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Mysteries of Space : Forecast
Artist's conception of an asteroid belt: A new company is looking to space for the next big source of natural resources.

Asteroid mining: Is there money to be made in space?

James Cameron, Google's top brass, and Ross Perot's son are betting big that there's platinum in the heavens. Are they delusional or brilliant?

NASA : Instant Guide
The Discovery space shuttle hitches a ride aboard a 747 airplane to its final home at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

The space shuttle Discovery's bittersweet final flight over D.C.

NASA's oldest surviving shuttle, mounted on top of a Boeing 747, cruises at low altitude over cheering onlookers in the capital as it makes its last journey

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
An artist's illustration of SKA dishes, part of a proposed supercomputer radio telescope that would be tasked with studying the farthest corners of space.

Coming soon: A telescope that crunches more data than the entire internet?

An international team of astronomers imagines an enormous system of space telescopes stretching for thousands of kilometers above the Earth

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Caught on camera: A mass of super-heated gas swirling through the sun's atmosphere at 186,000 miles per hour.

The gigantic solar tornado that could devour five Earths

Solar Dynamics Laboratory videotapes a twister — large enough to destroy our planet — stretching out from the sun's surface

NASA : Fact Sheet
An astronaut aboard the International Space Station: Many astronauts who live at the ISS for several months find that their once-excellent vision is damaged by a prolonged zero-gravity stay.

Does space travel damage eyesight?

An increasing number of astronauts who've spent a month or more aboard the International Space Station are visiting the optometrist

NASA : Best Video
The Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff on Jan. 28, 1986, killing all seven crew members on board.

The 'chilling' new home video of the '86 Challenger explosion

A Florida man releases never-before-seen footage of the tragic accident, which killed all seven astronauts onboard

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
The ill-fated luxury liner sets sail: Astronomers say a supermoon's extreme tides may have dislodged the icebergs that did in the Titanic.

Did a rare 'supermoon' sink the Titanic?

Astronomers say that a unique combination of celestial forces may have dislodged the icebergs that clogged the cruise liner's path

NASA : By the numbers
One of the 48 NASA laptops stolen contained codes that control the International Space Station.

NASA's 'unacceptable' security lapses: By the numbers

Cyber attacks and other breaches cost NASA millions of dollars a year. Why is the space agency such a popular target?

Mysteries of Space : Burning Question
An artist's conception of asteroids in a nearby solar system: Scientists warn that an asteroid 460 feet wide could collide with Earth in 28 years.

Could a 'humongous' asteroid really hit Earth in 2040?

Scientists warn that a space rock longer than a football field could smash into our planet

NASA : Burning Question
A team of astronauts show off some of their snacks: In zero gravity, astronauts crave considerably stronger flavors, including wasabi and chile-garlic paste, than they do on the ground.

Why do astronauts crave spicy food?

The fiery kick of Tabasco is a persistent favorite among space explorers, and Earth-bound food engineers are determined to find out why

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Playboy's proposed outer space strip club would be like an intergalactic cruise ship, complete with a zero-gravity, trampoline-filled dance club.

Playboy's plan for a strip club... in outer space 

The iconic men's mag dreams of an adult playland floating far above Earth — complete with cocktail-serving, jet-pack-wearing bunnies

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
The Japanese company that is nearing completion on the Tokyo Sky Tree plans to build an elevator that will take people some 22,370 miles above the Earth.

A 'space elevator' by 2050?

A Japanese firm would like to take tourists spaceward, to a station connected to a 22,370-mile stretch of cable. Could it happen?

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
An artist's rendering of GJ 1214b, a newly-confirmed waterworld shrouded in a thick, steamy fog.

'Waterworld': The strange planet covered in a 'big, hot ocean'

Astronomers discover a bizarre new planet that may be home to exotic substances like "hot ice" and "superfluid water"

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
An illustration of the CleanSpace One satellite: Is it too expensive and inefficient to offer a real solution to the space junk problem?

The 'janitor satellite' that cleans up space junk

Over 500,000 pieces of dangerous debris are flying around Earth, but a new initiative could help reduce the threat

NASA : Analysis
Earth pictured from the dark side of the moon.

NASA's 'ambitious' plan for a base off the dark side of the moon

After grounding its shuttle program, the U.S. space agency flirts with building a distant space station to serve as a jumping-off point for future missions to Mars

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
While the planet's ice proves there was once water on Mars, new soil samples reveal the red planet has been experiencing a super drought.

Is Mars too dry for life?

Mineral samples suggest the Red Planet has been left hopelessly parched by a "super-drought" millions of years in the making

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