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Bankrupt USA : Forecast
Gold bricks: Many economists argue that a gold standard would severely curtail the emergency powers of the Federal Reserve.

What would happen if the U.S. went back to the gold standard?

The GOP promises to establish a "gold commission" to examine whether the dollar should be linked to gold — even though the idea has long been discredited

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
An Arizona home in foreclosure in 2010: The housing crisis eroded the net worth of many middle-class families, according to a new Pew report.

Is the middle class to blame for its own economic woes?

The middle class is shrinking and getting poorer, and Americans' decade-long borrowing spree may be as big of a factor as the actions of government and big business

Working in America : Instant Guide
Lena Dunham in HBO's Girls, the supposed voice of millennials: This younger, tech-savvy generation is making new demands on workplaces such as flexible work hours and "me time" on the job.

How millennials are transforming the workplace

Americans born in the 1980s and '90s have been described as pampered and entitled — and they're starting to get their way at some major corporations

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke: The latest round of Fed speak, with hope-spurring phrases like "fairly soon" and "likely," is convincing some analysts that another stimulus is on the way.

Is the Fed on the verge of another round of stimulus?

The central bank says it may take steps to boost the economy "fairly soon," leading antsy investors to conclude that reinforcements are on the way

Unemployed in America : The List
A job seeker holds a flier before meeting with a recruiter during a San Francisco job fair on July 10: The economy added 163,000 jobs in July.

The surprisingly strong July jobs report: 5 takeaways

The U.S. economy added 163,000 jobs last month — far more than expected, but not enough to keep the unemployment rate from rising to 8.3 percent

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
The housing market is on the rebound, with home prices rising and sales increasing across the country.

Can a back-from-the-dead housing market lead the economic recovery?

Economists say the housing market is finally beginning to recover, which could be a huge boon for the economy at large

Wall Street : Fact Sheet
Alec Baldwin stars in a Capital One commercial: The credit card company is the first punished by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on charges of misleading customers.

The feds nail Capital One for preying on consumers: A guide

A watchdog group championed by Obama gets the credit card company to agree to a $210 million settlement, signaling that predatory lending won't be tolerated

Wall Street : The List
On the same day that JPMorgan Chase announced that its loss from a single trade had risen to nearly $6 billion, the bank's stock price rose 6 percent.

Why JPMorgan Chase's stock is rising: 3 theories

A huge loss from a bad bet keeps growing larger, but investors appear undisturbed by the mega-bank's problems

Working in America : Analysis
Juice cleanse company Red Carpet Cleanses' liquid offerings: Companies from Citigroup to Shape magazine are reportedly bonding over team juice fasts.

The latest corporate bonding trend: Group juice cleanses?

Why indulge in happy hours or corporate retreats when you can all get together and starve yourselves with foul-tasting beverages?

Wall Street : Controversy
A customer leaves a Wells Fargo Bank branch office July 12: The bank is accused of charging higher fees and interest rates for some 30,000 minority borrowers across 36 states.

Wells Fargo's disgraceful discrimination scandal: A guide

The bank ponies up $175 million to settle accusations that it charged blacks and Latinos higher interest rates and fees on their mortgages

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
A New York Times writer proposes a co-ed draft that would put all young adults to work for 18 months, a plan that could easily be labeled "communist" by conservative critics.

America's jobs crisis: Is reviving the draft the answer?

A New York Times writer sparks controversy by proposing an 18-month national service requirement that would put every young American to work

The U.S. Recovery : Burning Question
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: Despite the Fed's purchase of some $2 trillion in Treasuries, the economy remains sluggish.

Should the Fed try again to rescue the economy?

Officials at the central bank are sounding the alarm on the economy, suggesting that the Fed is preparing to take another shot at jumpstarting growth

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
President Obama called on Congress to pass a temporary, one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year.

Do the Bush tax cuts help the economy or not?

The 10-year-old tax cuts are sparking yet another political standoff, with Republicans countering Obama, saying that letting any tax cuts expire would cost jobs

Unemployed in America : The List
Applicants wait to enter a June job fair in New York City: The U.S. economy added just 80,000 jobs in June, falling short of six-figure expectations.

The disappointing June jobs report: 4 takeaways

Employers created more jobs than they did in May, but not enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
JPMorgan Chase's botched trading loss is now estimated at $9 billion, which may call CEO Jamie Dimon's future into question.

JPMorgan's $9 billion loss: Proof the mega-bank threatens the economy?

The financial giant's loss from a single trade is swelling to gargantuan proportions, casting doubt on CEO Jamie Dimon's claims that his company is safe and sound

Wall Street : The List
The Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York: Moody's downgraded the bank's credit rating by two notches Thursday. The bank was braced for an even more severe three-notch reduction.

The sweeping credit downgrades for mega-banks: 4 takeaways

Moody's downgrades 15 of the world's largest banks, putting increased pressure on the financial industry as it struggles with severe economic headwinds

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