The Digital Age

Microsoft : Analysis
A new commercial for the Surface tablet may mesmerize viewers with an elaborate choreographed dance and prominent "body popping."

The Surface tablet's Glee-inspired first commercial

Microsoft enlists sun-soaked dancers to help unveil the new Windows slab

Microsoft : Fact Sheet
Microsoft's new Xbox Music will replace Zune Music on all Xbox 360 consoles starting Oct. 26.

Will Microsoft's 'Xbox Music' be an iTunes killer?

A guide to the company's aggressive new entry into the digital music market

Smartphone Wars : The List
Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son (left) and Chief Executive of Sprint Nextel Corp. Dan Hesse shake hands during their press conference in Tokyo on Oct. 15.

The Sprint-Softbank merger: 4 takeaways

With some badly needed financial support from Japan, the U.S.' third-largest mobile carrier turns up the heat on AT&T and Verizon

Cybersecurity : Essay
"In the space of one hour," writes Mat Honan, "my entire digital life was destroyed."

Digital nightmare: How hackers ruined my online life

A hacker stole my family photos and upended my life, says Mat Honan, and it could easily happen to you

The Apple Universe : The List
Apple's new iPod Touch: Even with diminishing sales, the company still earned over a billion dollars from its mp3 players in the second quarter of 2012.

4 reasons Apple still makes iPods

Why continue to produce the old-school mp3 player when the all-the-rage iPhone 5 does everything it can and more?

Facebook : Fact Sheet
For college kids in the digital age, checking Facebook and Twitter has become the go-to vice according to one study.

How Facebook and Twitter are trumping sex

A new study finds that college kids think perusing social media is better than hooking up — or at least easier

Smartphone Wars : First Reactions
People interact with the Samsung Galaxy S III on its launch day in June: The Korean manufacturer is offering a mini version, shrinking the phone's 4.8-inch display to four inches.

Samsung's Galaxy S III mini: Is a smaller phone really such a good idea?

The Korean manufacturer is apparently reversing course, and will offer a smaller 4-inch version of its flagship handset

Facebook : Burning Question
The Facebook "like" symbol at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.: The social network is reportedly testing a new button that would appear on websites for retailers like Pottery Barn, giving users the option to "want" items and make them show up on their News Feed.

Does Facebook need a 'want' button?

The social network seeks to capitalize on users' desires with a controversial new click that could help Facebook monetize its massive membership

Microsoft : Best Video
The Digits Sensor bracelet turns your hand into a 3D tool that can be used for things like playing a video game or designing an architectural model.

Microsoft's futuristic bracelet that lets you make 3D hand gestures

A new wrist-mounted controller means you may never have to leave the couch to change the volume again

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
Google's Nexus 7 tablet: While Apple reportedly shrinks its iPad, Google and Samsung may expand their product lines with a massive 10-inch tablet.

Could a 10-inch Nexus tablet dethrone Apple's iPad?

Rumor has it that Google and Samsung are partnering on a new high-resolution super slab

The Apple Universe : Fact Sheet
Nokia headquarters in Helsinki, Finland: The Finnish phone maker has a portfolio of patents that could be worth as much as $10 billion.

4 reasons Apple should buy Nokia

The Finnish company's powerful maps and impressive patent portfolio have tech insiders daydreaming of an industry-changing acquisition

The Apple Universe : Slideshow
TIME Steve Jobs cover

9 iconic Steve Jobs magazine covers: A slideshow

A year after the Apple visionary's death, a look at some of the countless publications whose cover he graced

The Apple Universe : Analysis
Steve Jobs debuts the iPhone in 2007: A year after his death, the innovator continues to be compared to history's greatest innovators and leaders.

Why Steve Jobs was like Ronald Reagan — and 3 other famous leaders

A year after his death, the late Apple boss is remembered in rarefied company

Facebook : Best Video
if you've ever wondered, "why is Facebook like chairs?" you may, yes, be alone.

Facebook's completely bizarre first commercial... about chairs

To celebrate passing the 1-billion-user mark, the social network releases an oddball of an ad that's intended to prompt awe, but is unleashing mockery instead

Facebook : By the numbers
"Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling, and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life," says Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook's 1 billion user milestone: By the numbers

If the social network were a country, it would be the world's third largest

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Research in Motion's BlackBerry is struggling to keep up with the iPhone and Android... but it still might be Hewlett-Packard's key to entering the smartphone market.

Should Hewlett-Packard acquire BlackBerry?

The computer behemoth is struggling to catch up in the fast-moving mobile market. Is purchasing a flailing smartphone maker of yesteryear really the solution?

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