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Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The rule that passengers must shut down their electronics during takeoff and landing may appear pointless to many fliers, but some say it's better to be safe than sorry.

Do gadgets really need to be turned off during flights?

With holiday travel season upon us, many fliers are questioning whether they must truly shut down their iPads before takeoff

Air Rage : Instant Guide
A Swissport airplane fuels up: This week, a charter flight company making a fuel stop in Austria asked fliers to fork over $31,000 before it allowed the flight to take off again.

The airline passengers forced to pay $31,000 extra for fuel

Fliers jetting from India to England are asked to cough up hundred of dollars apiece when the plane stops for gas in Austria

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary may outrage toddler-toting passengers with his plan to let travelers drool over XXX films via a special smartphone app peddled by his discount carrier.

Should porn be allowed on airlines?

European discount carrier Ryanair may offer discreet in-flight porn — for an additional fee, of course

Air Rage : Wit
An unassuming silver bullet vibrator apparently inspired some bawdy attention from a TSA agent, who reportedly left a rather suggestive note for the woman who packed the toy in her luggage.

The 'hilarious' TSA note about a woman's vibrator

After packing a sex toy in her luggage, a woman allegedly opens her suitcase to find a note from the TSA reading, "GET YOUR FREAK ON." Cue the jokes

Airplane Safety : The List
People rush to help injured spectators following the deadly crash Friday of a vintage World War II-era fighter jet at the annual Reno, Nev., air race.

The deadly Reno air-race crash: 4 lessons

A souped-up 1940s plane crashes into the grandstands at a Nevada air show, killing the pilot and eight others. What can we learn from this tragedy?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A passenger removes his shoes at the Sacramento international airport: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says travelers might soon be able to keep their kicks on during security screenings.

TSA airport screening: Are we safe enough to keep our shoes on?

The days of walking through security checkpoints in your socks might be ending. Too soon or long overdue?

Airplane Safety : Burning Question
Have pilots become dangerously inexperienced at "manual flying"?

Is autopilot making airline pilots too 'dumb' to fly?

Pilots' "automation addiction" has apparently increased the risks of flying, reports the AP — but the problem is flummoxing authorities

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The TSA's controversial airport scanners are getting an upgrade that will render passengers' bodies as cartoon images to better preserve privacy.

The end of 'naked scanners'?

Thanks to new less intrusive software, TSA security agents will no longer see revealing images of travelers. Will that silence the "invasion of privacy" outcry?

Air Rage : Fact Sheet
American Airline's new policy lets passengers who checked in earliest board first, regardless of where they're sitting.

The fastest way to board an airplane

American Airlines' new "random" boarding strategy: Is it passenger-friendly or "complete chaos"?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Showdown with the TSA: A 61-year-old Colorado woman has been charged with felony sexual assault for allegedly squeezing and twisting a TSA agent's breast.

The woman who allegedly 'molested' a TSA agent

After a traveler is charged with groping an airport security worker's breast, the anti-TSA crowd cheers her as a hero — but is she just part of the problem?

Airplane Safety : The Bullpen
Tish Durkin

Tish Durkin: Quit picking on the TSA

Security pat-downs of our unthreatening daughters and grandmothers may seem excessive — but it sure beats another terrorist attack

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
TSA workers in Texas can now be charged with a misdemeanor - punishable with up to a year in jail - for invasive pat-downs.

Will Texas' 'anti-groping' bill stymie the TSA?

The Lone Star State wants to make it a crime for federal workers to inappropriately touch travelers in security pat-downs

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
One airline is booting babies from first class, and some say it's about time.

Should kids be banned from flying first-class?

Malaysia Airlines boots babies to the back of the plane to appease premium passengers who complain about crying infants. Should other airlines follow suit?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The Transportation Security Administration is a favorite punching bag of frustrated travelers, but a recent incident involving a dying cancer patient has many TSA haters even more outraged than normal.

TSA pat-down: Was a dying woman forced to remove her adult diaper?

Jean Weber says her 95-year-old mother was subjected to an embarrassing airport security ordeal — though the TSA denies wrongdoing

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
The contents of Sy Haze's luggage are laid out on his hotel bed in a video that shows off his pee-soaked clothes.

A Delta passenger's urine-soaked-baggage nightmare

A British man's days-long quest to find his lost luggage ends with a disappointing discovery: Someone peed all over his clothes  

Air Rage : By the numbers
U.S. airlines raked in billions in baggage fees in 2010, with Delta leading the pack with $952 million.

The 'staggering' $5.7 billion in airline fees: By the numbers

U.S. airlines raked in 24 percent more in luggage fees last year than in 2009. Which carrier stuck Americans with the biggest bill?

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