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Working in America : First Reactions
Before applying for a job at Dalkey Archive Press, please be sure to clear your schedule. Of everything.

Is this the most ridiculous job posting ever?

If you like the internet, weekends, or holidays, this position may not be for you

The U.S. Recovery : Analysis
The economy needs a hero. Ben Bernanke to the rescue?

The Fed's historic bid to lower the jobless rate

The central bank just made a massive commitment to rejuvenating the labor market. Congress, on the other hand, is essentially MIA

Wall Street : Analysis
The U.S. government invested an almost-unfathomable $182 billion in AIG.

Was the AIG bailout a success?

The government made a tidy profit of $22.7 billion. But a celebration may be a tall order

The U.S. Recovery : First Reactions
Good news for Obama: The unemployment rate has fallen to 7.7 percent — the lowest it's been in four years.

The surprisingly solid jobs report — and how it strengthens Obama's hand in the fiscal cliff talks

A rise in the jobless rate might have hurt the president's argument that America ought to raise taxes on the wealthy

Wall Street : First Reactions
After Citi slashed 11,000 jobs, its stock price spiked 7 percent.

Citigroup sheds 11,000 jobs: What's next for the mega-bank?

The purge could be the first step in a more dramatic overhaul

The Tax Battle : Analysis
Jeffrey Immelt's General Electric keeps only $30.7 billion of its $85.5 billion in cash reserves in the U.S.

How the high corporate tax rate pushes U.S. companies to stash their cash overseas

General Electric, Whirlpool, and other mega-companies are sitting on gigantic piles of money. And they're storing those piles in other countries

The U.S. Recovery : By the numbers
At the peak of the baby boom in 1957, there were 122.7 births per 1,000 women. In 2011, that number was 63.2 per 1,000.

The Great Recession's baby bust: By the numbers

A steep decline in births between 2007 and 2011, especially among immigrants, has left us at record-low fertility levels. Uh-oh

Bankrupt USA : Analysis
Protesters, many of whom are Wendy's employees, demonstrate outside a New York City location on Nov. 29.

Should fast-food workers be able to unionize?

Workers in New York City walk off the job at some of the country's biggest chains, demanding a living wage

The U.S. Recovery : Analysis
A shopper pays for her purchases during a Black Friday sale at a Target in Braintree, Mass.

What Black Friday says about the economic recovery

Over the holiday weekend, millions of Americans flocked to stores and snapped up bargains online. Does that prove the recovery is finally gathering steam?

Working in America : From our friends at Mental Floss
Former MLB pitcher Mike Bacsik was suspended and later fired from his job as a sports radio host for drunk tweeting a string of inappropriate remarks.

6 ways to tweet yourself out of a job

Hate your job? Want to leave without giving two weeks notice? Thanks to Twitter, it's never been easier to get fired, says Rob Lammie at Mental Floss

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Wall Street and the 1 percent were banking on a Romney win. When he lost, the market dropped 300 points the next day.

Wall Street's bad election bet

The Masters of the Universe overwhelmingly backed Mitt Romney. And after his landslide loss, they're stung by their startling lack of influence

Working in America : Opinion Brief
Facebook's new job board aggregates employment opportunities through sites like

Facebook's new jobs board: Is LinkedIn toast?

The billion-user social network is very eager to get Americans back to work

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
Whoever wins Tuesday will have little time to settle into the White House before he's confronted with "a host of terribly difficult economic issues," says Michael Sivy at TIME.

Will the economy rebound no matter who wins the presidency?

The central question of the campaign has been which candidate would return the nation to prosperity. But is our immediate economic future out of their hands?

The U.S. Recovery : The List
Job applicants wait to meet potential employers at a New York City job fair on Sept. 28: In October, the U.S. economy added a better-than-expected 171,000 jobs.

October's solid jobs report — and what it means for the presidential race

The economy added a better-than-expected 171,000 jobs last month, but the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9 percent. Is that good news for Obama, or not?

Wall Street : Instant Guide
A customer uses a Bank of America ATM in North Carolina: Bank of America allegedly had a hand in pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the brink of bankruptcy. 

'The hustle': A guide to Bank of America's alleged mortgage fraud

The feds accuse the bank of dumping toxic loans on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, an alleged scheme reportedly at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis

Working in America : Analysis
According to a recent study, the popular kids who ruled high school earn more money later in life than their less-cool counterparts.

Why popular kids make more money as adults

A new study shows that being cool at school goes hand in hand with succeeding in corporate America

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