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Real Estate Trauma : Fact Sheet
Last year was the first time the number of bank-seized properties topped 1 million.

2010's record-breaking foreclosure crisis: By the numbers

Banks seized more than 1 million homes last year, and industry experts say 2011 could be even worse

Real Estate Trauma : Instant Guide
The sale of foreclosed homes has helped banks and mortgage-lenders still trying to recover from the housing crisis.

America's foreclosure crisis: What it means for your mortgage

Bank of America has frozen foreclosures, sparking calls for a nationwide ban on repossessions. Is that move likely, and how would it affect the average homeowner?

Real Estate Trauma : The List
Home foreclosures: The opposite of the American dream.

Repossession hell: 6 extremely 'wrongful' foreclosures

Jason Grodensky says the Bank of America repossessed his Fort Lauderdale house — even though he'd never even taken out a mortgage. His story isn't the first of its kind

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Rather than trying to jumpstart the housing market, should President Obama just let it crash?

Has the housing bubble deflated yet?

The nation's real-estate nightmare is still in its early stages, according to some economists

Real Estate Trauma : Best Column
Does the government's home-ownership promotion overstep the founding American principles?

The government's 'un-American' home-ownership crusade

In a country where individual freedom is sacred, say Don Watkins and Yaron Brooks at Forbes, Washington has no business pushing them to buy homes

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Some speculate that buyers are hesitating because they expect home prices to plunge further.

When will housing recover?

Home sales in July hit their lowest levels in decades. Financial commentators weigh in on when to expect a bottom

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Experts say the postÃ¢â‚¬â€śWorld War II era of good times in residential real estate are over.

Will real estate ever be a 'safe' investment again?

We'll never again see the sort of guaranteed high returns on real estate that defined the last 50 years, say experts. Time to retire the phrase "safe as houses"?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Only 9 percent of potential homebuyers want to purchase homes larger than 3,200 square feet.

Is the McMansion dead?

Americans are downsizing. Does that mean the end of huge houses on tiny lots?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Is the American Dream of owning a home about to get a lot more expensive?

Waking up from the American dream

Will fixing the mortgage market mean that fewer Americans can own their homes? Would that even be a bad thing?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Will Obama order Fannie and Freddie to forgive millions of "underwater" home mortgages?

Obama's 'August surprise': A 'gigantic' Main Street bailout?

The Obama team is rumored to be working up an $800 billion mortgage-reduction scheme through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Home sales are dropping. Why?

Housing crisis, Round 2?

Builders are getting gloomier as home sales drop. Will the housing market get worse before it gets better?

Real Estate Trauma : By the numbers
Fannie and Freddie: "The mother of all bailouts"

Fannie and Freddie: By the numbers

It's the "mother of all bailouts" — the two government-owned mortgage providers have already cost taxpayers $146 billion. Analysts say that figure could grow to $1 trillion

Real Estate Trauma : Fact Sheet
In prison ... and shopping for a home?

How 1,300 prisoners got the home buyer tax credit

Prisoners have received millions of dollars in federal funds through the first-time home buyer tax credit program. How is this possible?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Can't pay your mortgage? Some families say it isn't necessary.

'Force me out if you can': Homeowners vs. banks

More and more Americans are simply blowing off their mortgage payments. Are they just serving lenders their just desserts?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Should Congress extend benefits for home buyers?

Should Congress extend the home-buyer tax credit?

After one extension, the home-buyer tax credit aiming to boost housing demand is due to expire in a month. Will it do any good to extend it again?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
If you owe more than your home is worth, should you walk away?

Is ditching your mortgage immoral?

The ethical implications behind walking away when you owe more than your house is worth

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