The Digital Age

The Apple Universe : The List
With the new iTunes, when you click on an album, a box appears displaying the songs you own and recommending similar songs.

The 3 best reasons to download iTunes 11 now

After months of delays, Apple finally releases the new incarnation of its media app. And there's a lot to like

Smartphone Wars : Burning Question
AT&T may have ranked last in overall cell service, but it did get high marks for 4G.

AT&T: Still the worst carrier?

Short answer: Yes. But the despised network bested the competition in one key area

Twitter Revolution : Slideshow

Celebrities' most controversial tweets [Updated]

Twitter helps the famous communicate with fans, but it can also be dangerous. Chris Brown is just the latest star to offend in 140 characters

Cybersecurity : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Obama's war on hackers: 5 things you need to know

The president reportedly plans to issue an executive order to protect the nation's critical systems from cyber attacks, and Republicans are not happy

The Tablet Race : The List
The Microsoft Surface features a uniquely appealing removable keyboard flap — but at $100, it's an expensive add-on.

What kind of tablet should I buy? A holiday shopping guide

Not sure how to choose between the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or iPad Mini? Don't worry. The Week is here to help

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Nokia's "Here" map app allows users to download portions of maps for offline viewing.

The Apple Maps disaster: Can Nokia's 'Here' app save the day?

The Finnish phonemaker's free mapping software makes its debut in the App Store today

Cybersecurity : Best Column
"The internet doesn't do secrets. Everyone is a few clicks away from knowing everything," says Matt Honan in Wired.

Why it's time to kill the online password

No matter how unique or complex your alphanumeric code is, hackers can always find a way in, warns Mat Honan in a new Wired cover story

The Apple Universe : Analysis
The iPad mini is the latest hot commodity from Apple, and some clever crooks allegedly made off with 3,600 of them from a New York airport.

iHeist: How thieves stole $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis from JFK airport

Two alleged crooks managed to nab a truckload of Apple gear in a plot lifted right from the film Goodfellas

Facebook : The List
Welcome to, which automatically pulls photos, status updates, events, and likes together into a digital relationship scrapbook.

Facebook couples pages: 4 disgusted responses

The social network's cutesy update collects the history of users in a relationship — drawing howls of protest from privacy advocates and individualists

Microsoft : The List
Windows President Steven Sinofsky (left) laughs with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during a 2009 presentation. Sinofsky has abruptly resigned after 23 years at the company.

The shocking departure of Microsoft's CEO-in-waiting: 4 talking points

Steve Sinofsky, who was quietly being groomed to take over the company, is out. And many tech insiders are still trying to pick their jaws up off the floor

Twitter Revolution : The List
On Nov. 6, President Obama tweeted out this photo with the message "Four more years." It was retweeted more than 800,000 times.

Obama's victory tweet — and 9 more of history's most popular tweets

The president took to Twitter with a simple message — "Four more years" — that went on to become the most retweeted ever

Apple's iPhone : Fact Sheet
A customer inspects the new iPhone 5 at an Apple Store in San Francisco on Sept. 21: Rival Android phones now represent 75 percent of the market.

4 signs the iPhone is no longer the smartphone king

Android is gobbling up the market and Apple loyalty isn't what it used to be — at least according to recent analyses

The Apple Universe : Fact Sheet
Apple CEO Tim Cook fired two of the company's major players prompting some to think the Steve Jobs comparisons should end here.

The Apple shake-up: What it says about CEO Tim Cook

Cook purged two top executives at the company, his most emphatic decision yet to move beyond the shadow of Steve Jobs

The Apple Universe : Best Video
Sleek and minimalist, the Venus yacht was a veritable obsession for Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' mysterious iMac-controlled yacht

A year after his death, one of Jobs' secretive final projects, the Venus, comes to fruition

Microsoft : Analysis
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveils the new Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8: An iPhone killer?

Microsoft has long struggled to break into the smartphone market, but now, its new operating system is winning rave reviews

Amazon's Empire : Burning Question
An Amazon employee sorts packages in Arizona: The online retailing giant's deep discounts may be problematic to its bottom line.

How long can Amazon go without making money?

The online retailer posts a loss for the third quarter, but investors are utterly unfazed by the company's consistently poor earnings

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