Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Some say the Muslim religion is incompatible with the American way of life.

America's growing 'resistance' to mosques

It isn't just Ground Zero — local groups are opposing new mosques in several states. Why the sudden backlash?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Robert Gibbs: Strangely quiet about the mosque at Ground Zero.

'Ground Zero mosque': The Democrats' 'startling' silence

Prominent Republicans are pushing to stop an Islamic center from being built near Ground Zero. Where's the Democratic counterargument?

Ground Zero Mosque : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on the 'Ground Zero mosque'?

Take our reader poll: The Anti-Defamation League has opposed the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. Good move?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Was Palin right to speak out against a proposed Ground Zero mosque?

Sarah Palin's 'Ground Zero mosque' jab

Palin jumps into a local New York City zoning dispute and wreaks havoc with the English language — all in a single, provocative tweet

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
A controversial ad encourages Americans to "kill" the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

The controversial 'Ground Zero mosque' ad

Were network TV executives justified in banning this "inflammatory" ad protesting plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero?

Religion : Best Column
S.C. gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley

Does the GOP have a 'Jesus litmus test'?

Politicians like Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal are indeed proof of a more diverse Republican Party, says Peter Beinart at the Daily Beast. But that diversity doesn't extend to religious beliefs

Religion : Opinion Brief
The PG portion of the Playboy cover.

Playboy's 'Jesus with naked ladies' photo flap

The Portuguese edition of Playboy signed its own death warrant by publishing a NSFW photo spread of Jesus hovering amid naked women

Religion : Opinion Brief
One scholar says Jesus wasn't crucified, after all.

Jesus wasn't crucified?

A Swedish theologian says the story about Jesus being nailed to a cross is just an invention of early Christian leaders. How convincing is he?

Religion : Opinion Brief
The Muslim attitude towards Obama has shifted since the president visited Cairo in June 2009.

Why Muslims abandoned Obama

Despite outreach by the president, his approval rating in the Muslim world has plummeted. Are positive U.S.-Muslim relations a lost cause?

Religion : Opinion Brief
A screenshot of the burning Jesus statue.

The fiery fate of 'Touchdown Jesus'

In a notably unpopular act of God, a bolt of lightning struck down a beloved statue of Jesus Christ in Monroe, Ohio. Watch the video

Religion : Opinion Brief
Ultrasound Jesus.

'Ultrasound Jesus': Offensive?

This December, British billboards will be plastered with ultrasound images of the unborn Christ. Some critics question the true meaning of the campaign

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
A protester rallies against a mosque to be built near Ground Zero.

A 'mega mosque' near Ground Zero?

Plans are moving forward for a Muslim community center near the twin towers site. Is it a sign of tolerance — or a '13-story monument' to the horrors of 9/11?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Is the bus ad encouraging Muslims to leave Islam inappropriate?

Tea Partier's 'Leaving Islam' bus stunt

The conversative blogger who's emblazoned 40 New York City buses with ads targeting Muslims claims she's simply providing advice

George Rekers Scandal : Best Column
George Rekers, a prominent anti-homosexuality advocate, wrote this book in January 1982.

Why 'anti-gay' Christians keep getting outed

George Rekers is only the latest "Christian anti-gay leader" caught in a gay-sex scandal, observes Michelle Goldberg in The Daily Beast. That's hardly a coincidence

Religion : Opinion Brief
A conventional depiction of Jesus

Comedy Central's 'Jesus' joke

The cable station won't let "South Park" show a cartoon Prophet Mohammed, but it's ready to poke fun at an animated Jesus Christ?

George Rekers Scandal : Opinion Brief
Stephen Colbert speaks out against Rekers.

Rekers rentboy scandal: The fallout continues

Stephen Colbert puzzles out the mysteries of George Rekers—the Christian anti-gay activist caught renting a male prostitute. Watch a clip

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