Religion : Opinion Brief
Pope Benedict XVI writes in his new book "Jesus of Nazareth" that the Jewish people are not responsible for Jesus' death.

Pope Benedict absolves the Jews: A 'major step forward'?

The pontiff says it's wrong to blame Jews for Jesus' death. Will this help mend relations with the Jewish community?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Members of an Islamic center in Tennessee conduct their evening prayers; a new bill would make Shariah law illegal in the Volunteer State.

Is Tennessee's Shariah law ban unconstitutional?

Conservative lawmakers in the Volunteer State want to make the Islamic code illegal. Does that violate the First Amendment?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Gov. Robert Bentley said he would govern all Alabamians, but that only fellow Christians belong with him "in God's family."

The Alabama governor's 'outrageous' Christians-only message

Robert Bentley, the state's freshly ordained governor, says that only Christian Alabamians qualify as his "brother" or "sister." An expression of faith or a sign of intolerance?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Astronomer C. Martin Gaskell says his evangelical faith cost him a job at the University of Kentucky in the UK.

Astronomers vs. Christians

An astronomy professor says he was passed over for a job at the University of Kentucky because of his religious beliefs. Should believing in heaven preclude you from studying the heavens?

Religion : Best Column
"Hoping that something is true doesn't make it true," says Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais: Why I don't believe in God

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, the popular British comedian says believing in a higher power is akin to asserting you can fly

Religion : Opinion Brief
The imagery of ants crawling on a crucifix, pictured, is meant to depict the suffering of an AIDS patient. The video artist David Wojnarowicz died of AIDS in 1992.

The Smithsonian's controversial ant-covered-Jesus video

Conservatives are outraged over the imagery in an exhibit at the National Gallery — oh-so-predictably, say some bloggers

Religion : Wit
This "model Catholic" may attend church, but it's usually just for a snooze.

Homer Simpson: A true Catholic?

The Catholic Church has embraced "The Simpsons"' slothful anti-hero as one of its own — leaving commentators rather bewildered

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Whoopi Goldberg, who, along with Joy Behar, walked off the live taping with Bill O'Reilly, says it is "time to move on."

'The View' vs. Bill O'Reilly: The aftermath

The ladies of "The View" clash over Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg's now-infamous reaction to O'Reilly's take on the Park51 Islamic center

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Bill O'Reilly and Joy Behar battled over 9/11 issues on the 'View,' but was there a real conversation?

Bill O'Reilly vs. Joy and Whoopi: Who won?

The Fox News host had a fiery brawl on the "View" couch with hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Did anyone come out looking good?

Ground Zero Mosque : Best Column
Blogger Pamela Geller calls the New York Times' profile of her "extraordinarily nasty and fallacious."

Pamela Geller's 'holy war': The NYT profile highlights

The New York Times shines a spotlight on the anti-Islamic blogger who helped fuel the "Ground Zero mosque" flap. What did we learn?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Though one evangelical leader is attacking yoga, some Christians say the meditative practice has actually revived their faith.

Is yoga anti-Christian?

An evangelical leader ignites debate by warning his flock to stay off the yoga mat for fear of worshiping false idols

Ground Zero Mosque : The List
"Glistening honeycomb" or Superman's "crystalline headquarters"?

'Ground Zero' mosque: 4 things it resembles

Superman's fortress? A Jewish citadel? A beehive? Critics search for visual analogies to describe the first architectural renderings of the Park 51 Islamic center

Religion : Opinion Brief
Only 42 percent of Catholics could correctly name the first book of the Bible (Genesis).

Religious IQ: Why do atheists outscore Christians?

A new Pew survey shows that atheists, Jews, and Mormons know more about religion than Catholics and Protestants. Should Christians be worried?

The Eddie Long Sex Scandal : Best Column
Members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist church listen to Bishop Eddie Long's sermon addressing gay sex allegations.

Eddie Long fallout: Black churches should accept gays

For too long, members of the black clergy have denounced homosexuality, says Eugene Robinson in The Washington Post. It's time to rethink that position

The Eddie Long Sex Scandal : Instant Guide
Bishop Eddie Long prepares to address sex abuse allegations at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday September 26, 2010.

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?

The macho, gay-"curing" founder of a black megachurch is facing charges he coerced teen boys into sex. Who is the man behind the storm?

The Eddie Long Sex Scandal : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets on 'Eddie Long'

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