Google's World : Opinion Brief
The Blekko search engine uses the "slash tag" to help narrow searches and sort out spam.

Blekko: An 'intriguing' new search engine

Today marks the launch of Blekko, which promises cleaner, less spammy, more focused results than Google. Does it deliver?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Bye-bye hard drive? Google's Chrome OS will put everything in the cloud.

Google's 'evil' tax dodge

How does Google's elaborate scheme to avoid paying taxes stack up against its famously do-gooder motto?

Google's World : Instant Guide
Google's new robot cars can sense anything near them and mimic the decisions a human driver would make.

Google's robot cars

The search giant is developing cars that drive themselves. Should we be impressed — or concerned?

Google's World : Instant Guide
Searching for "Latina" on Google instant? You may not find what you're looking for.

Google's instant search 'blacklist'

Google's new "Instant" function blocks search results for everyday words like 'are' and 'Latina.' Why?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The Shweeb is a human-powered bicycle monorail.

Google's 'crazy' new monorail

Will city dwellers really want to pedal themselves about in plastic capsules suspended from a rail?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
How will Google's new feature be received by the public?

Google's 'psychic' search tool: 'Revolutionary' or a 'disaster'?

The tech giant debuts Google Instant — a search function that updates queries as you type. It's impressive... but does anyone want it?

Google's World : Best Column
Google encourages newspapers to post stories that will get hits, which may leave more serious yet important news out in favor of celebrity gossip.

Google's threat to serious journalism

Google has revolutionized the way we read the news, says Howard Kurtz in The Washington Post. But it's up to journalists to keep the keywords from taking over

Google's World : Instant Guide
According to reports, YouTube would charge $5 for a 48-hour "rental" of a feature film.

How would a pay-per-view YouTube stack up?

YouTube may soon launch a video-on-demand movie service. How would it compare to existing players, including Apple and Netflix?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
A preview of Google's latest feature.

Gmail phone: Revolutionary?

Will the ability to make free phone calls using Google's (already addictive) email service change the communication industry?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The new technology enable users to watch video content from the internet with the use of a television.

Will Google TV hurt Hollywood?

Google tries to enter the television industry, and gets the cold shoulder from Hollywood

Google's World : The List
Criminals beware: Google has an eye in the sky.

5 crimes solved using Google Earth

From unlicensed swimming pools to pot stashes, a list of the illegal acts brought to justice by Google's innovative satellite mapping site

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Is Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, planning a "Facebook-killing" social network?

Can Google take on Facebook?

The search engine giant is rumored to be developing "Google Me," a social networking platform intended to challenge Facebook's dominance

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Will Google Voice catch on?

Will Google Voice catch on?

Google's online telephone management system is now available to everyone. It definitely has its perks — but is it too techy to gain mass appeal?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google Chrome: Better than Windows?

Google Chrome: The beginning of the end for Windows?

Dell is flirting with the idea of putting a Google operating system on some of its laptop computers. Is that a big deal?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The new Google background image caused an unexpected backlash.

Google's 'background image' backlash

The search engine's decision to add visuals has driven the blogosphere to distraction — but the company insists that the controversy will fade fast

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google TV: Revolutionary?

Google TV: The 'future of television'?

Though Apple TV turned out to be a dud, some say Google's new web-TV combination software really could transform how we use the tube

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