Google's World : Instant Guide
Google's Honeycomb Android mobile operating system: The tech giant may be producing an Android-operated home entertainment system.

Google's 'mysterious' experiment in home entertainment systems

The internet search giant is setting its crosshairs on your living room. Would an Android-powered home catch on? 

Google's World : Instant Guide
One tipster points to Oakley Thumps to suggest the look of Google's Terminator-style sunglasses, rumored to be in active development.

Coming soon: Google-powered 'Terminator' glasses?

A tech blogger sparks a frenzy by reporting that Google may test a prototype of some cyborg-friendly futuristic shades as early as this spring

Google's World : Controversy
Under Google's controversial new privacy policy, YouTube, Gmail, and nearly 60 other Google services will share your personal data.

Google's new privacy policy: 'Evil'?

The search giant will soon begin sharing your personal data across almost all of its services — a violation, critics say, of Google's "don't be evil" ethos

Google's World : Opinion Brief
News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch is a fierce supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would force internet companies to block access to sites that feature copyright-infringing content.

Rupert Murdoch vs. Google: Does the search giant enable piracy?

The News Corp. tycoon accuses the internet search king of profiting from links to sites that steal movies and music

Google's World : The List
After changes to Google's search engine, results culled from your Google+ network are identified by a small human-figure graphic.

4 reasons why Google's 'Search, plus Your World' is a very big deal

The search giant will now include pertinent data from your Google+ network with its search results

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire is among the most popular Android tablets on the market today, but it may soon have stiff competition if Google launches its own sub-$200 device.

Google's Android tablet: A Kindle Fire rival?

Many forecasters figured Google would try to take down the iPad. Instead, Google is reportedly targeting Jeff Bezos with an inexpensive, Fire-like tablet

Google's World : Opinion Brief
An investors' publication names Google's Larry Page "CEO of the Year," even though the boyish co-founder of the search giant has only led the company for eight months.

Is Google's Larry Page really the 'CEO of the Year'?

The tech giant's chief grabs a top honor, but critics question whether he deserves it

Google's World : The List
As the tablet market leader Apple prepares to launch its third edition of the iPad, Google is planning a rival high-quality tablet device.

Google's planned 'iPad killer' tablet: 5 talking points

In an interview with an Italian newspaper, chairman Eric Schmidt revealed plans for the company's first tablet device. Should Apple be worried?

Google's World : Best Video
This year we searched Google for answers about Rebecca Black, Steve Jobs, Google+, and the nonexistent iPhone 5.

What we Googled in 2011

In a short video and an extensive data site, Google Zeitgeist takes us back... and shames us with what we searched for in 2011

Google's World : Burning Question
Mozilla Firefox browser is declining in global usage and was ranked third in November behind Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Will Google Chrome kill Firefox?

Google's Chrome browser is gaining ground, while Mozilla's Firefox is flailing

Google's World : Opinion Brief
A Google rep unveils Google Music in Los Angeles on Wednesday: The new "social music" service lets Google+ friends listen to each other's songs once for free.

Google Music: A threat to iTunes?

The search titan launches its own digital music store, opening a new front in its vicious techie turf war with Apple

Google's World : Instant Guide
A big disappointment for the tech world, the buggy Gmail iPhone app was pulled just an hour after it was unveiled.

The Gmail iPhone app 'fail'

Just hours after its launch, Google's eagerly awaited Gmail iPhone app gets yanked because of embarrassing technical snafus

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The new Google Reader adopts the starkly minimalist design of other Google products, and angers users by replacing the share function with Google+.

Google Reader's 'infuriating' redesign

After the search king unveils a sparse new look for its popular RSS tool, formerly loyal users are readying their pitchforks

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google co-founder Sergey Brin: Just weeks after Microsoft reportedly showed an interest in buying Yahoo, Google is now reportedly flirting with the troubled internet portal.

Should Google buy Yahoo?

The search giant is the latest tech heavyweight to flirt with a bid for the struggling internet portal — but not everyone's sure it's a brilliant idea

Google's World : By the numbers
Google plus went public last week and was rewarded with a 40 million member surge, which is still a far cry from Facebook's membership.

Google+ and the 50-million-user milestone: By the numbers

Since opening its service up to any and everyone, the social networking site has seen a huge growth spurt... but it's still tiny compared to Facebook

Google's World : Fact Sheet
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt argued Wednesday before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing that the tech giant's search results are unbiased.

Google's 'contentious' day on Capitol Hill: 5 takeaways

In testimony before a Senate panel, CEO Eric Scmidt maintains that his company does no evil. Competitors beg to differ

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