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Twitter Revolution : Burning Question
Twitter will soon let advertisers pay to insert targeted tweets into your stream — and there's no way to opt out.

Twitter's new targeted ads: Will they trigger a backlash?

The social messaging service unveils a plan to make more money from its 140 million monthly users — but don't expect tweeps to laud the new initiative

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
A consistently rejected iPhone app charts the location of American drone strikes — which, in Apple's eyes, classifies as "excessively objectionable or crude content."

Is Apple wrong to ban an app that tracks U.S. drone strikes?

Drones+ is meant to raise awareness about attacks abroad. The App Store's review team keeps rejecting it

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The Nokia Lumia 900, which runs the Windows Phone operating system and its strangely overlapping tile icons, is apparently safe from Apple's army of patent lawyers.

Apple's patent victory: Is Microsoft the real winner?

Google hits a legal setback in the smartphone wars, creating a window of opportunity for the unpopular Windows Phone to finally step into the spotlight

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The larger-than-your-average-smartphone Galaxy Note II may not be for everyone, but its price tag and snazzy new look will certainly draw customers in.

Samsung's Galaxy Note II: Do people really want massive phones?

The Korean manufacturer seems to think bigger is better, as indicated by the impending release of its new tablet-like smartphone with a gigantic 5.5-inch screen

The Apple Universe : Instant Guide
Apple employees help a young customer in Portland, Ore.: To become a "Genius," employees must go through a mandatory 14-day course.

Revealed: 4 secrets from Apple's Genius training manual

How does Apple's in-store support team offer such unparalleled customer service? Regimented training and mind-reading tactics, for starters

Facebook : Instant Guide
Though Instagram was "sold" to Facebook for $1 billion, no money has changed hands yet, and since part of the deal was stock-based, Instagram will now only collect some $700 million.

How Facebook's tanking stock is hurting Instagram

Instagram hit the jackpot when it was bought by the social network for $1 billion — but the startup's value is dwindling as Facebook's stock slides

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Samsung's Galaxy S III (right) and Apple's iPhone 4S: After beating Samsung in court, Apple's lawyers may be eyeing Google's Android operating system next.

Apple's mega-patent win: An Android killer?

Google, which licenses Android software to Samsung for the Korean company's hot-selling smartphones, may have reason to worry after Apple's big court victory

Cybersecurity : Fact Sheet
A hands-free controller sold by Emotiv: The device lets you manipulate a video game through your brain's electrical activity.

How future criminals could hack your brain and steal your PIN

As brain-computer interfaces become more commonplace, researchers warn that the devices could open you up to a whole new threat: Mind-hacking

The Apple Universe : Winners and Losers
A customer tries the Samsung Galaxy Note at a store in Seoul: Apple's patent-lawsuit victory over Samsung may force competitors to create more original products.

Apple's massive patent victory over Samsung: Winners and losers

A jury says Samsung copied the iPhone's design and features — and the verdict is reverberating throughout the tech world

The Apple Universe : Analysis
An unofficial conceptual design for the iPad Mini: Apple will reportedly debut a smaller tablet (with a rumored 7.85-inch display) in October.

Why the iPad Mini is getting its own October launch event: 4 theories

The Apple rumor mill is convinced we'll get a new iPhone in September, and a new, smaller iPad in October. Why not just have one event?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook has finally released an update to its "painfully slow" mobile app, but even the new version is too sluggish for some critics.

Can Facebook become a 'mobile first' company?

The social network released a retooled version of its iPhone and iPad apps on Thursday to show users and investors it's serious about smartphones

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The icon in Microsoft's new logo: Blah or brilliantly in step with the times?

Microsoft's new minimalist logo: Hugely disappointing?

The software giant gives revamps its brand identity for the first time in 25 years. Were a few colored squares and some lackluster type really worth the wait?

Cybersecurity : Controversy
While President Obama's app helps enterprising supporters with tips and tools for canvassing, it is also gathers a lot of users' personal info.

How Obama and Mitt Romney's campaign apps invade your privacy

Want to support your preferred candidate? You should know that downloading their apps also means handing over a hefty amount of personal data

Facebook : Opinion Brief
PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel recently unloaded some 20 million shares of his Facebook stock, worth about $400 million.

Facebook insiders cashing out: A snub to investors?

Peter Thiel, an original Facebook investor and current board member, has sold almost all of his shares — which some see as a vote of no-confidence

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
Apple's soaring share price is shown on a stock ticker on Aug. 21: With a market valuation of $623 billion, Apple eclipsed Microsoft's 13-year-old record to become the world's most valuable company.

Is Apple destined for a Microsoft-esque slide?

The iPhone maker is on fire, burning past Microsoft's 1999 record for the world's most valuable company. But the mighty do have a tendency to fall...

The Apple Universe : Controversy
A court sketch shows Apple attorney Harold McElhinny delivering his opening statement on July 31 during the Samsung-Apple patent trial, which is now coming to a close.

Apple vs. Samsung: What the verdict might mean for you

Nine jurors are about to weigh in on the mega-patent lawsuit, and will likely reshape the future of the smartphone market

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