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Rahm Emanuel : Opinion Brief
In April, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said it had always been his dream to run for Chicago's mayor.

Rahm Emanuel: The next mayor of Chicago?

With Chicago's six-term Mayor Richard Daley out of the running in 2011, will Obama's chief of staff step in the race?

Future of the Democrats : Best Column
Should Democrats accuse Republicans of pandering to the rich with the Bush tax cuts?

Could a 'people's tax cut' save the Democrats?

Republicans are winning a losing debate over ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, says Robert Reich at Salon. Democrats need to strike back with a "people's tax cut"

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has emerged as an early favorite to take over for Gates when he leaves.

Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary?

Some say the secretary of State could move over to the Pentagon if Robert Gates steps down next year. Could that really happen?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
The Left has criticized Obama for opposing gay marriage, failing to close Guantanamo Bay, and abandoning a public option in the health-care bill.

Obama vs. the 'professional Left'

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lashes out at the Left for criticizing President Obama. Are liberals making unrealistic demands, or do they have a point?

Charlie Rangel : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets about 'Charlie Rangel'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Al Gore's Sex Scandal : Best Column
Al Gore: Still in the shadows.

Al Gore's PR problem

So far, the former vice president hasn't dignified his one-time masseuse's sexual allegations with a response, says Lloyd Grove in The Daily Beast. Big mistake

Charlie Rangel : Opinion Brief
Should Charlie Rangel step down?

Should Charlie Rangel fight or fold?

Facing charges from the House Ethics Committee, the New York Democrat says he's done nothing wrong. But his party wants him to resign. Should Rangel keep fighting?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Independent support of Obama is flagging.

Why are independents abandoning Obama?

Independent voters' support for the Obama administration has slumped to below 40 percent, according to a new poll. What has he done to lose the backing of this key demographic? 

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Wall Street.

Will Wall Street 'payback' hurt the Democrats?

With a big financial regulation bill nearing the president's desk, Wall Street is turning its back on Democrats and directing its largesse to the GOP

Al Gore's Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Four years after allegations against Gore were filed, police are reopening the case.

Is reopening the Al Gore sex case fair?

Four years and one tabloid exposé after the fact, Portland police are investigating sex-assault allegations against the former vice president. Is justice being served?

Al Gore's Sex Scandal : Audio
Molly Hagerty gives police her side of the story.

Al Gore's accuser's side

Listen to audio recordings of a 2009 police interview with masseuse Molly Hagerty, who claims Gore sexually assaulted her

Al Gore's Sex Scandal : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets on 'Al Gore'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Future of the Democrats : Instant Guide
Sen. Robert Byrd passed away this morning at the age of 92.

What Robert Byrd's death means

America's longest-serving legislator, Sen. Robert Byrd, died Monday morning. Here's a look at his life and how his death affects the nation

Al Gore's Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
The National Enquirer is reporting that Al Gore made unwanted advances on an Oregon masseuse

Al Gore: 'Crazed sex poodle,' or smear victim?

The details of a masseuse's accusations make for disturbing reading. Is this a scandal in the making, or a money-grubbing smear job?

Rahm Emanuel : Opinion Brief
Rahm Emanuel stands behind the scenes at the White House as Obama gives a speech on the economic recovery.

Is Rahm Emanuel giving up on Obama?

The London Telegraph is reporting that Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year. Really?

John Edwards sex scandal : Best Column
Whatever happened to Edwards?

John Edwards' disappearing act

Hunted and lonely, the former presidential candidate has all but vanished from public life, writes Diane Dimond in The Daily Beast, as he braces for a possible grand jury indictment

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