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Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
President Obama's victory may force the Republican Party to widen its tent to better include more demographic groups in our rapidly changing nation.

President Obama's re-election: Is there now a permanent Democratic majority?

The president's winning coalition of 2008 remains intact — and demographic trends suggest that it will only get larger

Future of the Democrats : Winners and Losers
Arguably, President Obama and Vice President Biden managed to inspire more excitement among their convention crowd than Mitt Romney did among his.

The Democratic National Convention: Winners and losers

The raucous pep rally for President Obama and his party has come to an end. Who came out on top and who sank in the Charlotte mud?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Bill Clinton barely mentioned his wife by name during Wednesday's big Democratic convention speech, but in the eyes of liberals, he still managed to boost Hillary's presidential prospects.

Bill Clinton's DNC speech: Setting the stage for Hillary in 2016?

The Big Dog delivers a full-throated endorsement of President Obama — and also manages to not-so-subtly promote the Clinton brand

Future of the Democrats : Slideshow

8 up-and-coming politicians labeled 'The Next Obama'

Barack Obama leapt from obscurity to the presidency in a few short years, and ever since, the media has been trying to crown America's next political prince

Future of the Democrats : Burning Question
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is six years younger than Barack Obama was when he delivered his career-changing keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Julian Castro's convention keynote: As good as Obama's in '04?

The San Antonio mayor steps out of obscurity to deliver a rousing speech, earning gushing comparisons to the '04 version of a certain soon-to-be president

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
During her convention speech, Michelle Obama indirectly attacked Mitt Romney's privileged life by discussing the struggles she and the president endured growing up.

Michelle Obama's convention speech: Overrated?

The First Lady's passionate address at the Democratic National Convention brought the crowd to its feet. But critics contend that the speech wasn't that "masterful"

Future of the Democrats : Analysis
First Lady Michelle Obama addresses delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 4: "Being president doesn't change who you are," she said. "It reveals who you are."

The Democratic convention's opening night: 5 highlights

Thanks to Julian Castro and Michelle Obama, Democrats got President Obama's nominating convention off to an unexpectedly rousing start on Tuesday

Future of the Democrats : The List
Bill Clinton delivers the closing remarks at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., in July: On Wednesday night, he'll star at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Bill Clinton's convention speech: 4 reasons Democrats may be worried

The former president is the marquee speaker at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night — and nobody knows what he's going to say

Future of the Democrats : Photos
The good, bad, and mysterious merchandise of the Democratic convention

The good, bad, and mysterious merchandise of the Democratic convention

From a birth certificate coffee mug to a homemade Obama calendar, Democrats prove they can out-kitsch Republicans in convention swag

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
The Democrats' platform followed President Obama's lead by supporting same-sex marriage, a move that arguably keeps the party in sync with shifting public opinion.

The Democrats' platform: More radical than the GOP's?

While Republicans and Democrats call each other's policies extreme, pundits debate which party is really losing touch with the mainstream

Future of the Democrats : Forecast
Hope and change is so 2008: As an incumbent presiding over a lousy economy, Obama has to work harder than ever to drum up excitement among voters who aren't exactly fired up and ready to go.

5 factors that could make or break the Democrats' convention

The Republican had their turn. What do Obama and the Democrats have to do to match or exceed the GOP's big party?

Future of the Democrats : Politics
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro became one of the youngest mayors in the country when he was elected in 2009 at age 34.

Is Julian Castro the Latino Obama?

The 37-year-old mayor of San Antonio is giving the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention — just as a young Barack Obama did in 2004

"Weinergate" : Opinion Brief
Anthony Weiner moments before announcing his resignation in June 2011: The Democrat, who still has $4.5 million in campaign funds, is hoping voters are ready to forgive him.

Can Anthony Weiner make a comeback?

The New York Democrat resigned last year after a sexting scandal, yet he's already planning a new bid for office — possibly even a New York City mayoral run

Future of the Democrats : Instant Guide
Sources close to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) have denied rumors that the congressman is being treated for alcohol or substance abuse, and are hopeful that he'll be back to work this fall.

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s mysterious disappearance: A guide

The Illinois congressman has been MIA for five weeks. His office says he's being treated for a "mood disorder," but the vague explanation is only fueling more questions

Future of the Democrats : Analysis
Then-Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and President Obama in 2009: Kaine, now running for Senate in Virginia, is one of many Democrats who's less than thrilled by Obama's tax plan.

Why Democrats are abandoning Obama's tax plan: 3 theories

The president clashes with allies by pushing to end Bush-era tax cuts for Americans earning over $250,000. Why can't Democrats agree on this election-year issue?

Future of the Democrats : Fact Sheet
Vice President Joe Biden visits the Democratic National Convention Committee headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.: Some key Dems are already opting out of the convention.

3 reasons the Democratic Convention could be a disaster

Back when President Obama won North Carolina in 2008, holding his re-election convention in Charlotte may have seemed like a good idea....

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