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Israel vs. The Palestinians : Slideshow

10 incredibly moving images from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Civilians on both sides of the conflict try to pick up the pieces of their lives amid the ongoing, escalating violence

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
An Israeli missile from the Iron Dome defense system is launched to intercept and destroy incoming rocket fire from Gaza on Nov. 17 in Tel Aviv.

How Hamas' long-range rockets changed Israel and the Middle East

Missiles that can reach once-safe Tel Aviv have made the war real in a whole new way for Israelis

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
President Bill Clinton meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Nov. 8, 2010.

Could Bill Clinton broker peace in Gaza?

As Israel and Hamas lurch toward war, Sen. John McCain suggests the former president could negotiate a truce. Would the Big Dog be the right mediator?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Best Video
Anderson Cooper recovers after a bomb blast occurs alarmingly close to him during a live CNN report.

WATCH: Anderson Cooper rattled by a bomb explosion in Gaza

The seasoned war reporter is visibly shaken on the air after a bomb explodes dangerously close to him

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Israeli soldiers prepare weapons in a deployment area on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip on Nov. 19.

Would a ground war in Gaza backfire on Israel?

Israel is amassing troops on the border of the missile-lobbing Gaza Strip. The U.S. is hardly alone in warning its ally against an invasion

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Burning Question
Israeli soldiers work on their tanks near the Gaza Strip, after fierce clashes with Gaza militants on Nov. 16.

Israel's air strikes on Gaza: Is all-out war inevitable?

The threat of another Israeli ground invasion of Gaza is looming as Hamas rockets and Israeli bombers disrupt a brief truce

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Analysis
An Israeli solder looks at the Facebook page of the Israeli Defense Forces on Nov. 15: Social media has become a virtual battleground in Israel's Hamas offensive.

Should Twitter bar Israel from live-tweeting its Gaza offensive?

Israel is launching an all-out propaganda campaign on social media that includes chilling threats against senior Hamas leaders

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Forecast
An Israeli security officer detains a Palestinian stone-thrower during clashes in Gaza on Nov. 15.

Israel's Gaza offensive: What's next?

Israel launches a second day of airstrikes against militants in Hamas-controlled Gaza. A look at four possible consequences — none of them particularly good

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Twitter Take
Palestinian men react at a hospital in Gaza City after the body of the late Ahmed al-Jaabari, head of the Hamas military wing, was brought in on Nov. 14.

Israel's assault on Gaza: The bizarre, uncomfortable live-tweets from Israel's military

Israel launches a major offensive against Palestinian militants — and for some reason, broadcasts the attacks live via social media

War in Libya : Opinion Brief
David Petraeus' testimony on the deadly Sept. 11 attacks in Benghazi might put to rest rumors that his affair was revealed to keep him from telling Congress what he knows about the siege.

How important will David Petraeus' Benghazi testimony be?

Days after stepping down as CIA director, Petraeus agrees to tell Congress what he knows about the deadly attack on U.S. diplomats in Libya

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Machine-gun-toting fighters from the Free Syrian Army walk in the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain along the Turkish border.

Have Syria's fractious rebels finally united?

As the bloody civil war drags on, opposition groups form an umbrella organization to lead the fight against the Syrian regime

Syria's Uprising : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: Why Obama will keep ignoring Syria in his second term

Many second-term presidents turn to foreign policy if they're viewed as lame ducks domestically. But don't expect Obama to go off starting wars

Afghanistan War : Essay
U.S. soldiers during a foot patrol on June 27 in Pech Valley, Afghanistan.

The U.S. soldiers babysitting Afghanistan

Months before withdrawal, says Greg Jaffe, the soldiers of 3rd Platoon struggled to make sense of their mission

Syria's Uprising : The List
Lakhdar Brahimi, international peace envoy for Syria, announces on Oct. 24 that Bashar al-Assad's regime agreed to a holiday ceasefire with the rebels it has been fighting for 19 months.

3 ways the Syria ceasefire could go wrong

The U.N.'s peace envoy says Syria's warring sides have agreed to stop fighting during Islam's Eid al-Adha holiday. Will the truce happen — and would it do any good?

War in Libya : Essay
Chris Jeon mans an anti-aircraft weapon in Ras Lanuf, Libya.

Spring break in Libya

College student Chris Jeon hungered for "real" experience, says Joshua Davis. So he joined a revolution

War in Libya : Analysis
President Obama, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, make a statement on the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens on Sept. 12.

Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Benghazi security: 4 consequences

Will Clinton's mea culpa shield President Obama from Mitt Romney's criticism over Obama's handling of the deadly Libya attack?

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