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Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
Walgreens is getting into the affordable health insurance industry which is forecast to become a lucrative market over the next several years.

Walgreens' 'unusual' plan to sell health insurance

America's largest drugstore chain may soon be stocking health care plans alongside its aspirin, toothpaste, and candy bars

Health Care Reform : Fact Sheet
New rules from the feds require insurers to completely pay for birth control and other preventative health services.

Free birth control — and other breakthroughs in women's health care

New changes to federal health care rules will require insurers to offer a raft of free health services to women

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
A non-partisan groups provokes the Right's ire by suggesting that birth control ought to be covered by all insurers under President Obama's new health care reform law.

Is it time for all insurers to pay for birth control?

Conservatives howl after a non-partisan group says contraceptives should be covered as preventive care under the new health care reform law

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
People with Medicaid are happier and healthier than people without insurance, according to a new study.

Does health insurance make you healthier?

A landmark Oregon study suggests it does — though not everyone is convinced  

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-K.Y.) and other congressional Republicans have gone quiet of late on their efforts to repeal and replace health care reform.

Has the GOP given up on repealing 'ObamaCare'?

Politico reports that Republican efforts to "repeal and replace" health care reform — a key 2010 campaign promise — have been all but abandoned

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Conservatives accuse Nancy Pelosi of benefiting from favoritism, after her district received 20 percent of new "ObamaCare" waivers.

The 'ObamaCare' waivers in Nancy Pelosi's district: 'Corrupt'?

The Daily Caller reports that a startling one in five of the new waivers to Obama's health care reform law went to businesses in Pelosi's district

Health Care Reform : In-depth briefing
Though medication and visits to the doctor are heavily subsidized by Medicare, almost all senior citizens still pay monthly premiums.

The problem with Medicare

The skyrocketing cost of providing health care to senior citizens is helping to fuel the federal government's trillion-dollar deficits. Why is Medicare so expensive?

Health Care Reform : Forecast
Lawsuits challenging President Obama's health care reform law will take some time to get to the Supreme Court, which almost guarantees that health care will be a hot topic in the 2012 presidential race.

The 'ObamaCare' lawsuits: 4 predictions

After the Supreme Court refuses to fast-track Virginia's challenge to health-care reform, commentators weigh in on the law's fate

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
In March, Obama awarded exemptions from health care reform requirements to an additional 128 businesses and unions.

Waiving health care reform: Is Obama playing favorites?

A growing number of businesses are exempt from a key part of the health-care law, and conservatives say left-leaning groups are getting special treatment

Health Care Reform : Best Column
Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law last March: A year later, opponents are still passionate about repealing it.

In defense of 'ObamaCare,' one year on

Everyone knows the Affordable Care Act is flawed, says Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic. But we must build on the law, not scrap it and pretend it never existed

Health Care Reform : Best Column
The health care reform that Mitt Romney enacted when he was governor of Massachusetts is actually a success, says Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic.

Why RomneyCare is worth supporting

Mitt Romney is sidestepping his Massachusetts health care reforms, says Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic. But the program that inspired ObamaCare is popular, and it works

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Obama tells the nation's governors Monday that he would allow states to opt out of aspects of his health care reform law in 2014 instead of 2017 ââ¬â if they have a viable alternative.

Obama's health care 'flexibility': Bipartisan compromise or cynical ploy?

The president backs a plan to let states opt out of his health care law earlier than expected. Is he bowing to pressure or outsmarting his opponents?

Health Care Reform : By the numbers
The IRS wants to hire 1,054 new staffers to implement the first stage of Obama's health care reforms.

The IRS's ObamaCare 'army': By the numbers

The IRS says it will need more than 1,000 new staffers — and $359 million in taxpayer dollars — to implement Obama's health-care reforms

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Newly elected Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va) is one of four Senate Democrats taking aim at the individual mandate -- the heart of Obama's heath care law.

Will it be Democrats who kill health care reform?

Four moderate Senate Democrats may break with their party and imperil the president's signature legislative accomplishment. Is reform toast — or is this a "brilliant" ploy?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
The largely symbolic South Dakota bill would require adults in the state to own a gun "suitable to their temperament."

South Dakota's 'guns for everyone' bill

As a way to slam ObamaCare's mandatory health-insurance rule, South Dakota lawmakers propose making all eligible adults own a gun. Clever move or "stupid political stunt"?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Ultimately, the future of Obama's Affordable Care Act is in the hands of the Supreme Court.

Florida's health care ruling: Was a 'Tea Party judge' to blame?

Florida Judge Roger Vinson has ruled President Obama's Affordable Care Act unconstitutional — but the White House claims judicial activism influenced his decision

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