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The Royal Family : Analysis
"If there's people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game, I suppose."

In praise of Prince Harry, soldier

Whatever his flaws, the extraordinarily brave prince represents not only the best of England, but in many ways, the best of his generation

The Royal Family : The List
This fantasy carriage crib may help William and Kate's new baby feel like, well, a princess.

For royal babies who have everything: 8 bizarrely elite products

Sure, you don't have to be the Duchess of Cambridge to buy these baby gifts. But you do need to be pretty flush with cash

The Royal Family : Slideshow
Kate Middleton's emotional road to motherhood: A tabloid cover round up

Kate Middleton's emotional road to motherhood: A tabloid cover roundup

She can't have children! She's pregnant with twins! Celebrity magazines have taken quite a few liberties reporting Will and Kate's many supposed pregnancies

The Royal Family : Photos
Catherine and William smile at crowds from the balcony of the Cambridge Guildhall during an official visit on Nov. 28.

What Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby might look like

St. James Palace has confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant — but will the baby more closely resemble Kate or Will? Here's a digital projection

The Royal Family : Photos
Catherine and Prince William looking how we all (obviously) felt when news broke of their pregnancy on Dec. 3.

3 generations of royal babies: A brief pictorial timeline

William and Kate's new baby won't be the first bundle of joy to make the entire United Kingdom say, "Awww"

The Royal Family : First Reactions
And baby makes three: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child.

Kate Middleton is pregnant: What we know so far

The endlessly scrutinized royal couple announces that they're expecting their first child — a possible heir to the throne

The Royal Family : Instant Guide
Queen Elizabeth arrives at Balmoral castle, Scotland in 2011: The private estate may soon be home to affordable housing for young families. 

Queen Elizabeth's plan to build low-income housing on her private estate

The British monarch wants to share her wealth — and her land — to help families get into the housing market

The Royal Family : Controversy
Kate Middleton visits a hospice in Malaysia on Sept. 13: Photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunning topless while on vacation have been printed in a French tabloid.

Topless Kate Middleton photos: Have tabloids finally gone too far?

The Duchess of Cambridge wasn't partying naked in Vegas like Harry, the playboy prince. She was sunbathing with her husband on a private French estate

The Royal Family : Opinion Brief
London's iconic Big Ben will be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of the Sovereign's 60 years on the throne

Renaming London's Big Ben: Stupid move?

The iconic monument is now officially called "Elizabeth Tower" after the Queen, leaving critics asking: "Would you rechristen the Statue of Liberty?"

The Royal Family : Slideshow
Prince William turns 30: A look back at his life in the spotlight

Prince William turns 30: A look back at his life in the spotlight

The young British royal has grown up on the public stage. And photographers have documented every step

The Royal Family : Photos
The Queen's 'happy and glorious' Jubilee in pictures

The Queen's 'happy and glorious' Diamond Jubilee: A slideshow

Not even soggy London weather could dampen weekend festivities that were, thanks to ambitious planning, fit for a Queen

The Royal Family : By the numbers
Queen Elizabeth II receives flowers from an admirer on Sunday: On Monday's Accession Day, England celebrated Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne.

Queen Elizabeth's diamond anniversary: By the numbers

Britain's reigning monarch has seen a dozen presidents, six popes, and 30 corgis come and go since assuming the throne in 1952

The Royal Family : The List
In an interview with Katie Couric, Prince William admitted that he was able to settle his wedding day jitters by laughing at his brother's very bad jokes.

Prince William and Harry's revealing Katie Couric interview: 4 takeaways

The camera-shy royals grant a rare sitdown to the American media princess, candidly discussing their late mother, their future children, and more

The Royal Family : Analysis
The confident young Princess has cultivated a down-to-earth persona, shopping at supermarket chain Tesco and waiting in line at Starbucks.

Grading Kate Middleton's first year as a royal

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her one-year anniversary with husband Prince William over the weekend, and critics are raving about her royal debut

The Royal Family : By the numbers
Queen Elizabeth II may have to cut back on her baubles and championship horses now that her income has been diminished to 15 percent of the profits from the Crown Estate.

Queen Elizabeth's royal pay cut: By the numbers

Even British monarchs are feeling the economy squeeze — though it didn't stop them from spending millions on this year's extravagant Royal Wedding

London Riots : Opinion Brief
Police arrest suspects associated with last week's London riots: Two men have already been sentenced to four years in prison each for promoting would-be looting sessions on Facebook.

Using Facebook to incite London riots: Is a 4-year sentence too harsh?

Two Facebook users in their 20s used the network to promote debauchery as if it were a social event — and they're paying a surprisingly steep price

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