Health Care

Health Care Fury : Opinion Brief
Rep. Rodriguez.

Rep. Rodriguez's health care 'freak-out'

A Texas Democrat loses his temper with a Tea Party constituent. Does that tell us anything?

Health Care Fury : Opinion Brief
Donald Berwick

Obama's 'outrageous' Medicare appointment

Was Obama's recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick necessary to bypass GOP obstructionism? Or was it just a way to sneak through a super-liberal nominee?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama.

Obamacare sticker shock: $115 billion more?

The CBO says the 10-year cost of health care reform could rise above $1 trillion. Why is the bill getting more expensive?

Health Care Fury : Best Column
Is mandatory health insurance doomed?

Forcing Americans to buy health insurance: Not so fast

The Democrats blew it on the health insurance mandate, argues Randy Barnett in The Wall Street Journal — and it's too late to fix it  

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Did Obama turn a blind eye to the costs of health care?

Did Obama bury bad health care estimates?

Conservative blogs claim the White house hid a damaging report on the costs of health reform. A new scandal, or a fake controversy?

Health Care Fury : Opinion Brief
Is a tax on tanning inherently "racist"?

Is the tan tax 'racist'?

One of Glenn Beck's radio colleagues suggests that Obama's new tax on tanning salons is unfair to white Americans

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney's big Obamacare problem

How could the Republican attack Obama's health-care bill in a 2012 presidential race when it so resembles Romneycare?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Can America's doctors handle 32 million more patients?

Will Obamacare cause a doctor shortage?

Commentators consider how bad the crunch will be when an additional 32 million Americans get medical insurance

Health Care Fury : Opinion Brief
Is Tea Party anger about health care ââ¬â or something else?

Is the health care fury really about race?

Liberal columnist Frank Rich argues that the Tea Party's anger stems from "losing their country" to minorities — and has little to do with health care reform. Is he right?

Health Care Fury : Instant Guide
A Tea Party activist displays his gun at a rally.

Inside the health-care 'terrorism' wave

Several lawmakers have received death threats — and worse — after the health-care bill passed. Here's a concise guide to the cost of voting "yes"

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Now that Obama has signed health care, what are the chances for repeal?

Repealing health reform: What are the odds?

The GOP is gearing up to campaign to "repeal ObamaCare." How realistic is that?

Health Care Reform : The List
How is health care like a microwave meal?

Obamacare is 'like a microwaved meal' — and 7 other inventive analogies

Depending who you ask, the new health-care legislation evokes a Norse saga, Pearl Harbor, or Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction'

Health Care Fury : The List
Karl Rove

Health care fury: 5 most unhinged video moments

The historic health debate has provoked some memorable outbursts—from on-air meltdowns to congressional conniptions

Health Care Reform : World Reactions
Health care reform: Good for the world?

Health care reform: The world reacts

Commentators from Russia to Vancouver weigh in—with decidedly mixed reviews

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
How will Obamacare affect you?

What is in the health care bill?

A concise guide to how the Democrats' health care bill might make your life better... or worse

Health Care Reform : By the numbers
Making sense of the health care numbers.

Health-care reform: By the numbers

A browser's guide to some of the key percentages, prices, and polls that have defined the battle for health-care change

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