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U.S. Military : Analysis
A screen shot from the new video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a first-person shooting game that recreates missions similar to the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

The Navy SEALs who shared secrets with video-game makers

After consulting on the new Medal of Honor game, the team of SEALs famous for killing Osama bin Laden finds itself in hot water for divulging military information

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
The HEL TD vehicle is a 500-horsepower truck supporting a laser that can blast missiles out of the sky at the speed of light.

The Army's eight-wheeled laser truck that zaps enemy missiles

The new High Energy Laser Demonstrator brings the prospect of efficiently blasting enemy projectiles out of the sky one step closer to reality

U.S. Military : In-depth briefing
Unless Congress intervenes to avoid automatic budget cuts, the Army may have to go from 569,000 active duty soldiers to 426,000. That would be the lowest number since World War II.

Downsizing the military

Washington's looming defense "sequester" would slash the Pentagon's budget by $55 billion a year. Would that imperil the nation?

U.S. Military : Fact Sheet
Pikachu, in a screen grab from the controversial Pokemon episode that induced symptoms of epilepsy in hundreds of viewers.

The Army's conceptual seizure gun inspired by... Pokemon?

In 1997, a popular Japanese cartoon induced epileptic episodes in hundreds of viewers. And that got the Pentagon thinking...

U.S. Military : In-depth briefing
Le Trung Hong Phuc, a 9-year-old from Vietnam, was born with disabilities, presumably due to his parents' exposure to Agent Orange.

Agent Orange's shameful legacy

Four decades after the Vietnam War ended, the U.S. government is finally cleaning up the toxic mess it left behind

U.S. Military : Best Video
In this video screen shot, an officer warms up his swing before hitting a newly promoted sergeant in the chest with a mallet.

The brutal military hazing caught on video

Disturbingly, one soldier celebrated a promotion by allowing his superior officer to deliver potentially fatal blows to his chest with a wooden mallet

U.S. Military : Essay
Charlie Shroeder's book Man of War recounts the author's experience re-enacting some of history's most famous conflicts, including the Vietnam War.

Back to 1968: Re-enacting the Vietnam War

Lots of history buffs re-stage famous battles of America's Civil War. But Charlie Schroeder found a group that re-fights the war in Vietnam

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
A U.S. Air Force airman applies camouflage makeup before an urban training session in 2006: The military has upgraded its face paint to protect officers from fire and explosives.

Can makeup save U.S. soldiers' lives?

The Army reveals a heat-resistant face paint that can withstand 1,000-degree temperatures, giving soldiers crucial extra time to avoid severe burns from explosions

U.S. Military : Analysis
A poster for the Army suicide prevention program: The Pentagon is looking into ways to help treat depression, and curb suicidal thoughts.

Could a nose spray lower the Army's suicide rate?

More soldiers have committed suicide this year than the number who have died in combat, so the Pentagon is investing $3 million into a quick-acting solution

U.S. Military : Forecast
An illustrated graphic of the X-51A hypersonic aircraft, which was lost over the Pacific Ocean during an Aug. 14 test-launch.

The X-51A WaveRider: Will this Air Force jet revolutionize civilian air travel?

The military is testing a new flight system capable of going five times the speed of sound, which means it could fly from New York to London in an hour

U.S. Military : Burning Question
A vintage Playboy: A few of the military's finest have been caught surfing porn websites on government computers.

The military's porn problem: A national security threat?

Pentagon employees are caught surfing for X-rated material at work — and the porn may have contained malware that lets foreign spies phish for top-secret data

U.S. Military : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: What the Tea Party can teach Mitt Romney about defense spending

Romney says cuts to the defense budget would be devastating, but he should take a cue from the Tea Party and call for a reduction in Pentagon spending

U.S. Military : Best Video
Five Air Force men are pictured July 19, 1957, moments before an atomic warhead exploded in the atmosphere above them as part of a safety experiment.

The five men who volunteered to stand under a nuclear bomb

On July 19, 1957, a small group of Air Force officers stood directly under an atomic explosion in a daring attempt to prove the warhead's safety

U.S. Military : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: Drone warfare... in the Philippines?

A New York Times report on a secret U.S. missile strike threatens to damage America's relationship with a key ally

U.S. Military : Fact Sheet
A U.S. Army sergeant sports the pixelated uniform in 2005: This ill-conceived camouflage turned out to be too easy to spot in all terrains.

How pixelated uniforms turned soldiers into walking targets

The U.S. outrages vets by shelling out $5 billion for ill-conceived camouflage that reportedly makes soldiers more visible

U.S. Military : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: The secret labs where America's most futuristic weapons are built

These days, conflicts aren't necessarily fought by gun-wielding soldiers, but instead by stealthy computer viruses and complex code-breaking computers

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