Sports : Analysis
Former Orlando Magic all-star center Dwight Howard will join the L.A. Lakers, which now has one of the NBA's most impressive starting line-ups.

Is the Dwight Howard trade bad for the NBA?

Superman's move to Hollywood gives the Lakers a veritable "super team," and critics say the league's competitive balance is becoming even more lopsided

London Olympics : By the numbers
Star swimmer Michael Phelps: Despite all the complaints, NBC's coverage of the London Olympics garnered the highest American TV viewership in history.

NBC's historic Olympic coverage: By the numbers

Forget all the griping on Twitter — Americans tuned into the traditional network to watch, and watch, and watch this summer's London Games

London Olympics : Instant Guide
Rio de Janeiro's Mayor Eduardo Paes (left), accompanied by the head of Brazil's Olympic committee, delivers the official Olympic flag to the South American city on Aug. 13.

The summer games' next stop: Will Rio be ready for the 2016 Olympics?

Brazil's host city must overcome a seemingly insurmountable list of problems, delays, and distractions if it hopes to equal London's success

The NFL : Opinion Brief
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow warms up before a preseason NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals Aug. 1.

Should Tim Tebow start for the Jets?

The Jets' No. 2 quarterback outperformed his team's starter Mark Sanchez in the preseason opener, making some wonder whether Tebow is better for the offense

London Olympics : By the numbers
After Usain Bolt won the men's 200m final on day 13 of the London Games, 80,000 tweets per minute were made — setting the record for most tweets per minute during Olympic competition.

The first Twitter Olympics: By the numbers

The London Games were the first to take place since Twitter exploded, and boy, do tweeters love Usain Bolt and The Spice Girls

London Olympics : The List
While the Spice Girls' reunion was arguably the highlight of the London Olympics closing ceremony, the various Spices barely interacted before racing off atop individual taxis. 

London's bizarre Olympics closing ceremonies: 5 talking points

The Spice Girls, Jessie J, and Queen all helped close the curtain on the 2012 Games, taking viewers through a frenzied recap of British pop-music history

The NFL : The List
After 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning played for the first time Aug. 9 as a Denver Bronco in a preseason game.

Peyton Manning's underwhelming Broncos debut: 4 talking points

No. 18 stepped onto the field for the first time wearing Bronco orange, completing four of seven passes for 44 yards. But does he still have the chops to be NFL elite?

London Olympics : Best Video
NBC: The official network of objectifying female Olympians.

NBC's 'porny' Olympian body-appreciation video

The official network of the London Games releases (and quietly pulls) a questionable highlight reel of bouncy female athletes with a creepy soft-rock soundtrack

Sports : Last Word
A perfect game in bowling is a 300-point game, but a "perfect series" is a three-game set that results in a score of 900. It has only been achieved 21 times, according to the United States Bowling Congress.

Almost perfect: One man's quest for a perfect bowling score

In a Texas bowling alley, says Michael J. Mooney, Bill Fong came so close to perfection that it nearly killed him

London Olympics : Winners and Losers
As certain critics see it, a 200-pound 12-year-old is shamed into losing weight in Nike's most controversial Olympic ad.

2012 Olympics ads: Winners and losers

The capitalist competition to capture the brand loyalty of consumers watching the Olympics has produced its own share of triumphs and defeats

London Olympics : Slideshow
What winning looks like: A slideshow of Olympic celebration

What winning looks like: A slideshow of Olympic celebrations

Exultant, giddy, or overcome with emotion, victorious athletes are beautiful to watch

London Olympics : Fact Sheet
Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates after winning another gold, this time in the men's 200-meter final Aug. 9.

Usain Bolt's prodigious speed: By the numbers

The fastest man alive wins gold in both the 100m and 200m, becoming the first runner to sweep both events in consecutive Olympics. Here's how it breaks down

London Olympics : Instant Guide
Not everybody's doing it: Russian beach volleyball players diligently practice on the grass between the Olympic Village athlete apartments.

The Olympic Village: One giant sex den?

A whole lot of lovin' goes down when you cram 10,000 of the world's fittest athletes together for three weeks straight — especially once they're done competing

London Olympics : The List
China's Xiang Liu limps down the track to the finish line after crashing into his first obstacle and losing his chance at the gold.

The 7 most heartbreaking Olympic moments

The Olympics can be an emotional roller coaster. Just ask equestrian Tiffany Foster, who recovered from a broken back to make it to London — only to be disqualified

London Olympics : Photos
12 eye-popping Olympic bodies: A slideshow

12 eye-popping Olympic bodies: A slideshow

Among the many reasons to watch the London Games: A chance to unapologetically ogle some of the world's best physiques

London Olympics : Burning Question
Hurdles runner Lolo Jones: No Kournikova.

Olympian Lolo Jones' tearful Today interview: Has the media been unfair?

The track star failed to medal in her signature event following a brutal (and arguably unwarranted) takedown in the weekend's Times. Now she's speaking out

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