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The Tax Battle : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The Buffett Rule is a drop in the ocean

America faces a true financial crisis. The president has responded with a hackneyed political gimmick

The Tax Battle : Controversy
Standing with millionaires and their assistants, President Obama makes a statement about the "Buffett Rule" on April 11.

Is the Buffett Rule fair?

The proposal to impose a minimum 30-percent tax rate on the super-rich stalls in the Senate, with some arguing that passing the bill would only make matters worse

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
President Obama's Buffett Rule, which would tax incomes of $1 million or more at a rate of 30 percent, would raise an extra $47 billion over the next decade.

Obama's Buffett Rule: Just a political gimmick?

The president passionately argues that we ought to hike taxes on the very richest Americans — which, if nothing else, is a handy campaign talking point

The U.S. Recovery : Analysis
President Bill Clinton in 1996: The Arkansas Democrat's entitlement reforms turned control of federal welfare money over to states, which may have left many poor Americans struggling through the recent downturn.

Did Bill Clinton's welfare reforms make the Great Recession worse?

The '90s welfare overhaul is hailed by many in both parties as a historic success. But it's coming under new scrutiny as the economy struggles

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Traders signal offers in the pit of the Chicago Board Options Exchange: A different Chicago-based futures exchange was denied the right to take bets on the outcome of the 2012 election.

Should investors be allowed to bet on the 2012 election?

Investors complain after the feds bar them from trading contracts that pay off, or don't, depending on which candidate wins the White House

Working in America : Best Column
Crowd-sourced bonuses might be the wave of the future for small business.

Should your co-workers determine your bonus?

Some companies believe your colleagues will rate you more fairly than your boss would, says Rachel Silverman at The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
New York's financial district: Interest rates remain at an all-time low, and big banks are eagerly trying to profit on their ability to borrow money for free.

Is Wall Street hooked on the Fed's 'monetary morphine'?

Stock markets jump every time the central bank hints that it will continue to support the economy, and some say the Fed is creating a a dangerous dependency

Wall Street : Instant Guide
A NYSE trader: BATS Global Marketing made its mark Friday with a majorly mishandled IPO that has been chocked up to computer problem.

BATS Global Markets: The 'spectacularly botched' IPO

America's third-largest stock exchange saw its own shares plunge on the first day of trading — along with its reputation

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
An Occupy Wall Street protester: The Occupy movement helped spotlight America's class inequality problem.

The American nightmare: What happened to economic mobility in the U.S.?

America prides itself as a land of economic opportunity. But, when Canadians have better odds of improving their lives, some say that notion has become a myth

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
A broken window at an empty storefront in downtown Vallejo, Calif., a city that filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008.

Is California the next Greece?

The Golden State used to be at the vanguard of the U.S. economy. Now, not so much

The U.S. Recovery : Instant Guide
Over the last 10 years, the number of college graduates working in the food-service industry in big American cities has climbed 9 percent.

Is waitressing a 'real job'?

With the economy still limping, many young job-seekers are turning to the food-service industry for work — and encountering age-old stereotypes

Unemployed in America : Analysis
President Obama's confidence in the economy may have been a bit premature. Many new jobs are temporary, and workers are earning less.

3 ways the job market is still in trouble

The latest unemployment report was hailed as evidence that the economy had finally turned the corner. But are the headlines masking the true picture?

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
Women fared better than men in the recession, but will the recovery reverse the trend?

The 'man-cession': Good for women workers?

Far more men were laid off during the recession than women, leading some to proclaim a profound shift in the workforce

Unemployed in America : The List
President Obama visits a truck manufacturing plant Wednesday: The economy added 227,000 jobs in February, the third straight month with a 200,000-plus gain.

February's 'terrific' jobs report: 6 takeaways

The unemployment rate holds steady at 8.3 percent, even as the economy notches its best six-month run since 2006

Working in America : Instant Guide
Last year, 32 percent of small businesses provided employees with paid sick leave, down from 39 percent in 2009.

Should employers be forced to offer paid sick leave?

As companies cut costs, more workers are showing up sick at the office and Obama is threatening to do something about it

Bankrupt USA : In-depth briefing
A man at an Ohio foodbank: Last year, 45 million Americans received food stamps.

Americans' growing dependency on food stamps

One in seven U.S. citizens receives aid to buy food. Are we feeding the hungry, breeding dependency, or both?

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