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Netflix : The List
Netflix went down on Christmas Eve — and customers FREAKED OUT.

Netflix goes down on Christmas Eve: 9 panicked reactions

The company's streaming service temporarily fails, and thousands of horrified Americans have to actually interact with their families

The Tablet Race : Analysis
Acer is reportedly unveiling a $99 tablet (not pictured) next year.

Acer's $99 tablet: Just what the world needs?

The PC maker reportedly plans to unveil a gadget that will undercut the gadgets that undercut the iPad

Twitter Revolution : The List
On Nov. 6, President Obama tweeted out this photo with the message "Four more years." It was retweeted more than 800,000 times.

The 17 most memorable tweets of 2012

This year we sent a rover to Mars, re-elected President Obama, and endured the storm of the century — and Twitter recorded all of it

Twitter Revolution : First Reactions
Parents pick up their children near Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., after Friday's deadly shooting.

Connecticut massacre suspect: How the media IDed the wrong guy [Updated]

The lesson: Tweet, but verify

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
After Apple's own maps app infamously failed, Google has made its Maps app available again for Apple's iOS6 operating system.

Why does Google build apps for its rival Apple's iPhone?

Why help a key competitor? Two words: Advertising and data

Apple's iPhone : First Reactions
Apple Maps failed. Google Maps to the rescue!

Google Maps returns to the iPhone: 'Free, fast, and fantastic'

It's finally here!

Yahoo : The List
The new Flickr photo app has hipster-friendly filters and works seamlessly with Twitter.

4 reasons to give Flickr's beautiful new photo app a try

In the wake of Instagram and Twitter's messy split comes a new old contender worth checking out

Twitter Revolution : Twitter Take
Let us input: Pope Benedict XVI uses a tablet to compose his first tweet ever.

10 famous first tweets from the Pope, Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, and more

Pope Benedict XVI's first message to his followers? Perfectly coherent if a bit old-school: "Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter"

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Some speculate that an Apple TV might include features like Siri integration and a 3D remote app.

Why Apple really needs to start selling TVs

The Wall Street Journal reports the company is working with Asian manufacturers to test components for its long-rumored television set. About time?

Yahoo : Analysis
Yahoo Mail is now available for your Windows 8 desktop and tablet.

Yahoo's new email: A step in the right direction?

The struggling internet company rolls out its first product upgrade under new CEO Marissa Mayer

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
Now on Twitter: Add a hipster filter to your smartphone photos.

Twitter adds Instagram-style filters: What it means for you

Now you can give your tweeted photos an old-timey look. That might not be a good thing

The Apple Universe : The List
Some Apple Maps users have reportedly been stranded in the scorching heat at Australia's Murray Sunset National Park..

4 nightmare scenarios involving Apple Maps

Australian police call the application "potentially life threatening" after travelers are left stranded in scorching-hot temperatures

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Instagram and Twitter: BFF no more.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Why their beef is bad news for you

Instagram photos will no longer render inside a tweet, spurring howls of protest from many corners of the internet

Smartphone Wars : Timeline
Back in 2000, Americans were sending a now-comically low 35 texts per month.

The text message turns 20: A brief history of SMS

The first message, sent two decades ago, simply read "Merry Christmas"

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The touch-driven Microsoft Surface Pro: Shown here with the $120 Type Cover that transforms it from a classic tablet into a tablet-notebook hybrid.

Is Microsoft's $900 Surface Pro too expensive?

The new tablet runs Windows 8 in its full glory, but it's causing sticker shock. And you need to cough up an extra $120 if you want the innovative Type Cover

Gaming Obsessions : The List
Pac-Man: High art?

The 14 video games New York's MoMA just classified as art

The Museum of Modern Art adds 14 games to its art collection. Sadly, Pong, Mario, and Zelda haven't made the cut — yet

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