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Unemployed in America : The List
Job seekers at a San Francisco hiring event: The new unemployment rate, 8.6 percent, is the lowest since March, 2009.

The 'happy holidays' jobs report: 5 takeaways

The feds announce that 120,000 new jobs were added in November, while the unemployment rate dropped sharply to 8.6 percent. A 'Christmas miracle'?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson reportedly gave top hedge fund managers a secret tip about the trouble at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ahead of the 2008 meltdown.

Hank Paulson's 'astonishing' insider tip to Wall Street

Bloomberg reports that as Treasury secretary, Paulson gave a potentially lucrative heads-up to hedge fund managers. Should we be outraged?

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
A customer carries shopping bags on Black Friday: The first day of the holiday shopping season saw record numbers of shoppers and sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday's record sales: A good omen?

The holiday shopping season is off to a booming start. But do stampedes of bargain-hungry Americans really prove the economy is back on track?

Wall Street : By the numbers
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says that newly revealed details about the Fed's bank bailout were kept secret to prevent a stigma against banks that took part.

The Federal Reserve's 'breathtaking' $7.7 trillion bank bailout

A new report on the 2008 financial crisis reveals some shocking numbers that dramatically exceed the $700 billion TARP bailout

Unemployed in America : The List
In October, the private sector added 104,000 jobs, while the government lost 24,000, meaning the U.S. economy, on balance, added 80,000 jobs last month.

The 'glimmer of hope' October jobs report: 5 takeaways

The U.S. economy adds fewer jobs than expected, but there are still auspicious signs

Wall Street : Winners and Losers
Former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine may come out of MF Global's bankruptcy with a $12.1 million severance package, but he can say almost certainly say goodbye to a political comeback.

MF Global's 'spectacular' collapse: Winners and losers

The brokerage firm files for Chapter 11 in one of the biggest bankruptcies in U.S. history. But not everyone is particularly upset

Wall Street : The List
Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine heads the brokerage firm MF Global, which filed for bankruptcy on Monday, and is still scrambling to find $700 million in missing customer money.

MF Global: Where is the bankrupt firm's missing $700 million?

Jon Corzine's brokerage house files for bankruptcy — after the feds discover loads of cash missing from customers' accounts

The Tax Battle : Instant Guide
Liberals, Occupy Wall Streeters, and President Obama have all called for millionaires to pay more in taxes.

Taxing the rich: A guide to the controversy

The wealthiest Americans are flourishing, while the middle class falters. Are the rich paying their fair share?

The U.S. Recovery : Opinion Brief
A couple considers purchasing a car at a Chrysler dealership in Florida: Increased vehicle sales were one factor that helped boost the U.S. economy grow at a 2.5 percent pace in the third quarter.

The economy's 'surprising' growth: 'Is the recovery back on track?'

In a rare bit of good news, the feds announce that the U.S. economy grew at a 2.5 percent rate in the third quarter. Time to talk about green shoots again?

The U.S. Recovery : By the numbers
A zombie flashmob: Zombies have inspired movies, Halloween costumes, and even Occupy Wall Street garb, and in the process, they've given a boost to the near-dead economy.

America's $5 billion zombie industry: By the numbers

As zombies invade nearly all aspects of the arts and commerce, the undead are helping to keep the U.S. economy alive

The U.S. Recovery : Analysis
President Obama unveils his student loan plan at the University of Colorado on Wednesday: Some say the proposed debt relief may further encourage young people to attend schools they can't afford.

Obama's student loan plan: Woefully inadequate?

The president offers debt relief to help struggling graduates cope. But critics say the proposal is so meager that it's meaningless

Bankrupt USA : Burning Question
The congressional super committee charged with slashing America's deficits may try to save billions by retiring the venerable dollar bill in favor of the little-loved dollar coin.

The dollar bill: R.I.P.?

The deficit-cutting super committee may try to scrap the greenback, in the hopes that Americans will finally embrace the little-loved dollar coin  

Bankrupt USA : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The American Dream moves to Denmark

At the GOP's latest debate, Rick Santorum utters some hard truths about our economic decline

Wall Street : By the numbers
Traders on the New York Stock Exchange: Things aren't looking good for Wall Street, which may see 10,000 jobs cut in the securities industry by 2012.

Wall Street's job 'slashing': By the numbers

New York's comptroller expects the titans of finance to jettison 10,000 jobs by the end of next year. How badly would that hurt the economy?

The U.S. Recovery : Best Column
Unemployment line, New York City, 1930s: Even though poverty was high during the Great Depression, the American economy arguably made strides that paved the way for future prosperity.

Why the U.S. was better off in the Great Depression

Despite the mass poverty, the U.S. was quietly making tremendous progress in the 1930s, says David Leonhardt in The New York Times. Not this time  

Unemployed in America : Analysis
A New Jersey job fair: The September jobs report revealed a gain in private sector jobs and a loss in the public, which evens out to better than nothing.

The 'better-than-expected' September jobs report

The feds offer a glimmer of hope by announcing that the long-stalled economy added 103,000 jobs in September

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