London Olympics : Slideshow
12 ridiculously costumed Olympic fans: A slideshow

12 ridiculously costumed Olympic fans: A slideshow

Forget the face paint. These spectators take national pride to new heights with gaudy, sometimes inexplicable, full-body attire

London Olympics : Instant Guide
American Nicholas Delpopolo (right) competes July 30: The banned judo athlete claims he unintentionally ate food with cannabis in it.

Is pot an Olympic performance-enhancing drug?

In a controversial move, the World Anti-Doping Agency expelled an American Olympian after finding traces of marijuana in his system

London Olympics : Best Video
Clad in pink and neither starred nor striped, American gymnast Gabby Douglas prepares to compete on the balance beam during her gold-winning all-around performance Aug. 2.

Are America's Olympic uniforms insufficiently patriotic?

Fox News criticizes Team USA for not wearing enough red, white, and blue, but some say the network is looking for controversy in all the wrong places

London Olympics : Opinion Brief
Serena Williams cheers after winning the women's singles gold-medal match Aug. 4: A spur-of-the-moment celebration dance has the American tennis star mired in controversy.

Does Serena Williams deserve to be criticized for 'Crip Walking'?

Williams celebrates her first Olympic gold medal with a once-controversial gang dance, eliciting a backlash from certain (arguably racist) quarters of the media

London Olympics : Photos
The London Olympics: 10 epic falls

The London Olympics: 10 epic falls

Whether it's a minor stumble or a major face-plant, falling during the Olympic games usually means only one thing — goodbye gold.

London Olympics : Analysis
Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates his gold in the Men's 100m, Aug. 5: Thanks to NBC's policy of tape-delaying key events, Americans weren't able to watch the world's fastest man uphold his title live.

How the BBC crushed NBC and brought Olympics coverage into the future

The British broadcaster is using technology to cover every second of every event, a gold-medal effort that has left NBC struggling to get on the podium

Extreme Sports : Instant Guide
Lawrence Bishop snapped this picture before embarking on an unexpectedly treacherous hike that would trap him on a sheer rock face for more than two full days.

The hiker rescued after being stuck for two days at 10,000 feet

In a compelling video, Lawrence Bishop tells the tale of being trapped on a narrow mountain edge for 52 hours — and reads the goodbye note he wrote to his family

London Olympics : Fact Sheet
Gabby Douglas' gold-medal performances at the London Games earned her a coveted spot on the front of a Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal box... in near-record time

Is Gabby Douglas as marketable as Michael Phelps?

With praise from Beyonce and Oprah, and millions in endorsement deals likely headed her way, America's gold-medal gymnast could become a new icon of capitalism

London Olympics : Opinion Brief
LeBron James shoots against Nigeria in the first half of the men's basketball preliminary round Aug. 2: The self-proclaimed King has proven himself a surprisingly selfless leader in the Olympic Games.

Have the Olympics redeemed LeBron James?

The star that NBA fans love to hate is the undisputed leader of Team USA, and his sparkling all-round play has awed even the most determined detractors

London Olympics : Controversy
China's star diver, 26-year-old Wu Minxia, has sacrificed school and a family life to bring home the gold.

China's Olympics training program: Abusive?

The country has become a sports powerhouse, but at a great cost to its athletes, many of whom are whisked from their families at a young age and kept in a brutal bubble

London Olympics : Slideshow

10 unintentionally funny Olympian faces: A slideshow

When prowling photographers are capturing an athlete's every expression, it's not always easy to radiate grace

London Olympics : Instant Guide
Jan Ebeling of the U.S. team rides Rafalca, Ann Romney's horse, during a training session in London for the equestrian dressage competition.

Ann Romney's Olympic horse: A guide

The Romneys have a big stake in the London Olympics: A pricey pet competing in a high-falutin horse dancing event

London Olympics : The List
Members of the U.S. women's team celebrate on July 31: The five teenagers were the first Americans to earn a gymnastics gold in 16 years.

4 reasons the 'Fierce Five' are the greatest U.S. gymnastics team ever

The American women put on a dominant display in London, steamrolling the competition on their way to the podium. But are they the best ever?

London Olympics : Slideshow
10 Olympians who credit God: A slideshow

10 Olympians who reach out to God: A slideshow

Whether they're anxious before an event or victorious afterwards, these athletes take a moment to commune with a higher power

London Olympics : Fact Sheet
Usain Bolt of Jamaica sprints to the finish line to win the men's 4x100 meter relay at the World Championships in September 2011, where his team set a new world record of 37.04 seconds.

Will athletes ever stop breaking world records?

Many records seem to be shattered every couple of years, but scientists say we may soon reach a point when setting a benchmark will be a rarity

London Olympics : Burning Question
Ryan Lochte reacts after failing to medal in the 200-meter freestyle on July 30: The Olympian has won two golds and a silver in London, but has still managed to disappoint many fans.

Is Ryan Lochte overrated?

The new star of U.S. men's swimming came into London with big expectations, but has suffered some serious belly flops since

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