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Working in America : Business
Going in for the shake...

The most powerful handshake in the world

A few techniques for dominating with your hands

Working in America : Analysis
Minimum-wage-earning migrant workers load boxes at a Colorado farm in 2010.

$9 minimum wage: Poverty reducer or job killer?

President Obama wants a raise for low-wage workers, saying it would lift millions out of poverty. Conservatives aren't sold

The U.S. Recovery : Business
The number of pending home sales fell in December after rising for the past 20 straight months.

The housing roadblock that could kill the recovery

A slowdown in issuing construction loans to builders is causing a chain reaction that could hurt the whole housing market

Wall Street : The Bullpen
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: Why does Wall Street hate Obama?

The titans of Big Finance are raking it in like never before

The U.S. Recovery : Business
Young Spaniards protest against austerity measures: Can the U.S. learn from Europe?

An austerity program that both Democrats and Republicans can support

Both parties need to let go of their preconceptions about government spending

Working in America : In-depth briefing
Some 46.2 million Americans now live in families where someone is working but earning less than the poverty line: $11,702 a year for an individual or $23,021 for a family of four

Working, but still poor

Why is it that millions of Americans who have jobcan't make ends meet?

The U.S. Recovery : Analysis
Visitors to the New York Stock Exchange applaud after the Dow Jones and the S&P both hit five-year highs on Jan. 24.

Why the stock market boom doesn't signal an economic recovery

The clamoring bells of the New York Stock Exchange are far removed from the financial realities of most Americans

The U.S. Recovery : Business
A woman walks by destroyed homes and businesses in Queens, New York: Hurricane Sandy likely contributed to America's recent economic contraction.

The miserable GDP report: Is the economy in trouble again?

Last quarter, the economy contracted for the first time since the Great Recession ended. Still, the headline number may belie strong fundamentals

The U.S. Recovery : Business
Investing in roads and bridges now could help reduce our debt later.

How investing in infrastructure could reduce our long-term debt

Infrastructure spending moves people off of couches and into productive employment — and that makes us all better off

Wall Street : Business
A man walks on the sidewalk in front of the JP Morgan Chase building in New York City.

Breaking up the big banks

A "long-standing truth-teller" on the excesses of too-big-to-fail banks says they need to be broken into pieces

Wall Street : Business
Wall Street traders might just have to get used to the "new normal."

Is the culture of Wall Street bonuses changing for good?

"Compensation is way too high," says Morgan Stanley's CEO. "I'm sort of sympathetic to the shareholder view that the industry is still overpaid."

Wall Street : Artifact
"I have no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes, or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing," writes one brave Wall Street intern applicant.

Wall Street: The anatomy of the 'best cover letter ever'

A young finance major looking for an internship wins over hotshot investment bankers by admitting there's nothing special about him

Wall Street : Analysis
Elizabeth Warren on AIG's potential lawsuit against the government: "Outrageous."

AIG, greed, and legislative stupidity

Even if AIG sues the government that bailed it out, Democrats and Republicans alike would be wrong to yell at the company's board

Bankrupt USA : Business
The U.K.'s Welfare Reform Act of 2012 has brought many changes to the government's benefits system.

Welfare states are unfair states

America must avoid replicating the failed European model of government

Unemployed in America : Business
30,000 construction jobs were added in December 2012 — the most since September 2011.

December jobs report: 155,000 new jobs, unemployment stays at 7.8 percent

The employment picture continues to improve, but Congress' budget battles remain a source of concern

Wall Street : Analysis
The New York Stock Exchange, founded in 1817, was purchased by a little-known derivatives exchange for $8.2 billion.

The sale of the NYSE and the death of stocks

An upstart derivatives exchange buys the venerable New York Stock Exchange, confirming, analysts say, that derivatives are hot, and stocks are not

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