Outer Space

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
New footage shot by astronauts aboard the International Space Station is dazzling viewers with an in-orbit view of the pulsing lights of life on Earth.

The 'mesmerizing' view of Earth from an orbiting space station 

A gorgeous new timelapse video lets you virtually soar above our planet, gazing at the shimmering cities and violent storms miles below

Mysteries of Space : Controversy
Keeping an eye out for aliens, President Obama? Conspiracy theorists believe the feds are still hiding information about extraterrestrial life, even after a statement from the White House denied such knowledge.

The White House vs. UFO believers

More than 17,000 Americans demand that Team Obama tell the nation exactly what it knows about aliens — and the administration obliges

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A radar image of asteroid 2005 YU55, which would trigger a 7.1-magnitude earthquake were it to collide with Earth.

The giant asteroid that's zipping unnervingly close to Earth

A space rock the size of an aircraft carrier will zoom by our planet on Tuesday — our closest brush with astronomical catastrophe in decades

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
The moon: A distinctly identified flying object (D.I.F.O.).

Emergency call: The man who mistook the moon for a UFO

A patient operator calms a confused Briton who reports an "enormous light blazing" in the sky above his house

NASA : Fact Sheet
Did Neil Armstrong bring moon rocks back from his Apollo 11 mission and then gift one to a co-worker? That's what the co-worker's wife claimed, after being busted for trying to sell the lunar sample.

The 'terrified' grandma busted by NASA for selling a moon rock

Did NASA officials go too far by setting up a sting operation for a 74-year-old widow trying to sell a tiny speck of lunar material?

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
The Milky Way Galaxy as seen from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory: In the universe's infancy, the Milky Way may have decimated the smaller star formations that would have otherwise encircled it.

Is the Milky Way a galaxy killer?

Scientists once theorized that we have 500 galactic neighbors — but it turns out that, once the Milky Way wreaked its havoc, only 20 survived

NASA : Instant Guide
The moon reportedly contains twenty times more titanium and platinum that any place on Earth, so one billionaire wants to mine it.

The 'self-made' billionaire who wants to mine the moon 

A tech entrepreneur wants to use his vast fortune to set up his next enterprise — out in space

Mysteries of Space : Burning Question
Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla snapped this one-of-a-kind photograph on Aug. 12, 1883. Scientists now believe it was a comet fragment that came dangerously close to hitting the Earth.

Did a massive comet almost wipe out humans in 1883?

New research suggests that a giant celestial missile, much like the one that killed off dinosaurs, nearly did the same to humans a century ago

Mysteries of Space : In-depth briefing
A computer generated graphic illustrating the objects in Earth's orbit, roughly 95 percent of which are non-functional space junk.

Cleaning up the trash in space

The Earth is surrounded by an ever-growing cloud of space junk. Is it too late to take out the extraterrestrial trash?

Mysteries of Space : Best Video
The shadow of the Mars rover is cast over the planet's flat terrain.

The 'incredible' Mars video: A three-year journey in 3 minutes

A new time-lapse video answers a compelling question: What's it like to drive on Mars?

NASA : Forecast
In a quest for "prestige," China launches its first space laboratory module Thursday, the initial step in assembling a space station.

China's first space station: What it means for America 

Just two months after NASA ends its aging shuttle program, the emerging Asian superpower celebrates a historic space mission

Mysteries of Space : Best Video
In a new video released this week by NASA, viewers can get a "spectacular" view of the Southern Lights from 200 miles above the Earth.

The 'stunning' view of the Southern Lights from space

Many people have been lucky enough to see an aurora from Earth, but how many have seen one from space?

NASA : Analysis
An artist's illustration of NASA's proposed space taxi, which would be built by a private company to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

NASA's new $1.6 billion 'space taxi' plan

With the space shuttle program retired, U.S. astronauts will turn to private industry to hitch a ride into space

Mysteries of Space : Best Video
A glimpse at what astronauts get to see: The shining, twinkling Earth shot from the International Space Station.

The 'stunning' video tour of Earth — from space

A science teacher compiles a one-minute video that takes spellbound viewers on a virtual spin around the planet

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
The newly discovered Kepler-16b planet has two suns, but unlike the fictional "Star Wars" planet Tatooine, Kepler-16b is much too cold to support life.

Found: A real-life Star Wars planet

Astronomers are thrilled by the discovery of a planet that orbits two suns — just like bleak Tatooine that Luke Skywalker calls home

NASA : Controversy
Artist's concept of NASA's new megarocket that will feature an enhanced space shuttle fuel tank and be able to lift triple the weight current unmanned rockets can handle.

NASA's new 'monster' rocket: Gamechanger or boondoggle?

A powerful new "megarocket" will cost billions, and will take NASA, well... no one knows where

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