Fox News : The List
Though Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes was drawn to Sarah Palin soon after her 2008 national political debut, he now reportedly thinks she's none too bright, according to New York magazine.

New York's 'epic' Fox News exposé: 5 takeaways

Gabriel Sherman delves into the fraught politics and brash personalities of Fox News, especially its chief, Roger Ailes. Here are five key talking points

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
A year after his popular "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, D.C., Glenn Beck says he will stage a "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem.

Glenn Beck's 'messianic' Jerusalem rally

The mercurial Fox News host promises to stand up for Israel by holding a "life-altering event" this summer. Will anyone be listening?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Jon Stewart debated Bill O'Reilly on Monday night, sparring over the White House's poetry slam invitation to the rapper Common last week.

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: Who won?

The two cable TV stars squared off Monday over whether the rapper Common should have been denied an invitation to the White House

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Best Video
Glenn Beck calls conservative Mike Huckabee a "progressive," and the possible 2012 GOP contender fires back that the Fox News host is just "inept."

Glenn Beck vs. Mike Huckabee

The mercurial media star calls the Republican politician a "progressive." Well, Beck is "inept," Huckabee scoffs back. Throwdown!

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Burning Question
The Daily Caller has accused Glenn Beck of lifting video, audio, and ideas from other conservative thinkers, and disguising them as his own.

Is Glenn Beck an idea thief?

The Daily Caller says the mercurial Fox News host rips off some of his best talking points from other right-wing thinkers

Fox News : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck may want Andrew Napolitano to replace him, but some say rising Fox News star Megyn Kelly (right) is ready to move into Beck's 5 p.m. slot.

Who should succeed Glenn Beck?

Some commentators say Megyn Kelly is the best bet to replace the mercurial Fox News host. But Kelly's is hardly the only name being bandied about

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Forecast
Now that Glenn Beck and Fox News are parting ways, commentators wonder where the mercurial newsman's career will go next.

What's next for Glenn Beck: 5 theories

The explosive Fox News star is leaving his show. What will he do now?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck will still be involved with Fox News on a variety of projects, but the conservative will no longer have his daily program.

Why Glenn Beck lost his Fox News show: 4 theories

The rumors are true — Glenn Beck is leaving his controversial daily program on Fox. What caused the breakup?

NPR Under Fire : Best Column
While PBS' growth has been stunted, says Mark Oppenheimer at Slate, "NPR is the most resounding media success story of the past 40 years."

Why we should save NPR... and kill PBS

Taxpayers should keep funding NPR, says Mark Oppenheimer at Slate. But PBS, its "hideous, ugly televised brother," ought to be put out of its misery

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Jon Stewart referees the ongoing cable news fight between CNN's Nic Robertson (left) and Fox News' Steve Harrigan over mutual accusations of laziness and gullibility in Libya.

Fox News vs. CNN: Round 2

The skirmish over a claim that U.S. journalists were used as "human shields" in Libya is heating up... and neither Fox nor CNN is backing down

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck's contract with Fox News expires at the end of 2011 and the conservative host is reportedly considering breaking out on his own... by creating a brand new cable network.

Should Glenn Beck start his own cable network?

The mercurial Fox News star may leave his cable home to start his own channel, reports The New York Times

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
"You expect lies and deceit from the dictatorship here, you don't expect it from the other journalists," says CNN's Nic Robertson, after Fox alleged that CNN reporters were used as a human shield by Libyan forces

CNN vs. Fox: Clash over a Libya 'human shield' claim

Fox News claims that CNN reporters took part in a "human shield" that prevented an attack on Gadhafi. Baloney, says CNN

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Fox host Bill O'Reilly has pointed out that, even with viewership declines, Fox News' standing in the cable ratings still far outstrips MSNBC and CNN.

Why is Fox News losing viewers?

The No. 1 cable news channel suddenly faces the same problem as its competitors — a shrinking primetime audience. Is Fox's winning streak over?

Fox News : Opinion Brief
Former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh is just the latest politician to join the Fox News team as a paid contributor.

Why is Democrat Evan Bayh joining Fox News?

The moderate former Democratic senator will provide political commentary for Fox. Is Bayh betraying Democrats, or just making a smart business decision?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
James O'Keefe's NPR sting lead to the ousting of CEO Vivian Schiller last week, but a new look at the tapes reveals some irresponsible editing.

Were the NPR sting tapes misleadingly edited?

Many news outlets agree that conservative activist James O'Keefe cut the footage to make NPR executive Ron Schiller seem more extreme than he is

NPR Under Fire : Burning Question
NPR itself gets only 2 percent of its annual budget from the federal government, but some of its member stations might be seriously affected if the feds pull their funding.

Could NPR survive without federal funds?

A new scandal energizes conservatives who want to stop giving tax dollars to public radio stations. How badly would that hurt NPR?

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