Fox News : Wit
In "The Muppets," Kermit and the gang try to save their theater from an evil oil baron, a plot line that some conservatives are blasting as liberal propaganda.

Fox's 'surreal' attack on The Muppets: The jokes

Fox Business accuses Kermit of trying to "brainwash your kids against capitalism." Commentators cannot help but chuckle over this Muppet conspiracy theory

Cable News Feuds : Best Video
According to a new MSNBC promo, Joe Scarborough's early-morning routine involves a cigarette and whiskey, which his co-host Mika Brzezinski packs her children's lunches and exercises.

Morning Joe's 'obnoxious,' 'sexist' promo

A new ad for the MSNBC show portrays Mika Brzezinski as a multitasking scold — and her male co-hosts as carefree, drunken partiers

Fox News : Best Column
Fox News chief Roger Ailes is reportedly urging employees of his cable news network to subtly tone down their conservative sympathies, says Howard Kurtz in Newsweek.

Fox News' 'revealing' 'course correction': 6 talking points

Roger Ailes wants his network to tack closer to the political center and be less inflammatory, reports Howard Kurtz in Newsweek. Skepticism abounds

Fox News : Controversy
Fox News host Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson were still at odds at the end of a heated seven-minute debate over Mike Tyson's extremely graphic comments about Sarah Palin.

Tucker Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, and the 'Fox News civil war'

Carlson and Van Susteren spar over the media's coverage of Mike Tyson's sexually explicit comments about Mama Grizzly

Fox News : Best Video
Sarah Palin earns more than $1 million dollars a year as a Fox News contributor, even as she flirts with the notion of running for president in 2012.

Proof that Fox News goes easy on Sarah Palin?

Two Fox hosts admit on-air that they pull punches when discussing Mama Grizzly — then insist they were only joking

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
MSNBC is reportedly mulling handing over its 6 p.m. time slot to the controversial Rev. Al Sharpton.

Should MSNBC give Al Sharpton his own show?

Craving a bonafide new star, the cable news channel might put the controversial liberal activist in a high-profile time slot

Cable News Feuds : The List
Eliot Spitzer quotes Theodore Roosevelt as he signs off as host of CNN's "In The Arena," a short-lived show that seemed to struggle from day one.

Why CNN canned Eliot Spitzer: 6 theories

The scandal-stained former New York governor gets the boot, and the challenging 8 p.m. timeslot goes to Anderson Cooper

Fox News : Instant Guide
The Fox News politics Twitter feed has deleted these hacker-produced tweets, which falsely announced Monday that President Obama had been assassinated.

The 'malicious' Fox News hackers who claimed Obama was dead

Followers of Fox News' political Twitter feed started their Fourth with a shock: Six tweets reporting the fake news that President Obama was assassinated. How did this happen?  

Fox News : Fact Sheet
President Richard Nixon is all smiles in a 1969 photo: Gawker reports that the original idea for Fox News was "buried deep within the Richard Nixon Presidential Library," in a 1970 memo.

Did Fox News originate in the Nixon White House?

Gawker unearths a decades-old memo that suggests Roger Ailes was an early proponent of Fox-style news — even when he was a young Nixon aide  

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
After two and a half years on the air, Glenn Beck ended his controversial Fox News show on Thursday night.

Glenn Beck’s 'pathetic' farewell show

The controversial TV star said goodbye to Fox News on Thursday night. Where were the fireworks — or even the waterworks?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin apologizes Thursday for his remark about the President, but the network suspended him anyway.

Was MSNBC right to boot Mark Halperin for insulting Obama?

The political analyst gets indefinitely suspended for calling the president a "d*ck" on Morning Joe. Is that a "wild overreaction"?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck wraps a dead fish in newspaper in March 2009: The Fox News star bids adieu to the network Thursday night with his final show.

Glenn Beck's last show: A 'terrifying' look back

As the weepy Fox News star hosts his final Glenn Beck Show, an old adversary sends him off with a "mesmerizing" highlight reel

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
After his abrupt departure from MSNBC in January, Keith Olbermann returned to TV on Monday night... looking and sounding pretty much exactly the same.

Keith Olbermann's Current TV debut: Same old Countdown?

The former MSNBC host brought his show — and combative style — to a new network Monday night, in a much-dissected debut

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart sparred Sunday with Fox News' Chris Wallace, and critics are split on who won this round.

Jon Stewart vs. Chris Wallace: Who won?

The political funnyman appears on Fox News Sunday, and once again hammers the news media. But Wallace lands some blows on Stewart, too

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck will shift from cable news to his own online network when he leaves Fox News this summer.

Glenn Beck's 'revolutionary' GBTV network: Will viewers pay?

The Fox News host is leaving his TV show at month's end, and betting that his fans will follow him to a subscription-based online network

Fox News : Opinion Brief
For the record, this is not Sarah Palin, but Tina Fey impersonating the former Alaska Governor. Unfortunately, FoxNews didn't catch that before it was used in a report.

Fox News' Tina Fey-Sarah Palin mixup

The cable news network that employs the former Alaska governor accidentally subs in a photo of the comedienne imitating Palin

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