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Steven Slater Saga : Wit
The proposed reality show would feature Slater helping "disgruntled workers" quit their jobs.

Steven Slater, reality star?

America's favorite disgruntled former flight attendant could soon star in his own TV show. Predictably, the internet is amused

Steven Slater Saga : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on JetBlue's Steven Slater?

Take our reader poll: JetBlue employee Steven Slater left a grounded plane in a rage via the emergency evacuation slide. Pro or con?

Steven Slater Saga : Opinion Brief
One passenger says Slater is the one who started a fight with a passenger.

Does Steven Slater deserve to be a folk hero?

Several JetBlue passengers say the chute-jumping flight attendant started the fight that led to his lionized meltdown. Does that change anything?

Steven Slater Saga : The List
As it turns out, not all flight attendants are content to wait on your every need.

Beyond Steven Slater: 6 acts of flight-attendant revenge

Flight attendants have their own way of dealing with unruly passengers — without freaking out like JetBlue's Steven Slater

Steven Slater Saga : Best Column
While some label Slater a hero, others say his behavior was inappropriate.

JetBlue's Steven Slater belongs in jail

The JetBlue flight attendant's antics were grossly irresponsible, says Dr. Keith Ablow at Fox News — and now he should suffer the consequences

Steven Slater Saga : Opinion Brief
The JetBlue flight attendant was arrested after deploying the plane's emergency slide in a non-emergency situation.

Why America loves JetBlue's Steven Slater

The flight assistant's dramatic onboard freak-out has captured the country's attention and earned him — for better or worse — cult hero status

Steven Slater Saga : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets about 'Steven Slater'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
A Transportation Security Administration employee looks at an image from a full-body scanner.

The government's 'naked scanners' scandal

A government agency has been secretly collecting naked images from "X-ray" airport scanners. Big Brother, or a big blunder?

Airplane Safety : Instant Guide
Will 'flying pasties' take off?

The mysterious 'flying pasties'

A new company claims its pasties — body stickers typically worn by strippers to cover nipples and genitals — help travelers preserve some modesty in the era of full-body scanners

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Will Ryanair's standing-only seats take off?

Ryanair's 'standing room' flights

Regulations, be damned! The budget airline says it's introducing 'vertical seats' for standing passengers. Just a cheap publicity stunt?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Spirit Air wants to charge $45 for carry-on luggage. Should that be allowed?

Should carry-on baggage fees be banned?

Amid outrage at Spirit Airlines' decision to charge $45 per carry-on, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants the fee outlawed

Air Rage : Outrage Update
Would you pay $45 to bring this bag on board?

Outrage update: Spirit Airlines charges $45 for carry-on bags

As air travelers bemoan the budget airline's decision to charge fliers for carry-ons, commentators offer tongue-in-cheek travel tips

Airplane Safety : In-depth briefing
A full body scanner at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Invasion of the body scanners

Are the security devices being installed at U.S. airports worth the cost?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Should babies fly the friendly skies?

Should babies be banned from airplanes?

A CNN story on flying etiquette has sparked an online battle over a parent's right to travel with a screaming infant

Airplane Safety : Opinion Brief
Should a child direct the friendly skies?

The 'Air traffic controller child' outrage

Debate is raging over the dad who let his kids direct plane traffic at JFK. Should he be fired or forgiven?

Air Rage : Wit
Would you pay $8 for an airplane blanket?

Outrage update: The $8 airline blanket

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