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The Apple Universe : The List
Even the entry-level model of the latest iPad costs a whopping $500, and a long-rumored iPad Mini shouldn't cost more than $300 or so, analysts say, if Apple wants to compete against Amazon and Google's smaller tablets.

Apple's rumored iPad Mini: 5 features it needs to succeed

With a rumored October launch, the house that Jobs built seems set to enter the fiercely competitive world of compact budget tablets

Gaming Obsessions : Opinion Brief
On Thursday, Nintendo announced that it will make its Wii U available for purchase on Nov. 18. The basic 8GB system will cost $299.

Can the Wii-U save Nintendo?

At long last, the legendary gaming company reveals pricing and a release date for its next-generation console — but smashing success is hardly a sure bet

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco on Sept. 11 — the Facebook CEO's first public appearance since his company went public in May.

Facebook's stock bump: Did Mark Zuckerberg get his mojo back?

The social network gets a much-needed vote of confidence from its chief executive, whose first public remarks in months halt a share price slide

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The new iPhone 5 — whose most remarkable new feature is a bigger, Android-like screen — is displayed on Sept. 12.

The disappointing iPhone 5: Is Apple falling behind the competition?

The latest addition to Apple's handset family was finally revealed Wednesday after months of hysterical second-guessing. The verdict so far? A collective "meh"

Apple's iPhone : The List
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the iPhone 5, which is smaller, lighter, and faster than its predecessor.

7 things you need to know about Apple's iPhone 5 announcement

At last! After months of waiting (and waiting), the new version of the best-selling handset is here — with a slimmer profile and a larger 4-inch screen

Microsoft : Burning Question
HP's latest Windows 8 all-in-one desktop, the Spectre One, is receiving harsh criticism for being a "complete clone" of Apple's iMac.

HP's new Windows 8 desktop: A blatant iMac rip-off?

The Spectre One is a 23.6-inch, all-in-one machine that looks more than vaguely familiar...

Apple's iPhone : Forecast
The Apple iPhone 4S is displayed on Oct. 14, 2011: Apple is expected to debut its next generation iPhone on Sept. 12.

4 ways that Apple's iPhone 5 might disappoint customers

The most anticipated gadget of the year makes its long-awaited debut Wednesday morning. And it'll have to be awfully good to live up to all the hype

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
A U.S. soldier uses a laptop while resting after a patrol in eastern Afghanistan on March 5: Taliban members are reportedly setting up fake Facebook pages to spy on American troops.

Are terrorists posing as hot girls on Facebook to spy on soldiers?

According to the Pentagon and Australia's defense department, our troops are a sucker for sexy Facebook "friends" who are more deadly, and less attractive, than they seem

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
The new Kindle Fire HD is tested at a press conference on Sept. 6: Amazon's budget-friendly tablet may put pressure on competitors to lower their prices, too.

iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD: Should Apple be worried about Amazon?

In an aggressive move, the e-tail giant unveils high-definition tablets that are dramatically cheaper than the iPad — but are arguably just as good

Amazon's Empire : Fact Sheet
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils the new Kindle Paperwhite, which features a high-contrast text display allowing users to read in the dark without straining their eyes.

Amazon's cheap and amazing new Kindles: 5 talking points

Overwhelmed by the bookseller's avalanche of announcements? Rest easy. Here's exactly what you need to know about the new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

Smartphone Wars : Analysis
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (left) and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (right) introduce the new Nokia Lumia 920 on Sept. 5.

Will the new Lumia 920 save Nokia?

The Finnish handset maker has a lot riding on the next-generation Windows Phone announced Wednesday — and the jury is definitely out

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
After securing the rights to stream hits like The Hunger Games, Amazon may now be a legitimate competitor to Netflix.

Amazon's Epix movie deal: Is Netflix doomed?

The e-tail giant buys the rights to stream more than 3,000 new movies that were once exclusive to Netflix — including some of 2012's biggest hits

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Trying to calm skittish Facebook investors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised not to sell any of his 444 million shares for at least a year.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps his Facebook shares: Will it reassure investors?

The young tech whiz takes steps to renew confidence in his social network, as early investors bail and the company's share price takes a beating

Apple's iPhone : The List
An invitation for Apple's Sept. 12 press event in San Francisco features a large 12 (presumably the date) and a shadowed 5 (iPhone 5?).

Apple's cryptic iPhone 5 event invitation: 4 talking points

The next iteration of the game-changing handset will finally be unveiled next week. And compulsive Apple fans are already parsing the event invite for hidden meaning

Microsoft : Instant Guide
A rendering of the Nokia Lumia 920 charging pad leaked by @evleaks on Twitter: Rather than plug anything into the phone, users simply set the handset on top of the pad for juice.

The Nokia Lumia 920's wireless charger: A revolution for smartphones?

Tech blogs are salivating over a sparkly new Windows Phone 8 handset that boasts a 4.5-inch display and an innovative new cordless charging pad

Apple's iPhone : The List
The next iPhone will reportedly have a larger screen, a better battery, and the ability to use your handset as a credit card.

Apple's next iPhone: 7 rumored features [Updated]

Redesigned headphones, a 4-inch screen, and credit card-like capabilities are just a few of the goodies reportedly boasted by the tech giant's next handset

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