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Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : The List
Jared Loughner may have been a loner, but a former friend has told reporters that he cared deeply for his dog, Hannah.

9 things we've learned about Jared Lee Loughner

Racy self-portraits. Loner parents. A love of dogs. Tidbits of information about the alleged Arizona killer have been trickling out to the public. Here's a concise guide

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : By the numbers
Handgun sales in Arizona following the shooting were up 63 percent from the corresponding period in 2010.

Arizona's gun-buying binge: By the numbers

In the aftermath of last weekend's shootings, residents of the Grand Canyon state are buying firearms at record rates. Here's a look at the arms race

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Jared Loughner's mug shot is one of the signs that seem to "point to a man with a mental disorder," says The New York Times.

Could an insanity defense clear Jared Loughner?

The man accused of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others may have severe mental health problems. Will that make it difficult to convict him?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
"The hopes of the nation are here tonight," Obama said to a tearful Tucson crowd, and "we join you in your grief."

Obama's 'emotionally charged' Giffords speech: First reactions

The president urged Americans to come together to honor the memory of those who died in the Arizona shootings

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Fact Sheet
Judy Clarke: The lawyer defending Jared Loughner is an outspoken opponent of capital punishment and no stranger to high-profile cases.

Jared Loughner's lawyer: A 'One-woman dream team'

Defense attorney Judy Clarke is representing the man accused of the deadly Tucson rampage. Who is she?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Fact Sheet
Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelly holds his wife's hand in the Tucson hospital room. The full extent of the congresswoman's injuries are still unknown.

The road ahead for Gabrielle Giffords

The Arizona congresswoman is expected to survive the gunshot wound to her head. What do doctors say about her recovery?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
"Blood libel": These two words from Palin's eight-minute speech are sparking further controversy.

Palin's 'blood libel' speech: The correct reaction to the Arizona tragedy?

Responding to the Gabrielle Giffords shootings, Sarah Palin has answered her critics in typically defiant style — but did her choice of words just incite more conflict?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Jared Loughner (shown here in March) left his community college classmates feeling unsafe, they say.

Arizona's mental illness system: How did Loughner slip through the cracks?

Many people who knew Jared Loughner — the man charged in the Tucson massacre — worried he was deranged and dangerous. Why wasn't he in treatment?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Jared Loughner reportedly counts "Communist Manifesto" among his favorite reads and a video of the American flag burning as his favorite YouTube post.

Jared Loughner: Far left or far right?

Liberals and conservatives are trying to place the alleged Arizona shooter in each others' camp. Which side has the stronger argument?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : World Reactions
As global media outlets weigh in on Gabrielle Gifford's heroism and gun reform, flags fly at half mast in the U.S. capital.

The Arizona massacre: World reactions

Here's what overseas editors and columnists from Australia to Israel are saying about Saturday's shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other Americans

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin has limited her response to the tragedy to a brief message on her Facebook page offering her condolences to the "victims and their families."

Will the Arizona tragedy end Palin's presidential hopes?

As the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords brings new scrutiny to Sarah Palin's gun-themed rhetoric, pundits debate the political fallout

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Obama said he was acting as both a president and a father when reaching out to the families affected by the shooting.

Arizona shooting: Can Obama help the healing?

Americans look to their leaders to recover from tragedies. How should the president be responding to the shootings in Tucson?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) received a "serious death threat" in 2009 and says he plans to carry a weapon more often at his district events.

Giffords shooting: Will Congress overreact?

Members of Congress are already planning legislative changes in response to the shooting of their colleague, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Will this only make things worse?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Fact Sheet
Christina Green, the youngest of the six fatalities, was a patriotic 9-year-old and a member of her school's student council.

The 9/11 baby killed in Arizona's shootings

Christina Green—a 9-year-old with a growing interest in politics—was born on September 11, 2001, and died after being shot at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' ill-fated event

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : The List
Though the FBI is urging caution, commentators are speculating widely about Jared Loughner's motives.

Arizona massacre: What's the motive? 5 theories

Why did alleged Arizona gunman Jared Loughner carry out Saturday's savage shootings? Anti-Semitism? Black magic? Untreated mental illness?

Gabrielle Giffords Shootings : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin's PAC put out a map last year that superimposed what appeared to be crosshairs symbols on Democratic districts including Rep. Gifford's.

Arizona massacre: Should Sarah Palin share the blame?

Palin used a "bullseye" symbol to target Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords for defeat in last year's election. Did this political propoganda help inspire Giffords' shooter?

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