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Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
The Catholic Church says President Obama violated the Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom by requiring religiously affiliated institutions to offer insurance coverage for birth control.

The Catholic Church vs. 'ObamaCare'

The feds will soon require religiously affiliated hospitals and colleges to offer insurance coverage for contraception. Does that violate the first amendment?

Health Care Reform : Burning Question
The Obama administration is calling for more transparency in the relationships between doctors and drug makers, and will soon require pharmaceutical companies to disclose their payments to physicians.

Time for Big Pharma to disclose its payments to doctors?

The feds plan to force drug makers to tell the public about the perks they offer health-care providers. What will it mean for patients?

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
Big-city hospitals are seeing a growing number of patients sticking around long after their care is complete, simply because they have no other place to go.

The 'permanent patients' in America's hospitals

Urban health-care facilities sometimes wind up caring for people for years after they have recovered — because no one else will take them in

Health Care Reform : In-depth briefing
President Obama's health care bill requires all Americans have health insurance or else face a tax penalty; Conservatives say that infringes on individual liberty.

The individual mandate: Health-care's inherent controversy

President Obama's health-care bill requires that every American have health insurance. Is that constitutional?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Cameras are banned from Supreme Court proceedings, but now C-SPAN and lawmakers from both parties are demanding that the nation's highest court televise its 5 1/2 hours of arguments on "ObamaCare."

Should the Supreme Court's 'ObamaCare' arguments be televised?

C-SPAN wants the court to break precedent and let Americans see 2012's historic court drama for themselves. Will the justices object?

Health Care Reform : Controversy
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who was President Obama's solicitor general, may be too close to the president's health care law to objectively weigh in on its constitutionality, say conservative critics.

The 'ObamaCare' case: Should Elena Kagan and Clarence Thomas sit out?

The president's signature legislative achievement heads to the Supreme Court, and the Left and Right both accuse justices of conflicts of interest

Health Care Reform : Fact Sheet
President Obama signs the Affordable Health Care for America Act into law on March 23, 2010: Now, the Supreme Court will decide whether "ObamaCare" is even constitutional.

The Supreme Court and 'ObamaCare': A concise guide

The Roberts Court will rule on a complex, politically explosive issue in the middle of a heated presidential campaign. Here's what all the fuss is about  

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
The Supreme Court reserves a record 5.5 hours to hear arguments on the Affordable Care Act next spring, assuring that a ruling on President Obama's signature achievement will come just months before voters head to the polls.

The Supreme Court takes on 'ObamaCare': Will it hurt the president?

The nation's highest court will weigh the constitutionality of the president's signature achievement — and the 2012 election could hang in the balance

Health Care Reform : Analysis
President Obama's health care reform law won a strong defense from a conservative judge this week, which doesn't bode well for foes of "ObamaCare."

A conservative judge's 'compelling' defense of 'ObamaCare'

A D.C. appellate court upholds a key provision of President Obama's health care reform law. Is Supreme Court support now inevitable?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
President Obama's health care reform suffers a blow after its prohibitively expensive long-term care insurance program is dropped.

A 'devastating' setback for Obama's health law?

A key benefit in President Obama's health-care reform package proves unaffordable, and bites the dust. Is the rest of the law in danger?

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: How the GOP can fix 'ObamaCare'

The Right's "repeal and replace" mantra is unlikely to yield success. But there are plenty of other ways to overhaul the president's health care reforms

Health Care Reform : The List
President Obama's Justice Department wants the Supreme Court to rule on "ObamaCare" in 2012, a surprising move that might signal the president's confidence that he'll prevail.

Why Obama wants the Supreme Court to decide 'ObamaCare' in 2012

The Justice Department passes on the chance to delay a high-stakes showdown — instead pushing for a swift decision in the middle of the campaign season

Health Care Reform : The List
Health care costs are sky rocketing with experts saying it will only get worse and if you're looking for someone to blame try President Obama or the free market.

The 'scary' rise in health-insurance costs: 5 theories

Thanks to a 9 percent jump in health-care premiums, insuring a family for a year now costs as much as a new Ford Fiesta. What's going on?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
More young adults have health insurance, thanks to provisions in President Obama's heath-care law, but some say its still too early to celebrate.

One million young adults get insurance: Proof 'ObamaCare' works?

New data suggests that the Affordable Care Act greatly reduced the number of uninsured Americans — but don't expect the Right to embrace "ObamaCare" anytime soon

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
The biggest contributor to our nation's sky-high health care costs is that American doctors are paid much, much more than their counterparts in other Western nations, according to a new study.

Are doctors' salaries the biggest problem in health care?

A new study suggests that doctors' six-figure salaries are the true culprit behind sky-high health care costs. Time to get out the pitchforks?

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
President Obama's health care reform law mandates that a government-subsidized insurance market open in 2014, which might actually encourage some employers to quit offering health care benefits.

Will employers drop health care coverage in 2014?

As America inches closer to the opening of federally-mandated insurance exchanges, executives at big companies are weighing their options

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