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The Apple Universe : Audio
Steve Jobs in 1989: In a newly unearthed 1983 speech, the innovator was already beginning to imagine Siri and the App Store.

Listen to the 1983 Steve Jobs speech that predicted the iPad

Addressing a small audience nearly 30 years ago, the late Apple boss revealed nascent thoughts on tablets, the App Store, and even Siri

Facebook : Best Column
Protected by anonymity, internet trolls sometimes feel invincible.

Why do perfectly nice people turn into rude jerks online?

You (probably) wouldn't curse at your neighbor to his face... so why do it on Facebook? Elizabeth Bernstein at The Wall Street Journal explains

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
After a wave of complaints from Apple customers regarding Apple Maps, CEO Tim Cook apologized for the rather shoddy app — and won some fans in the tech press.

Did Apple actually win 'Mapgate'?

Tim Cook apologized for replacing Google Maps with a disastrous Apple-built iPhone app. And that concession, says Farhad Manjoo at Pando Daily, was simply brilliant

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up a Kindle Paperwhite during an event on Sept. 6: The new e-reader is winning (mostly) rave reviews from tech critics.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite: The new must-have e-reader?

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Seattle-based e-tailer rolls out an impressively beautiful new reading device

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook will start offering a gift service that lets you purchase and send presents right to your friends' doorsteps.

Will Facebook get a revenue jolt from its new gift service?

The social network makes a play for your credit card by encouraging users to send flowers, cupcakes, and gift cards to friends

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Apple CEO Tim Cook has written an open letter on the company's website, apologizing for all the frustration customers have been having with the enormously flawed Apple Maps app.

Tim Cook's apology for Apple Maps: Proof he's no Steve Jobs?

The CEO of the world's most valuable company concedes that Apple's maps app needs work, and recommends that users switch to a competitor in the meantime

The Tablet Race : Burning Question
Nook HD users can download videos from Disney and others, and store their existing DVD favorites in the Nook Cloud Service.

Will Nook Video be a Kindle killer?

Alongside new high-definition tablets, Barnes & Noble quietly announces a streaming and download service to challenge Amazon's digital offerings head on

Yahoo : Analysis
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will reportedly attempt to boost the company's profile on mobile phones, an increasingly crucial platform.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround plan: 3 takeaways

The new head honcho unveils her strategy for rejuvenating the struggling company, but many investors and commentators say Yahoo is hopelessly muddled

Netflix : Opinion Brief
With Netflix' deal with A&E now kaput, customers who pay for its streaming service won't be able to watch reality shows such as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Can Netflix survive the loss of 800 hours of reality shows and documentaries?

The company's deal with A&E to stream shows like Hoarders and Pawn Stars expires, sparking concerns about Netflix's ability to keep exclusive content

Apple's iPhone : Analysis
Customers line up outside an Apple store in Sydney, Australia, on Sept. 21: Weekend sales figures of the iPhone 5, while technically record-breaking, don't reflect the fact that the phone was being sold in more countries than its predecessors were.

Why investors still aren't sold on the iPhone 5: 4 theories

Over the weekend, iFans lined up to purchase the taller, lighter handset, smashing the previous sales record by a million units. But Wall Street still isn't convinced...

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
A Swiss railway station clock at the Basel Bad station: The iconic clock appears to be the inspiration for the new iOS 6 world clock on the iPad.

Did Apple rip off a famous Swiss clock's design?

The Swiss Federal Railway alleges that the world's most valuable company stole its signature clock face for iOS 6 — and it wants Apple to pay up

The Apple Universe : Fact Sheet
While Apple Maps does offer a flyover, birds-eye view of select cities, a closer alternative to Google's Street View might be more practical for travelers.

Apple Maps: 4 ways to improve the disastrous new app

The latest update to iOS 6 replaces the longstanding Google Maps app with a Cupertino-bred product still in its infancy, and directionless users are crying foul

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Apple's new iO6 operating system swaps Google maps for its own version, Apple Maps, that is reportedly riddled with glitches.

Apple's iOS 6: Is dropping Google Maps a deal-breaker?

The latest version of the iPhone's operating system has its own mapping program — but it's been roundly panned for giving inaccurate directions and locations

Smartphone Wars : Best Video
In a new ad, Samsung Galaxy S III users play with their new devices while Apple fanboys watch from a stagnant Apple store line.

Samsung's anti-Apple Galaxy S III ad: Are the jokes wearing thin?

There's no love lost between two bitter rivals as the Korean smartphone maker takes a few swipes at Apple fans waiting in line

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
The new Connect section on the Twitter redesign allows users to see who has followed, mentioned, retweeted them. 

Twitter's Facebook-like redesign: Good for business?

Take heed, tweeters: Don't be surprised when the service suddenly switches over to more visually oriented profile pages that feature large "cover images"

Apple's iPhone : The List
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters play with the new iPhone 5 on Sept. 12: Some analysts believe Apple will sell roughly 12 million new iPhones by month's end.

Why the disappointing iPhone 5 is smashing sales records: 4 theories

2 million customers went online last Friday to preorder Apple's bigger, faster handset — despite the protestations of underwhelmed tech critics

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