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Rahm Emanuel : Opinion Brief
Can the famously tenacious Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel address Chicago's underperforming schools and budget shortfalls?

Rahmville: Can Mayor Emanuel fix Chicago?

Chicago is flailing financially. Will Obama's former chief of staff be able to steady America's Second City?

Rahm Emanuel : Opinion Brief
Rahm Emanuel walked away with 55 percent of the vote Tuesday night, making him Chicago's new, if slightly abrasive, mayor-elect.

Rahm Emanuel's Chicago win: How did he do it?

The famously foul-mouthed Democrat scored a big victory in the Second City's mayoral race yesterday

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.), inexplicably outfitted in a tiger suit, in a photo he distributed via email prior to the November 2010 election. His advisers reportedly staged interventions regarding his erratic behavior.

Oregon Democrat David Wu's 'bizarre' tiger-suit photo

A picture of the congressman in a children's costume has raised questions about his psychological well-being

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
The U.S. Army has sponsored NASCAR for a decade, spending $7 million in 2010 and $11.6 million in 2009.

Democrats vs. NASCAR

A Minnesota congresswoman wants to save money by scrapping the Pentagon's sponsorship of NASCAR. Smart idea or political suicide?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had reportedly expressed interest in the junior Arizona Senate seat before the Tuscon shootings and some say she should have the right of first refusal.

Gabrielle Giffords for Senate in 2012?

Some Democrats have a dream candidate in mind to succeed Sen. Jon Kyl. Does it matter that she's recovering from a gunshot wound to the head?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), who will not seek reelection, once warned Obama that the president's push for health care legislation would end in "disaster."

Jim Webb's resignation: A body blow for the Democrats?

The Virginia senator won't contest his seat in 2012. How bad is this news for his party?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Mark Kelly may be leaving Gabrielle Giffords' side, but the astronaut says his wife would approve and may be well enough to attend the April launch.

Should Gabrielle Giffords' husband cancel his space flight?

Astronaut Mark Kelly will command his upcoming space mission as planned, and says his injured wife would be "very comfortable" with his choice. Others question his decision

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Gabrielle Giffords praises her iPad in the interview, indirectly promoting The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper.

The Daily's 'tasteless' Gabrielle Giffords interview

Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper stirs controversy by featuring footage of Rep. Giffords, filmed before she was shot, talking about... her iPad

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : In-depth briefing
Jared Loughner (right), shown here in a Federal court room sketch with his attorney, reportedly shows signs of schizophrenia.

Jared Loughner's separate reality

What do experts mean when they say Tucson shooter Jared Loughner shows symptoms of schizophrenia? A guide to this complex disorder

Rahm Emanuel : Wit
Rahm Emanuel will appeal the ruling, but may not get a decision in time to save his candidacy.

Booting Rahm Emanuel off the Chicago ballot: The wisecracks

The former White House chief of staff has been banned from running for mayor of Chicago. Commentators and critics weigh in... irreverently

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Jared Loughner (left) was initially indicted for attempted murder; potential first-degree murder charges are still pending.

Arizona shootings: Should prosecutors seek the death penalty?

Federal lawyers must decide whether to seek capital punishment for alleged shooter Jared Lee Loughner if he's convicted

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Instant Guide
Gabrielle Giffords has made "inspiring" progress since an assassin's bullet passed through her left brain on January 8.

Will Gabrielle Giffords ever speak again?

The Arizona congresswoman can now stand (with assistance) and even scroll through an iPad. Though her recovery to date has been "miraculous," she still faces formidable odds

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : The Bullpen
Francis Wilkinson

Francis Wilkinson: Gabrielle Giffords and the art of the stereotype

In this edition of The Week's Editor's Letter, Francis Wilkinson ponders the folly of typecasting

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
An adviser to Arizona governor Jan Brewer has said it is "unimaginable" that the law in question would be invoked in Giffords' case.

Could Gabrielle Giffords lose her House seat?

Arizona law says politicans unable to perform their duties for three consecutive months must step down. Could the injured Rep. Giffords lose her seat?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
"We've got to stay together and maintain unity," said Martin Luther King Jr. in his final speech, delivered on April 3, 1968.

Arizona shootings: How Martin Luther King's message can help America heal

For many, King's legacy of nonviolence has taken on renewed importance in the wake of the Tuscon rampage. Here, some of the best commentary

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Can Obama usher in a new era of civility after the Tucson shootings?

Toning down the rhetoric

In the wake of the Tucson tragedy, Obama and others have asked for more civility in politics. Can that happen?

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