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Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
TSA agents are once again the focus of a privacy debate, this time for a thorough search of an 8-month-old at the Kansas City International Airport.

The TSA 'poop bomb' scandal

A photo of an 8-month-old getting a thorough patdown goes viral, and enrages America's frustrated air travelers

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Former Miss USA Susie Castillo gets emotional as she recounts her experience receiving a full pat-down by a TSA agent at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport this week.

A former Miss USA: 'Molested' by the TSA?

In a tearful video, former pageant winner Susie Castillo says a female TSA agent repeatedly touched her inappropriately during a security patdown

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The Ronald Reagan National Airport control tower in Washington, DC, where an air traffic controller fell asleep in March, one of seven similar recent episodes.

Can the FAA keep air traffic controllers from napping?

After a series of air traffic controllers are caught sleeping on the job, the feds jolt them awake with new regulations

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A TSA worker frisks a 6-year-old at New Orleans' international airport earlier this month.

The 6-year-old girl who got a TSA patdown

A new viral video clip rekindles outrage over airport security procedures

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A smaller plane passes under a jumbo jet on a JFK runway, a "fender bender" that left the little plane spun around.

The 'damned scary' Airbus collision video

A super-jumbo jet clips a tiny commuter plane on the tarmac at JFK airport in New York — injuring none, but rattling many

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Southwest is suffering the worst kind of PR for a discount airline: Grounded, damaged planes. One jet was forced into an emergency landing and three others had surface cracks.

Will passengers still fly Southwest?

The discount airline is checking dozens of planes for cracks like the one that ripped open a jet's roof in midair recently. Can it win back nervous passengers?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Some airport body scanners have reportedly showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected, forcing the TSA to retest many of the controversial machines.

Full-body scanners: The 'totally unacceptable' new radiation scare

The TSA insists full-body scanners are safe, even after surprisingly high radiation reports trigger a round of retesting

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The Federal Aviation Administration believes that emergency oxygen generators in airplane bathrooms could be used as weapons by terrorists.

Oxygen masks in airplane bathrooms: Terrorism risk?

Oxygen generators are banned in airplane bathrooms so terrorists can't turn them into weapons. But what if passengers need that oxygen in an emergency?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Is an overhead bin an appropriate venue in which to play peek-a-boo with a 17-month-old child?

Locking a toddler in the overhead bin: Worst joke ever?

A Virgin Blue flight attendant gets canned after he locks a 17-month-old child in the overhead compartment for 10 seconds

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Cyndi Lauper's contagious glee was able to win over a notoriously frustrated group: Stranded airline travelers.

The antidote to air rage: Cyndi Lauper?

Trapped in an Argentine airport with a bunch of angry air travelers, Lauper sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and everyone mellows out. Should the TSA take note?

Airplane Safety : Controversy
Just as the fury over pat-downs subsides, the TSA has come under fire again for stealing from passengers.

Beyond naked scanners: The TSA's 4 biggest scandals

It hasn't just been invasive pat-downs that got the Transportation Security Agency in hot water with the public. A look back at other controversial mess-ups

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Where does all that lost airport luggage go? To a 40,000-square-foot superstore in Scottsboro, Ala., of course.

Alabama's lost-luggage superstore

Ever wonder what happens to the contents of unclaimed luggage? Drop by this unique discount store in Scottsboro, Ala.

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Jesse Ventura -- who wrestled Hulk Hogan in the 1980s and the Minnesota state government in the late 1990s -- is taking on the TSA.

The pat-down smackdown: Jesse Ventura vs. the TSA

The former Minnesota governor is taking the TSA to court for allegedly "touching, gripping, and rubbing" his genitals. Will the TSA regret manhandling "The Body"?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Sixteen airports across the country have already hired private firms to conduct their security procedures.

Should airports ditch the TSA?

More and more major airports are thinking of replacing TSA screeners with private security contractors. Would that make fliers safer or happier?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A loaded handgun (not pictured) was tucked away in a carry-on laptop bag and cleared the George Bush Intercontinental Airport security check.

The loaded pistol that made it past the TSA

An Iranian-American businessman in Houston boarded a plane with a loaded gun — and nobody noticed

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Would racial and religious profiling be more effective than the TSA's controversial screening techniques?

Airport screening: Would profiling work?

Amid an outcry over pat-downs and scanners, some commentators say TSA authorities should leave most flyers alone and focus on Muslims. Realistic — or racist?

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