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Swedish website Pirate Bay facilitates illegal file sharing: In Sweden, some download-happy violators of copyright law have been granted official religious status.

Is illegal file sharing a religion?

Yes... at least according to Sweden, which has officially recognized the piracy-focused Missionary Church of Kopimi

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David Frum

David Frum: The Jewish holiday the rabbis hated

Hanukkah is about much more than some crummy miracle with a lamp — but the real meaning was buried centuries ago

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Sibling stars of TLC's "All American Muslim": Lowe's pulled its advertising  after pressure from conservative groups, but critics wonder what's so threatening about the reality show.

Lowe's yanks its ads from All-American Muslim: 'Islamophobic'?

Nearly 10,000 people post their outrage on the company's Facebook page after the home improvement juggernaut stops advertising on TLC's reality show

Religion : Opinion Brief
Two dogs help advertise a Polish vodka in a billboard ad campaign that some are calling anti-Semitic.

New York's 'anti-Semitic' vodka billboard

Wodka vodka tries to be funny with ads promising "Christmas quality" at "Hanukkah pricing," but not everyone appreciates the joke

Religion : Controversy
Young Jews sit near the Hudson River in New York: 19 percent of respondents to a recent survey said Jews have too much control over Wall Street, compared to 14 percent in 2009.

Is the recession making America anti-Semitic?

The Anti-Defamation League publicizes a new study showing that prejudice is rising as the economy sinks. What's the connection?

Religion : Opinion Brief
The common sneeze response "bless you" is under fire thanks to one California teacher who banned its use in his classroom.

The great sneezing debate: Banning 'bless you' in schools?

A California teacher docks students' grades for what many parents see as a harmless expression of courtesy

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Four-year-old Kanon Tipton's parents say he is moved to preach by the Lord.

The 'cute' but 'eerie' 4-year-old Evangelical preacher

Is little Kanon Tipton imitating his dad's sermons... or following a calling from God?

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A girl in a traditional Muslim head scarf stands under a McDonald's sign in New York in 2003: TLC will launch a new reality TV show about Muslim families in Michigan this fall.

All-American Muslim: Could this reality show work?

An upcoming TLC series that follows five Muslim families in Michigan has many critics worried about cultural sensitivity

The Eddie Long Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Bishop Eddie Long embraces a friend during a service last September: The megachurch pastor has settled his sexual coercion lawsuit out of court.

Eddie Long settles out of court: All is forgiven?

The pastor returns to his Georgia megachurch after settling a sexual coercion lawsuit. Whether the scandal is really over is another question

Religion : Opinion Brief
A group of evangelical believers, who incorrectly proselytized the end of days last week, are feeling the shame of public failure.

Did the Rapture false-alarm damage evangelicals?

The sect of evangelical Christians who predicted the end of times this weekend — inaccurately, it turns out — has become a national punchline. Bad P.R. for faith?

Religion : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Saint for the ages

Like all men, Pope John Paul II was flawed. But his faith, love and dedication make him more than deserving of beatification

Religion : Fact Sheet
With people living so much longer, younger generations are worrying less about life after death and so are less inclined to invest time in religion, a new study finds.

Why living longer destroys your faith

A British study has linked increased life expectancy to a decline in church attendance, as young people figure they'll have time later to worry about heaven and hell

Religion : Opinion Brief
A young woman wearing a niqab is surrounded by media Monday in Paris: The country's ban on veils and headscarves sparked protests throughout France.

France's 'hypocritical' burqa ban arrests

In the Middle East, France is helping Arabs fight for greater freedom — but, back at home, it's enforcing a controversial ban on Muslim headscarves

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Could the rotund Buddha be influencing other religions? According to a new study, churchgoers are more likely than the non-religious to become obese.

Can religion make you fat?

A new study says that churchgoers are nearly twice as likely to be obese in middle age than their less godly counterparts

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A British-based theologian has come to the conclusion that God did not work alone, asserting that the fertility goddess known as Asherah was essentially his wife.

Did God have a wife?

Yes, says a leading theologian. And she may have been edited out of the Bible

Religion : Opinion Brief
Houston fitness instructor Crystal Dean demonstrates how to work the pole for her new class: Christian pole dancing.

Pole dancing for Jesus

A Houston fitness instructor finds a pious use for moves once reserved for strip clubs

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