt and the intrigue continue

The Gun Debate : Fact Sheet
Indiana homeowners now have the right to shoot police officers if they're unlawfully intruding on their property.

The Indiana law that lets citizens shoot cops

The Hoosier State now allows people to use deadly force to keep public servants from illegally entering their homes or cars. Police, of course, are not pleased

Crime and Punishment : Analysis
A shopping mall in downtown Flint, Mich.: Flint has the highest rate of violent crime of any U.S city with more than 100,000 people, but violent crime across the country has dropped 4 percent since 2010 and 38 percent since the peak in 1992.

America's historic drop in violent crime: By the numbers

Crime is supposed to spike when times get tough, so why are most crime statistics at low levels not seen since before the days of color TV?

Gay Marriage Battle : Instant Guide
A boy and his father at a gay pride parade in 2001: A new study that attempts to make a case against gay adoption is drawing criticism for its problematic methodology.

The new 'evidence' that kids with gay parents fare worse: Fraudulent?

A report claiming that children of gay parents suffer more than children of heterosexual couples is roundly derided as deeply flawed

Gay Marriage Battle : Burning Question
With more than half of Americans under 34 openly supporting gay marriage, some Republicans are trying to encourage a more moderate GOP stance on the issue.

The new pro-gay Republican super PAC: A game-changer?

A powerful GOP donor wants to help socially moderate politicians voice support for gay marriage without suffering a backlash from the far-right base

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Teens are seeking out free birth control, counseling, and STD screening at a Planned Parenthood clinic on campus at a Los Angeles high school.

Should Planned Parenthood be allowed in schools?

The family planning organization opens a first-of-its-kind clinic at a Los Angeles high school, and anti-abortion activists are furious

The Abortion Battle : Burning Question
By sampling the mother's blood and father's saliva, scientists can now accurately map a fetus' entire genome.

Would easy in-utero genetic testing encourage abortions?

Scientists come up with a simple (if still pricey) method to screen fetuses for some 3,000 genetic defects, raising a troubling question: Who deserves to be born?

Crime and Punishment : In-depth briefing
By 2020, the FAA expects 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles — some as small as birds — to be peering down on U.S. soil.

The drone over your backyard: A guide

U.S. skies are being opened to police and private drones. Will it be the end of privacy?

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
According to an investigation by The New York Times, what many people understand about how Plan B and other morning-after pills work is incorrect because the scientific language makes it seem as though the pill stops fertilized eggs from implanting -- when that's not the case.

What does the morning-after pill really do?

Anti-abortion groups say Plan B and its competitors doom fertilized eggs, as does the label on the Plan B box. Science says they're both wrong

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