Fox News : Business
A couple watches Karl Rove on Fox News during a Republican Party election night gathering in Denver, Colo.

Fox News cleans house: Can the network restore its credibility?

Pundits on the conservative news channel got the election badly wrong, possibly turning off even diehard fans

Fox News : Business
Many Fox News viewers probably weren't eager to tune into President Obama's inauguration — which was a ratings bonanza for liberal MSNBC.

Fox News' plummeting ratings: Why the network is struggling

The conservative news outlet is suffering its worst ratings in 12 years

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
The incendiary media mogul is paving his own libertarian road.

Glenn Beck goes big: Will Blaze TV succeed as a global libertarian network?

The Tea Party icon takes a pot shot at former employer Fox News and announces a new direction and scope for his own growing media empire

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Producers in the Doha, Qatar, studio of the Al Jazeera network.

Is Al Jazeera a legitimate news channel?

The network bought its way into U.S. homes, but the move may not be enough to prove to Americans that the Qatari outlet is producing news and not propaganda

Cable News Feuds : Analysis
Al Jazeera English Channel staff prepare for a broadcast in the Doha news room in Qatar in 2006.

Why Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera

The Qatar-based media giant is buying its way into 40 million U.S. households. But why is Gore cashing out to an oil emirate?

Cable News Feuds : Controversy
Piers Morgan on stage at a BritWeek 2012 event in Beverly Hills in May.

The grassroots movement to get Piers Morgan deported: Could it actually work?

More than 60,000 people have signed a petition to get the CNN commentator kicked out of the country for his outspoken views on gun control

Fox News : Opinion Brief
Karl Rove tried his best to convince Fox News that it had called Ohio for Obama too early on Election Day. He eventually conceded.

Why Fox News put Karl Rove back on the air

Last week, the internet was abuzz about Roger Ailes' decision to bench the prominent GOP commentator. This week, he's back. What gives?

Fox News : Analysis
Where in the world is Karl Rove?

Why Fox News had to bench Karl Rove

The GOP strategy guru was a staple on Fox during the campaign. Then he quarreled on-air with the channel's decision to call the election for President Obama

Fox News : Analysis
Fox News chief Roger Ailes reportedly advised the general to set his sights on the White House, not the CIA.

Roger Ailes asked David Petraeus to run for president: What it says about Fox News

Just imagine the furor that would erupt if the head of another news organization was caught recruiting presidential candidates

Cable News Feuds : Analysis
Jeff Zucker's main challenge will be to give viewers reasons to tune into the middling network.

Can Jeff Zucker turn CNN around?

The former head of NBC Universal has been tapped to lead the original cable news network, which has fallen behind MSNBC and Fox News in primetime

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
1 Obama bobblehead + 1 jar of "urine" = Art, according to Glenn Beck

Obama in Pee Pee: Is Glenn Beck a brilliant satirist?

The mercurial media mogul pays homage to Andres Serrano's 1987 urine-submerged-crucifix work Piss Christ, subbing in a more contemporary "messiah"

Fox News : Best Video
Thomas Ricks, author of the new book The Generals, appears on Fox News for a mere 90 seconds before his interview was abruptly cut short.

Fox News pulls the plug on guest Thomas Ricks: Was he being rude or honest?

The military expert says Benghazi was hyped and Fox News is a wing of the GOP, and Fox bids him an abrupt adieu

Fox News : Opinion Brief
"What if the dearth of good men, and ongoing battle of the sexes, is — hold on to your seats — women's fault?" wonders Suzanne Venker at Fox News.

4 hilariously sarcastic reactions to Fox's 'War on Men' column

Fox's Suzanne Venker blames falling marriage rates on the rise of women, and the internet scoffs in disbelief

Cable News Feuds : The List
The MSNBC team, including Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, on Election Night. Their hosting panel included just one conservative: moderate Republican Steve Schmidt.

How MSNBC is catching up to Fox News

Roger Ailes is still the king of cable news. But Phil Griffin and Co. are hot on his heels

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
Glenn Beck's 1791 jeans are named for the year the Bill of Rights was ratified.

Glenn Beck's new advertisement… for jeans?

The mercurial media titan is mad as hell at Levi's, and he's not going to take it anymore

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
This spring, Forbes named Glenn Beck the 23rd most powerful celebrity in America, claiming that he makes $80 million per year.

Glenn Beck's TV comeback: Can Dish recapture the Fox News magic?

A year after Beck and Fox News break up, the incendiary talk show host makes a triumphant return to TV

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