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Microsoft : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: The amazing triumph of Windows 8

Eat your heart out, Apple: Windows 8 is a vision of computing that is not only thoroughly re-imagined, but in many ways superior to anything else out there

Cybersecurity : The List
The odds are, you are not being clever with your password.

The 25 worst passwords of 2012

Leading the way are "password" and "123456," but "ninja" and "jesus" are gaining ground

Smartphone Wars : The List
Power your iPhone with a T-shirt that turns vibrations from concert music into an electrical charge. No T-shirt? Try your heartbeat.

9 strange ways to power your cellphone [Updated]

From T-shirts to wind power to a special pan, researchers are coming up with some inventive ways to make sure your iPhone never goes dead

Facebook : Analysis
Facebook's nascent mobile advertising strategy allows ads to go right into users news feeds.

Has Facebook finally entered the smartphone era?

The social network is having its best day ever on the stock market, after reporting new revenue from mobile ads

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
The new iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad: The new diminutive tablet may prove too pricey for consumers who don't think the Mini is different enough from the competition to warrant paying more.

Is the iPad Mini too expensive?

Apple's tinier tablet starts at $329 — a full $130 more than Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and Google's Nexus 7

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's Surface tablet boasts a (sold-separately) keyboard flap that turns the slab into a laptop of sorts.

Microsoft's Surface tablet: Finally, a worthy alternative to the iPad?

The venerable tech company goes all in with its new keyboard-equipped, Windows-powered slab

The Apple Universe : Instant Guide
Behold: Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller introduces the iPad Mini on Oct. 23.

Everything you need to know about Apple's iPad Mini event

Tim Cook and Co. pull the curtains off a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a razor-thin iMac, and a little tablet you may have heard about...

Amazon's Empire : Analysis
Jeff Bezos' rocket makes a successful launch on Oct. 19.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' next conquest: Outer space?

The billionaire's secretive aerospace company, Blue Origin, tests a new pusher rocket system

The Apple Universe : First Reactions
The California Theater is decorated for the endlessly hyped Apple iPad Mini event in San Jose, Calif., on Oct. 23.

Apple's iPad Mini event: Live-blogging the reactions

Real-time curation and analysis from The Week's Chris Gayomali

The Apple Universe : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets about Apple's iPad Mini event

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from the world at large

Microsoft : Burning Question
Windows 8 includes the option of appearing as a tile grid, which is based on the interface of Windows Phones.

Is Windows 8 worth the upgrade?

Microsoft's next-generation operating system goes on sale this Friday

The Apple Universe : Forecast
The latest full-size iPad (pictured) boasts a Retina display, but the rumored iPad mini may not be robust enough to support the same screen.

Apple's iPad Mini: 7 rumored features [Updated]

The iPhone 5 is so yesterday's news. Now, tech fanatics are leaking details about a new portable, budget-edition tablet. And it'll be here on Tuesday

Gaming Obsessions : Best Video
The new footage employs live-action scenes and CGI to tease one of the biggest gaming releases of the year: Halo 4.

Watch: David Fincher's live-action Halo 4 trailer

The Xbox's signature title gets a movie-grade makeover for its newest TV spot

Cybersecurity : Burning Question
A pacemaker in an X-rayed chest: The life-saving device may be vulnerable to hackers.

Could hackers use pacemakers to commit mass murder?

One researcher demonstrates how easily the heart-monitoring devices can be accessed by outsiders

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter censored a neo-Nazi account in Germany, but other users all over the globe can still see the banned tweets.

Twitter censors its first account: Ominous precedent or no big deal?

The media company blocks the tweets of a neo-Nazi account at the behest of local German authorities — raising questions about the potential scope of its control

Cybersecurity : Fact Sheet
In a confessional video posted to YouTube in September, Amanda Todd describes the torment her virtual attacker caused her.

Did Anonymous just unmask a man who allegedly drove a teen to suicide?

The virtual vigilante group claims revenge on behalf of Canadian teen Amanda Todd

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