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London Riots : Opinion Brief
British police detain a man during last week's riots: British Prime Minister David Cameron is considering a curfew among other restrictions in order to prevent further unrest.

Punishing London's looters: Will tough love work?

In the wake of last week's riots, Prime Minister David Cameron is promising a crackdown to restore law and order. But will that only fuel the unrest?

London Riots : Forecast
Riot police during London's upheaval: Britain's struggling economy and troublesome unemployment rate are similar to American problems, which leads some to worry that an uprising could happen here, too.

London riots: Could they happen in the U.S.?

As Britain grapples with days of violent looting, Americans worry that riot fever could soon cross the pond

London Riots : The List
A London man talks on his iPhone while assessing the damage to his looted shop: Twitter and other social media have aided the city during the cleanup.

5 ways technology shaped the London riots

Looters organized using BlackBerry Messenger, while cleanup efforts have come together on Twitter

London Riots : Fact Sheet
Rioters in London: As senior citizens were beaten, other citizens have been deliberately run over or forced to strip naked.

London riots: 6 shocking stories

As Britain's capital burned, these outrageous — often tragic — crimes stunned its citizens

London Riots : Slideshow
Unrest in London: A visual history

Unrest in London: A visual history

The London riots may be the most violent in recent memory, but the city has a long and rocky history of upheaval 

London Riots : Best Video
A masked man walks past a burning car in London: "Good fun"?

British teens' 'unsettling' riot interview

As their neighborhood burns, two chortling young rioters glibly tell a BBC interviewer that they're "showing the rich we do what we want"

London Riots : Opinion Brief
A man looks into a looted flower shop in west London: While the riots were triggered by the police killing of a 29-year-old black man, many Britons see other causes behind the widespread unrest.

What caused the London riots? 5 theories

Mob violence and rampant looting in Britain have led to more than 1,000 arrests this week, as a rattled nation searches for answers

London Riots : Opinion Brief
British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with an officer in south London: Riots that began on Saturday are still raging across the city.

London's 'terrifying' riots: Can David Cameron restore order?

The British prime minister comes home early from his vacation, after days of violent rioting sparked by a police shooting

London Riots : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on the 'London riots'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

The Royal Family : Slideshow
Kate and Will tour North America

Kate and Will's North America trip: 6 petty controversies

The royal newlyweds' first official trip was nearly perfect, but the press was quick to jump on any potential scandal, big or small

The Royal Family : Opinion Brief
Newsweek resurrects the former princess for a cover image that situates Diana next to current Princess Catherine.

Newsweek's 'creepy' Princess Diana cover

The magazine imagines — both visually and in words — what could have been if the beloved princess wasn't killed in a tragic 1997 car crash

The Royal Family : Instant Guide
Prince William and Kate Middleton in London: The royal couple is reportedly honeymooning at a luxurious resort on a secluded Indian Ocean island.

The '$1 million' royal honeymoon: An instant guide

Will and Kate are off on their first holiday as a married couple. What kind of luxury getaway did they pick?

The Royal Family : Opinion Brief
Catherine Middleton wowed in a sleek Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress that commentators say represents a clear alternative to Princess Diana's "overblown" gown.

Kate Middleton's 'magnificent' wedding dress: The reactions

The dress suspense is over: The royal bride evoked Grace Kelly in a gown by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen that drew near-universal approval

The Royal Family : Best Video
Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, share a kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace Friday.

The 'greatest and grandest' royal wedding video

Prince William and Kate Middleton officially tie the knot in a ceremony cheered by hundreds of thousands in London and millions more around the world

The Royal Family : The List
Kate Middleton may pull off the pristine princess-to-be look, but at least one writer is convinced her inner, rebellious feminist is ready to let loose.

Royal wedding: 4 rogue theories

It's not all frothy excitement over floral arrangements and Kate's dress. Plenty of commentators have some rather controversial thoughts on the royal wedding

The Royal Family : Opinion Brief
Prince Charles may be next in line to the throne according to the royal hierarchy, but the majority of Britons would prefer to see Prince William take the seat.

Should Prince William get a fast track to the throne?

Traditionally, Prince Charles would be king before his son, but given William's overwhelmingly popularity, some are wondering if Charles should step aside

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