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Airplane Safety : Instant Guide
A passenger gets a pat-down after going through the full-body scan at O'Hare airport in Chicago. The TSA is reportedly making small changes to the new rules.

Fixing airport security: 4 proposals

With air travelers furious over the TSA's "enhanced" security procedures, new ideas are being floated — from arming passengers to adopting the Israeli system

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
As Americans grapple with gropings, TSA heads say they are listening to travelers' concerns over new security measures.

Will the TSA be forced to give up pat-downs?

Will the new Republican-led Congress step in to end the controversial airport procedures — or are politicians too afraid they'll be held accountable if new terrorist incidents occur?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The supposedly privacy-ensuring undergarments feature fig-leaf motifs.

TSA-proof underwear?

An entrepreneur is hawking special undergarments designed to protect your "junk" from the TSA's controversial full-body scanners

Airplane Safety : Fact Sheet
A man opts for the full-body scanner in the St. Paul, Minn. airport. The TSA has said that only a "small percentage" of passengers will end up receiving a pat-down.

Pat-down fury: The 5 biggest TSA horror stories

As Americans prepare to travel for Thanksgiving, more tales of nightmarish airport security searches surface

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Some passengers who submit to the full-body scanners may be subject to a pat-down as well if the machine detects something suspicious.

Why body-scanner fury is unhinging America: 5 theories

The TSA is taking heat for intimate pat-downs and scanning machines that can see through your clothes. Why is the firestorm erupting now?

Airplane Safety : Best Column
This busy holiday travel season, the Los Angeles Times implores Americans to expedite security lines and choose the body scanners.

TSA uproar: Stop whining and get scanned

Holiday travel will be "unbearable" if "excessively body-conscious" air travelers opt out of the scanners, says the Los Angeles Times

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Scan, Pat, or possible fine: Privacy advocates vs. the TSA

The 'don't touch my junk' guy: Should the TSA leave John Tyner alone?

The federal agency is threatening to levy an $11,000 fine against the man who rejected its body-scanner and pat-down techniques. Who will that hurt more, Tyner or the TSA?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
"I would gladly pay extra for a child-free flight," says one frequent flier.

Are child-free flights the next travel trend?

Flying next to kids is not all right, some travelers are telling airlines, after a string of high-profile, midair tantrums

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Which is worse: A full-body scan "peep show" or a pat-down "groping"?

'National Opt-Out Day': Will a protest against body scanners work?

A privacy activist wants to send the government a message by convincing flyers to resist the "naked" security scanners at airports this Thanksgiving. Bad idea?

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A Qantas A380 makes a safe emergency landing in Singapore after suffering engine failure just after take off.

Is the world's largest passenger jet a death trap?

An Airbus A380 superjumbo jet suffered a massive engine failure over Indonesia this week, raising new concerns about the plane's safety

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
In "cuddle class" three economy-size seats can transform into sofas or beds for long international flights.

Airline innovation: What is 'cuddle class?'

The skies are about to get a lot friendlier for some passengers on Air New Zealand

Air Rage : Instant Guide
In-flight dining less than appetizing? Blame the noise, not the food.

Why airline food tastes so bad

A new study found a surprising connection between the blandness of in-flight meals and... flyers' ears

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Flight attendants catch their passengers' attention with a choreographed safety presentation.

Airplane safety: The musical?

The Philippines' largest airline, Cebu Pacific, has trained its flight attendants to dance to Lady Gaga while demonstrating safety procedures. Harmless fun or a cheap sexist stunt?

Air Rage : The List
Some people have been so angry with their airline that they've taken legal action.

Extreme air rage: 6 passengers who have sued airlines

Some intensely irate fliers — like the Bellevue, WA, woman who claims American Airlines traumatized her — are taking their gripes to court

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
The new TSA body searches take a "front-of-the-hand, slide down" approach.

TSA 'enhanced patdowns': Too invasive?

Next time you fly, you might have to choose between a revealing body scan or a frisky body search by a TSA officer. Is there an Option C?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
The Express Seat option allows those who are willing to pay to board early, sit up front, and get off the plane first.

American Airlines' 'Express Seat' outrage

In the escalating effort to squeeze more income out of each flight, American is charging up to $35 extra for front-row coach seats. Will anyone pay?

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