Middle East

Syria's Uprising : Forecast
A Turkish military truck transports a mobile missile launcher to the Middle-Eastern nation's increasingly tense border with Syria.

Will Turkey go to war with Syria?

After Syria shot down one of Turkey's jets, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dispatched troops and anti-aircraft weapons to the increasingly militarized border

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Egypt's president-elect, the Islamist Mohamed Morsi, tries to earn points as a moderate by picking a Christian and a woman to serve as vice presidents.

Egypt's female VP: Proof that President Morsi is a real reformer?

The country's newly elected Islamist leader appears willing to form an inclusive government, easing fears that he will turn Egypt into an Islamic state

The New Egypt : Burning Question
Egyptian President-elect Mohamed Morsi before his first televised address to the nation on June 24: It remains unclear exactly what the rise of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S.

Has the U.S. lost Egypt?

Egypt has long been Washington's key Arab ally. But now the country has an Islamist president — and he's hardly America's No. 1 fan

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that any military forces approaching the Turkish border from Syria would be considered a threat.

Is Syria dragging NATO into war?

NATO backs Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and vehemently chastises Syria for shooting down a Turkish jet, raising fears that an explosive regional war is coming

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi celebrate his victory Sunday: As promised, Morsi resigned from the Brotherhood, saying he serves all of Egypt.

Egypt's election result: Victory for the revolution?

The military confirms that the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi won last week's presidential runoff. Is this what Arab Spring protesters had in mind?

Syria's Uprising : Analysis
Traffic barriers stand at the entrance of King Hussein Air Base in Mafraq, Jordan, where Syrian fighter pilot Col. Hassan Hammadeh landed his MiG-21 warplane and asked for political asylum.

Syria's defector pilot: 4 takeaways

The unprecedented, high-profile escape is a huge embarrassment for President Bashar al-Assad. What does it mean for Syria's pro-democracy uprising?

The New Egypt : The List
Supporters of ex-prime minister and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik in front of his campaign headquarters in Cairo: If Shafik, a former air force commander, is declared the winner of the election, Egypt's Islamists may see it as a coup d'etat.

Egypt's delayed election result: 3 takeaways

Election officials say they need time to address complaints from both candidates. Are they being thorough, or are the country's military leaders up to something?

The Pakistan Dilemma : Fact Sheet
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani arrives at a Feb. 13 Supreme Court hearing in Islamabad: Gilani was kicked out of office by the court on Tuesday.

Pakistan ousts its prime minister: 3 repercussions

The country's Supreme Court kicks out Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, rattling an already shaky U.S. ally. What's next?

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Egyptian soldiers outside Cairo's defense ministry: To loosen the military council's grip on Egypt, the U.S. may be forced to revoke financial aid.

Should Obama cut ties with Egypt's military?

Military leaders appear to be squashing Egypt's young experiment in democracy, but the U.S. continues to send them more than $1 billion per year

Iran's Threat : The List
Iran's chief negotiator Saeed Jalili meets with world leaders Tuesday in a new round of nuclear talks: Iran wants the six world powers at the table to acknowledge that it has the right to enrich uranium.

3 ways Iran's nuclear talks could actually succeed

Renewed negotiations between Iran and six other countries are off to a rocky start. Here's how leaders could ensure that diplomacy prevails this time around

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi casts his ballot in Egypt on Saturday: Morsi claimed victory, but so did opponent Ahmed Shafik.

Egypt's presidential election: A farce?

Egyptians cast their ballots, and the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi claims victory. But Egypt's powerful military may not give up power that easily

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Free Syrian Army fighters patrol a street near Homs on May 5: The U.N.'s 300-person observer mission has been suspended due to increased violence.

Is the U.N. abandoning Syria's rebels?

Hundreds of United Nations monitors halt their mission as Bashar al-Assad and Syrian rebels flout the U.N.'s ceasefire deal, raising fears of all-out civil war

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Egyptian military police stand guard during a protest against presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik outside the Supreme Constitutional Court on June 14 in Cairo: The court's ruling "isn't a death knell for democracy," says The Wall Street Journal.

Egypt's dissolved parliament: Is the revolution dead?

Egypt's high court has disbanded the first freely elected parliament in 60 years and blessed the presidential ambitions of Hosni Mubarak's former prime minister

Afghanistan War : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Are U.S. military leaders lying about Afghanistan?

A decorated Army vet levels some devastating accusations at the top brass. And it's time for lawmakers to listen up

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
With hundreds of advisers refurbishing a Russian base in Syria, some analysts believe that Vladimir Putin still hopes to prop up Bashar al-Assad.

Russia's attack helicopters: Did Putin outfox the U.S. in Syria?

America accuses Moscow of providing Syria with deadly weaponry, and critics say the U.S. was foolish to believe Russia would ever turn on Assad

Syria's Uprising : Burning Question
The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has killed thousands in its crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising that began nearly two years ago.

Should the U.S. assassinate Syria's Assad?

Bashar al-Assad's efforts to crush the opposition are getting bloodier by the day, fueling chatter that extreme measures are needed to stop the killing

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