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Smartphone Wars : The List
Here's my selfie, you guys! #me #duckface #peace1love

5 rules for taking #selfies on Instagram

A long-overdue treatise for snapping self-portraits

Gaming Obsessions : Burning Question
Nintendo's Wii U was projected to sell 5.5 million systems; so far it has only sold 3.06 million.

Is it game over for Nintendo?

The Wii U is a bust (so far). And the legendary gaming company's future is looking increasingly bleak

Twitter Revolution : The Bullpen
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: Why I love Twitter

My colleague Matt Lewis hates Twitter. He's wrong

Facebook : The List
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces the social network's graph search feature on Jan. 15.

4 things we learned from Facebook's confounding earnings report

Facebook is finally earning money from smartphone apps, but the price tag of success has investors running for cover

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of BlackBerry, shows off the new Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Everything you need to know about the big BlackBerry 10 unveiling

Alicia Keys and new phones like the Z10 and Q10 all had their time to shine at Wednesday's showy event

Twitter Revolution : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Why I hate Twitter

The social sharing tool was once a vision. Now it's a prison

Twitter Revolution : Burning Question
Not everything on Vine's editor's picks list is as high-minded as this Salvador Dali exhibit...

Vine: Is Twitter's new porn problem overblown?

The new darling of the social web makes it easy for anyone to find NSFW images

Twitter Revolution : The List
This poor little dolphin was stuck in the notoriously polluted Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn on Jan. 25. This is not parody material, people!

4 tips for creating a successful Twitter parody account

The guy behind @GowanusDolphin learned his lesson the hard way

Microsoft : Best Video
Floppy disks, Lisa Frank, and the Oregon Trail were all big in the 90s, just like Microsoft.

WATCH: Microsoft's cloyingly nostalgic Internet Explorer ad targets '90s kids

Are Oregon Trail and pogs enough to get users to ditch Chrome?

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
Accounts like @YesYoureRacist are known for calling out people who tweet racist content.

Should Twitter be forced to reveal racist users?

A French judge rules that the social network must reveal account details of users posting hate speech

The Apple Universe : Best Video
Will Kutcher's Jobs make sckeptical critics eat their words?

WATCH: The first clip of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs

How does the Punk'd alum fare as the legendary Apple CEO?

The Apple Universe : Analysis
Can CEO Tim Cook lead Apple back to the share-price promised land?

Will Apple stock ever reach $700 again?

The iPhone maker's once high-flying share price has been diving for months, and sank even further Thursday. Are Apple's best days behind it?

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
For now, Vine is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Introducing Vine: Twitter's 6-second video-sharing app

The new app lets you share short clips with your friends — if you can find it

The Apple Universe : The List
Apple staff members cheer before the Oct. 20 opening of the new Apple store in Wangfujing shopping district in Beijing.

5 things we learned from Apple's disappointing earnings report

Apple met or beat analyst forecasts and sold record numbers of iPhones and iPads last quarter. So why is its stock down?

Smartphone Wars : The List
@chrigz documented this tasty-looking meal at J. King Seafood Palace, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

5 easy Instagram tips from a professional food photographer

Presenting a new mealtime manifesto for avid picture-takers

Smartphone Wars : Burning Question
The Keon is low on specs by design, says TechCrunch.

Who's excited for Mozilla's orange Firefox phones?

Introducing two new developer prototypes: The Keon and the Peak

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