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After the 2001 season, the Boston Red Sox signed Johnny Damon (pictured here as an Indian), and had to give the A's draft picks as a result.

Why MLB's new free agency rules fail to bring parity to the league

It's as hard as ever for small-market teams to compete with the big-spending Bronx Bombers

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The Heisman Trophy: Awarded annually to college football's best player.

Why Johnny Football shouldn't win the Heisman

It ought to take more than one captivating upset victory from a redshirt freshman to earn college football's top individual award

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Jared Stevens is hoisted up after winning, in a matter of speaking, his first high school wrestling match.

WATCH: The young wrestler who let a boy with cerebral palsy win

Jared Stevens wanted to participate in a match, and his kind-hearted opponent helps him to victory

Sports : Analysis
Union dynamo Marvin Miller talks with New York Mets players on March 11, 1972.

Why we should applaud baseball's all-powerful players union

Without it, players might have little say in where they play or how much they get paid

The NFL : Analysis
Adderall and Viagra: "Some guys, they'll do whatever they can to get an edge," says the NFL's Brandon Marshall.

Football's newest performance enhancing drugs: Adderall... and Viagra?

Chicago Bears star receiver Brandon Marshall tickled the sports world by claiming some players use Viagra to "get an edge." Would that really work?

The NFL : Analysis
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith: Confident no more.

A case study in how to shatter your QB's fragile psychology

Alex Smith was on a roll. Then he got a concussion, missed a game, lost his job, and got semi-humiliated by his coach

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Evan Longoria wants to play his whole career in Tampa. The Miami Marlins have no idea what that's like.

How the Miami Marlins do everything wrong, and the Tampa Bay Rays do everything right

The Rays are perennial contenders. The Marlins are chronically dysfunctional

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Pittsburgh Penguins players support the National Hockey League Players' Association with jerseys emblazoned with the union logo.

Dissecting the massive costs of the NHL lockout

The players have lost some $400 million in income. The league is losing some $20 million per day. And no end to the labor dispute is in sight

The NFL : Instant Guide
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are widely expected to steamroll the middling New York Jets in the third of three Thanksgiving Classic football games on Thursday.

The NFL's Thanksgiving Classic: A guide to the 90-year-old football tradition

Millions of turkey-stuffed Americans are sure to gorge on Thursday's slate of three football games. How did the NFL's Turkey Day tradition begin?

Sports : Best Video
On Tuesday night, Jack Taylor shot... and shot... and shot — 108 times, to be exact.

WATCH: Video of the college basketball player who scored a mind-boggling 138 points in a single game

Eat your heart out, Kobe. Grinnell College's Jack Taylor jacked up 108 shots on Tuesday night

Sports : Essay
America's first pro football player, William "Pudge" Heffelfinger, is pictured in his Yale University portrait.

The roots of football

In the factory towns where pro football began, says Rich Cohen, violence was always part of the game

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Tony Beltran of Real Salt Lake heads the ball during a game against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Oct. 27 in Utah: A new study suggests that NFL players aren't the only athletes whose sport can alter the brain.

Do soccer players experience brain damage, too?

A new study finds that much like their counterparts in the NFL, soccer players who routinely head soccer balls could be harming their brains

Extreme Sports : Best Video
Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler prepares to do a trick and set off his section of Red Bull's bizarre "Kluge".

The Athlete Machine: Watch video of Red Bull's bizarre Rube Goldberg stunt

Still basking in the glow of Felix Baumgartner's death-defying freefall, the energy drink company unites several extreme athletes for an overly elaborate stunt

Sports : The List
Phil Jackson has already had two coaching stints with the Lakers. Could he return for a third?

Mike Brown's firing: Who should the Lakers hire as their next head coach?

Phil Jackson, Mike D'Antoni, and Brian Shaw are all seen as possible replacements for the newly unemployed Mike Brown

Sports : Fact Sheet
Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia celebrates as she wins the Women's Division of the 42nd ING New York City Marathon in 2011: Critics say the Sandy-ravaged city ought to cancel this year's race.

3 reasons the New York City Marathon should be canceled

Mayor Bloomberg says the race must go on. But critics argue that it's ridiculous to worry about a sporting event while Hurricane Sandy's victims still need help

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Brandon Bivins, the coach and president of the Fort Lauderdale Hurricane football team — and alleged leader of the massive pee wee football gambling ring.

Busted: Florida's massive pee-wee football gambling ring

Nine men are arrested for allegedly exploiting young players for their own financial gain

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