Middle East

The New Egypt : World
Anti-Morsi protesters shout slogans in front of the presidential palace in Cairo on Feb. 1.

Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt's president is under attack from all sides

Goodbye, consensus. Hello, violence

Syria's Uprising : World
Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he supported a recommendation to arm Syrian rebels.

Did politics prevent President Obama from arming Syria's rebels?

Top members of Obama's national security team urged him to provide more support to the opposition — but to no avail

Iran's Threat : World
Is this the same monkey?

Did Iran fake its space monkey mission?

New images suggest the monkey that left is not the same one that returned

The New Egypt : World
Protesters attack a police barricade in Cairo.

Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt on the brink

As violence spreads across the country, the government faces grim choices

Syria's Uprising : The List
An Israeli soldier guards an Iron Dome rocket interceptor battery on Jan. 28.

Israel's strike on the Syria-Lebanon border: 3 repercussions

The attack reportedly targeted trucks carrying missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Could this widen Syria's war?

The New Egypt : Analysis
Protesters throw stones at riot police during clashes near Tahrir Square in Cairo on Jan. 28.

Is Egypt headed for another revolution?

President Mohamed Morsi faces his biggest challenge yet as violent protests spread in the days following the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak

The New Egypt : Analysis
Hosni Mubarak lays on a gurney inside the police academy courthouse in Cairo on June 2, 2012.

Dispatch from Cairo: Will Egypt let Hosni Mubarak off the hook?

The ousted despot gets a retrial — disappointing people across all walks of Egyptian life

Afghanistan War : Opinion Brief
Afghan soldiers sit alongside U.S. soldiers during a pre-patrol briefing in Afghanistan on June 26, 2012.

Should Obama withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan?

America was supposed to leave behind a force several thousand strong to help Afghans provide security after 2014. But now...

Syria's Uprising : By the numbers
Little Amjad Al-Saleh, whose family fled their home in September, is comforted by his mother after suffering food poisoning.

Syria's deepening humanitarian crisis: By the numbers

Between the civil war, winter weather, and global indifference, Syria is rapidly sliding toward disaster

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Analysis
To avoid confrontation, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas won't rush to change the passports and ID cards of his people.

'Palestine': What a new name means for the West Bank and Gaza

The Palestinian Authority has given itself a new name — the State of Palestine. Is this a step toward making recognition at the U.N. a reality?

Syria's Uprising : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: How American inaction is killing Syrians

45,000 Syrians are dead. And all Western leaders do is talk

The New Egypt : Analysis
An Egyptian protester chants slogans against President Morsi outside the presidential palace in Cairo on Dec. 18.

Dispatch from Cairo: Is Egypt ready for a return to normalcy?

Islamist President Mohamed Morsi succeeded in getting his new constitution passed by popular vote. But will the secular opposition back down?

Syria's Uprising : The List
Pictures of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian flags burn on the streets of Aleppo on Dec. 17.

Is Bashar al-Assad nearly finished?

The Syrian president's army fights on, but his allies appear to be preparing for the end of his reign

Syria's Uprising : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: Syria's PR campaign failed — and so did America's policy

Bashar al-Assad is on his last legs, but his campaign to crush the rebellion in Syria got a boost from Washington's astonishingly weak stance

Syria's Uprising : Analysis
Free Syrian Army fighters carry weapons on a street in Aleppo's al-Amereya district on Dec. 12.

Has Bashar al-Assad lost control of Syria?

Russia is the embattled Syrian president's closest and most important ally, yet leaders in Moscow are conceding that he may be doomed

The New Egypt : Analysis
Graffiti depicting Mohamed Morsi covers an outer wall of the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt.

Can Egypt's opposition defeat Morsi's constitutional referendum?

Secularists, liberals, and Mubarak-era re-treads are joining forces against Morsi and his fellow Islamists. Do they stand a chance?

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