Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
The seven million-per-year MSNBC host will be back on the air after a two-day, unpaid suspension.

Keith Olbermann's 'riveting' (but brief) exile

MSNBC cuts short the "Countdown" host's suspension. Who won the showdown over Olbermann's political contributions?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Keith Olbermann donated to Arizona Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva's campaign the same day the candidate appeared on his show.

Keith Olbermann's suspension: Did MSNBC overreact?

The "hypocritical" MSNBC host has been suspended indefinitely without pay for donating to three Democratic Congressional candidates. How big is this mess?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
The criticism of the Juan Williams firing has turned to action as some Republicans look to strip NPR of its federal funding.

How badly has the Juan Williams firing hurt NPR?

NPR is getting slammed from all sides for its handling of the Williams affair. Can it recover?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
NPR's controversial dismissal of Juan Williams has renewed the conservative drive to strip the radio network of its federal funding.

The Juan Williams uproar: Time to stop funding NPR?

After NPR fired Williams for saying that Muslims can make him nervous, conservatives are asking Congress to defund the radio network. Commentators weigh in

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Juan Williams listens to Bill O'Reilly's list of reasons why he is better off for having been fired.

Juan Williams on NPR: 'I don't fit in their box'

After being fired by NPR for supposedly bigotted remarks, the news analysts returns to Bill O'Reilly's show to discuss the saga. What does he make of it?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
After his NPR termination, Juan Williams got a twitter shout out from Sarah Palin who said "they screwed up firing you."

NPR fires Juan Williams: First reactions

The liberal news analyst remarked that seeing people in "Muslim garb" on airplanes makes him uneasy. Did that merit giving him the boot?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck says he looks to God, not Darwin, to understand how humans came to exist.

Glenn Beck vs. evolution

Surprise, surprise, say gleeful liberals, after the conservative icon reveals that he doesn't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Instant Guide
Glenn Beck says his staff and family are equipped with these Food Insurance emergency kits "in case the world goes to heck in a hand basket."

Glenn Beck's apocalypse survival kits: An instant guide

First, it was gold. Now, the Fox News star is promoting another way to prep for disaster: Freeze-dried food. Is there a method to his endorsements?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Did Glenn Beck's theories unhinge an impressionable listener?

Did Glenn Beck inspire a right-wing terrorism plot?

The so-called progressive-hunter Byron Williams says Beck played a role in persuading him to plot violence against liberal groups

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
The fiery media icon Glenn Beck.

'No pay, no spray': Glenn Beck defends the firefighters

The outspoken host comes down on the side of Tennessee fire department that refused to put out a resident's fire because he had not paid a $75 fee

Glenn Beck Under Fire : The List
Beck under attack: The conservative talk show host is the target of a "caustic" new biography.

The Glenn Beck bio 'Tears of a Clown': 5 talking points

Journalist Dana Milbank slams the conservative radio host for his alleged use of Mormon code, poor grasp of history, and much more

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
MSNBC launches a new branding campaign spotlighting network personalities like Keith Olbermann (above).

MSNBC's new slogan: What does it even mean?

MSNBC has introduced a revamped tagline, "Lean Forward," in an effort to define itself as a progressive beacon — but some pundits are recoiling

Cable News Feuds : Fact Sheet
Rachel Maddow got a makeover before her 2005 debut on MSNBC.

The cable news wars: 7 surprising facts

New York's Gabriel Sherman files a dispatch from the front lines of MSNBC and CNN's battle to keep pace with Fox News. What did he learn?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
CNN's newest program, hosted by Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker, debuted to tepid reviews.

'Parker Spitzer': CNN's worst show yet?

The cable news network premiered a new 8 p.m. show last night hosted by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and columnist Kathleen Parker. Critics are not impressed

Fox News : Opinion Brief
Rupert Murdoch employs four leading Republican presidential contenders as news commentators

Is Fox News trying to buy the presidency?

The New York Times' Paul Krugman suggests that Fox News is taking its influence over the GOP into new territory

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Inspired by Glenn Beck, Donald Duck prepares to battle America's socialists in a viral video.

If Donald Duck listened to Glenn Beck...

A video mashup imagines how the conservative's radio rants would affect Disney's quick-to-anger duck — and even Beck himself admires it as "propaganda"

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