George Rekers Scandal : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets about the 'George Rekers scandal'

Unfiltered, real-time opinion from the world at large

George Rekers Scandal : Artifact
George Rekers fires back.

George Rekers' denial

What the conservative anti-gay crusader had to say about allegations that he'd hired a male prostitute

George Rekers Scandal : Opinion Brief
George Rekers.

George Rekers' 'rent boy' escort scandal

The "gay cure" crusader — and Family Research Council co-founder — is caught renting a gay escort for a European vacation. Is there an innocent explanation?

Religion : Opinion Brief
Why doesn't Saudi Arabia like Valentine's Day?

Saudi Arabia's war on Valentine's Day

Religious police in Saudi Arabia are patrolling gift stores to make sure that roses, teddy bears, or heart-shaped items aren't being sold

Religion : Flashback
Christian fight clubs: Is this what Jesus would do?

Fists for Jesus

Some Evangelical churches are using "Fight Club"–style Ultimate Fighting leagues to covert more men. Would Christ approve?

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